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The Appliance of Science to immune system strength

BioBran, or MGN-3 Biobran, is a scientifically proven, and acknowledged, unique food supplement that generates a significant improvement in the immune system. It is especially recommended as helpful to those patients undergoing chemotherapy, but may be used effectively with all treatments - orthodox and complementary.

Clinically Proven Ingredients in MGN-3

Comparison of arabinoxylan supplements

Biobran MGN-3 was developed by Daiwa Pharmaceutical in Tokyo, after it became known that polysaccharides (plant fibre) could strengthen the immune system. This small pharmaceutical company, committed to developing and manufacturing natural solutions, created Biobran by breaking down rice bran using powerful plant enzymes. The resulting compound, a patented arabinoxylan compound, has since been clinically shown to powerfully boost the immunity. This is an important development because conventional cancer treatment regimes, which focus on destroying cancer cells with little regard to the overall health of the immune system, are struggling in their fight against cancer.

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The Critical Importance Of A Healthy Immune System

The immune system is the collective army of a trillion white blood cells, the bone marrow, antibodies and the thymus gland that identifies and then destroys the millions of microbes (bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi) that penetrate our bodies every day. This system also needs to eliminate 500 to 10,000 of our own cells that have become genetically abnormal or cancerous.

Central to the immune system are the lymphocytes which include the T-cells, B-cells and NK cells. These cells are able to identify and destroy almost every intruder or infected/cancerous cell in the body. NK cells are of particular importance because they are able to work more or less independently, without special instructions from the immune system, to recognize and destroy many types of cancerous cells. They are therefore considered the body’s first line of defence against cancer.

When the body is stressed or unwell, the immune system suffers, particularly the activity of these protector cells. This can be made worse by some medical treatments - such as chemotherapy - which further depress the immune system.

Immune Boosting Polysaccharides

Many people know the important benefits of dietary fibre in toxin elimination. However, many plant fibres are indigestible.

Open quotesMany plant fibres are indigestibleClose quotes

Polysaccharides have been increasingly noted for their immune system benefits. Nobel prizes have been won in recent years. However most polysaccharides are ’hidden’ in these indigestible plant fibres and so the immune enhancing effects can be quite small even for Noni, Echinacea and other common products.

Daiwa, however, have come up with a process whereby the long chain polysaccharides (plant fibre) in rice bran are broken down by the action of shitake mushroom enzymes into hemicelluloses, so they could pass into the blood stream and reach the cells of the immune system.

Research has also shown that, provided BioBran MGN-3 is regularly included in the diet, the stimulation of the immune system need not decrease over time.

How BioBran Works

When taken as a food supplement, BioBran MGN-3 increases the activity of the body’s white blood cells - particularly T and B cell and especially Natural Killer (NK) cell function. With supplementation, NK cell activity is increased by more than 300%, B-cell activity by more than 250% and T cell activity by 200%. NK cell activity is particularly essential because NK cells specifically target many types of cancer and the blood of cancer patients typically has less than half the NK cell activity of a healthy individual and often even less if conventional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy have weakened the immune system. BioBran MGN-3 has no to xic side-effects, which is unusual for a substance that can enhance the immune system.

Comparison of immune supplements

There are no contraindications except obviously when taken in conjunction with immuno-suppressants.

There are now over 15 published studies in peer-reviewed scientific journals to support the claim that BioBran MGN-3 is one of the most effective and safe immunomodulators available, and this number of studies is increasing every year.

The chief researcher of BioBran MGN-3 has been Dr. Ghoneum - a world authority in the emerging field of cancer immune therapy who considers Biobran "the most powerful immune complex he has ever tested."

At CANCERactive, do we think this is a cancer ’cure’? No, definitely not. What it does seem to be is a really excellent immune system booster, specifically increasing levels of white cells like NK cells. There is little to match BioBran MGN-3 in this area. Although it is expensive.

Biobran and Breast Cancer

One of the first studies Dr. Ghoneum undertook with cancer patients was with five breast cancer patients, the results of which were presented at the AACR Special Conference in Maryland in 1995. Three grams of BioBran MGN-3 were administered to these five patients alongside the conventional chemotherapy.

