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It’s only natural

A Powerful Tree for All of Us

By Linda Yates, Herbalist, Kissimmee, Florida, USA

Neem inside

I’ve worked with many wonderful botanicals over the past 40 years, but seldom have I seen one with as many amazing qualities as Neem. Unfortunately, though, it’s relatively unknown to the western world! I’d like to change that fact.

The more I learn about Neem, the more I am amazed. It’s a tree, native to Burma, and grows widely in northern India, where its curative powers are recognized by almost everyone. In fact, some folks refer to it as "The Village Pharmacy", so wide is its sphere of action. Many parts of the tree are used - leaves, bark, roots - all with somewhat different propensities and areas of healing.

Neem is used over much of the world as an insect repellant and anti-fungal in agriculture, where its safety far surpasses any chemical products and is thus a great boon to our planet!

But its human applications are striking. Most of us have a strong disinclination to consider the idea that we harbour parasites, fungi, and all sorts of other nasty things, but that doesn’t change the fact that we do. And they are causing major illness, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, strokes, immune dysfunction, and many other serious or life threatening maladies.

Neem Can and Does Help!

Therefore, it behoves all of us to explore what the Neem tree, an inexpensive, safe, beneficial, plant, can do for us! Neem trees grow along roadsides all over India and are common in many households.

Open quotesNeem is a tree, native to BurmaClose quotes

Amazingly, the pollution of traffic doesn’t seem to matter - the leaves have their own protection seemingly built in by Nature. Also, as the leaves are basically medicinal, they can be stored for a long time under low temperature conditions. Many Indian families will take five clean, washed leaves, grind them into a paste, and take them upon rising, as a preventive medicine. Amazingly, they are used very potently in the care of diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and other ailments.

WHY? Because they are anti-fungal, and a growing consensus of reports worldwide has concluded that fungi and their resulting mycotoxins are the cause of most of modern society’s scourges. And why do we all have so many fungi? One major reason is our diet, which is way too high in grains, sugars, and other carbohydrates. Fungi love sugars and this fact links to many findings concerning their involvement in diabetes. Many cancers too are linked with the draining presence of fungi, whose presence can be also encouraged by a variety of chemicals from antibiotics in our diets to chemotherapy treatments.

To quote the National Research Council in Washington, DC, which has released a report titled Neem: Tree for Solving Global Problems, the NRC Panel feels Neem is "one of the most promising of all plants, and the fact that it is may eventually benefit every person on this planet. Probably no other plant yields as many strange and varied products or has as many exploitable by-products."

This is exciting information, and I am happy to say that the results I’ve personally experienced with it are dramatic! Those who have sought it from me are also very excited with the changes they are seeing personally from its use, which include major improvement in blood sugar levels for diabetics (this is my speciality, actually), sense of wellbeing, getting rid of chronic fungal infections and major clearing up of long standing skin problems.

Open quotesProbably no other plant yields as many strange and varied productsClose quotes

Modern science has now identified Azadirachtin as the key ingredient in Neem. I can’t pronounce it, but I know it’s good for me! I only market an extract of the leaves which is 100% Azadirachtin, as this is the most potent form I’ve found for human consumption. Neem also comes in other forms, but this is the best, easiest, and most economical for our healing purposes.

I hope I have sparked some interest in everyone about what Neem can do for all of us. It’s safe, effective, easy to take, and produces wonderful changes in our bodies as we rid them of the fungi, parasites, and mycotoxins which are slowly reducing our ability to function optimally.

Linda Yates

Linda Yates has been involved in alternative health and healing for most of her life, having met a young family who were devoted to natural principles and the concept that one’s health is a direct result of lifestyle, eating habits, and nutrition, when she was only a teenager. In the fifties, this was pretty unusual thinking!

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Linda has always been interested in alternative approaches to lifes situations. She is now married to Ed and, based in Florida, they are both totally committed to learning how to use nutrition and lifestyle to optimise one’s health, devoting full time effort to spreading the news that proper nutrition is essential to a long, happy, healthy life.

Linda specialises in herbalism, homeopathy, natural healing and particularly, the role of fungi in organic illness, especially obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

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Please be clear: At CANCERactive we do not consider the above compound to be a cure for cancer, despite what the research says or experts doing the research may claim. The above, is an article on the compound from published research and expert opinion in the public domain. At CANCERactive we do not believe that any single compound (drug, vitamin, whatever) is a cure for cancer. We believe that people can significantly increase their personal odds of survival by building an Integrated Programme of treatments. Equally, cancer prevention is best practiced through a width of measures.

Vitamins, minerals, natural compounds and supplements
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