Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow

The Rainbow Diet - and how it can help you beat cancer


Many people are simply wasting their time when they change their diets ’to help beat cancer’. Someone has told them about the South East Asian Diet, or macrobiotics, or a Vegetarian Diet, or the lady who used beetroots to beat her breast cancer. So they chose a few things they think might help, quite often depriving themselves of the foods they enjoyed - in some cases they even increase their risks. They may even ask their oncologist for advice - but few doctors have ever been trained in nutrition.
Now Chris Woollams has written the definitive study - as with all his books it is easy to read, easy to use (it even gives you a shopping trolley) but is 100 per cent based on research. The idea all started with his first diet book in 2002, The Tree of Life, which progressed to the rainbow you see below. This first appeared in June 2006 in our unique magazine, Integrated Cancer and Oncology News - free in UK Hospitals and cancer centres.


Chris tells you the truth - giving you the hard facts, whilst dispelling the mythology. What works - and what is a waste of effort. Which natural compounds actually enhance radiotherapy and chemotherapy - despite what your doctor might say! And which ones even outperform the drugs!

You can read the full review by clicking this link - The Rainbow Diet.

Now you really can build your own thorough and disciplined anti-cancer diet, and know it is giving you the very best chance of increasing your personal odds of beating cancer.


The book is launched in Mid-July 2008.To buy it click here


Originally published as Centrefold in icon Issue 3 2006


copyright Chris Woollams, icon magazine, 2006


Changing your diet to beat cancer
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