Within a week or two, NK cell activity was enhanced, and with continued supplementation it was able to rise from a baseline range of 12.7% -58.3% to 41.8% - 89.5%. Within 6 to 8 months, two of the patients were in complete remission, and another two were in remission after the conference.

Dr. Ghoneum states that the clinical data so far collected suggests that BioBran MGN-3 supplementation can help in the reduction of tumour markers and other pathology markers, helping in the long-term stabilisation or remission of disease in the majority of cases(>85%) . It is also important to consider the quality of life of a patient.

BioBran is often recommended to keep white cells levels up when chemotherapy and radiotherapy are doing their worst. Interestingly, for instance, recent research has examined BioBran’s role in reducing the side effects of chemotherapy such as tiredness, nausea and weight loss - symptoms which severely reduce quality of life.

Open quotesReducing inflammation may be an important means of protection against cancerClose quotes

More recent research has shown that Biobran also seems to lower the inflammatory responses of the immune system. As inflammation promotes the cancer process, reducing inflammation may be an important means of protection against cancer.

Professor Ben Pfeifer has recently been published in the Swiss Journal of Urology, having undertaken a successful trial in which he used Biobran and other phytonutrients on prostate cancer patients. Additionally, Dr Nyjon Eccles of the Chiron clinic, an expert in Integrated Cancer medicine, will be running a case-study-based research programme using Biobran in conjunction with phytonutrients on 30 breast cancer and 30 prostate cancer patients- the results to be published next year. 

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Here are some of the case studies already available in medical literature. contains more information on Prof Pfeifer’s protocol.

MGN-3 Case Studies

Stomach Cancer

In March 1996, a 53 year old female patient was diagnosed with terminal stage stomach cancer that had severely metastasized. Abdominal surgery was attempted but when the doctors opened the abdomen they realized there was nothing they could do as the tumours were too numerous and extensive to remove. Chemotherapy was suggested but declined as it would not have been very effective in this situation. Shortly after this time, the patient started taking 3 grams of BioBran MGN-3 per day. Within one week her appetite, which had waned, started to return and she had more energy to walk around the house.

Open quotesIt was the first time that the doctors in question had seen such a substantial recoveryClose quotes

Over the next six months, she visited the hospital once a week for check-ups and had X-rays taken periodically. At the end of this period her X-rays showed a substantial reduction in tumour shadow and it was agreed to perform another operation. This operation was successful because of the major reduction in the tumours present, and it was the first time that the doctors in question had seen such a substantial recovery.

Prostate Cancer

A 60 year old male with prostate cancer, diagnosed in 1994, was unable to have surgery due to moderate aortic stenosis and was reluctant to have radiation as the long-term prognosis with this treatment in his particular situation was very poor. He was therefore put onto hormone therapy to try to control the spread of the cancer. The patient started BioBran MGN-3 supplementation at 3g per day in April, and by October, nine biopsies showed a negative result - his cancer was in remission. The hormone therapy was stopped in October. Since that time the patient’s NK cell activity and health has remained high.

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Breast Cancer

A 44 year old female was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 1994. She received surgery and chemotherapy, after which her NK cell activity baseline was 39.9% as of May 1995. One month after starting BioBran MGN-3 supplementation, it was 48.9%. By October 1995 it was 83.5%. Since then this level has been maintained and all follow-up mammograms have shown no sign of relapse.

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All data and research supplied by The Really Healthy Company.

Ghoneum, M. One Sizeable Step for Immunology, One Giant Leap for Cancer Patients.
Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients. pp 58-62. Jan 2000.

Please be clear: At CANCERactive we do not consider the above compound to be a cure for cancer, despite what the research says or experts doing the research may claim. The above, is an article on the compound from published research and expert opinion in the public domain. At CANCERactive we do not believe that any single compound (drug, vitamin, whatever) is a cure for cancer. We believe that people can significantly increase their personal odds of survival by building an Integrated Programme of treatments. Equally, cancer prevention is best practised through a width of measures.

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