Metastases increases the higher your bad blood fat levels

Metastases increases the higher your bad blood fat levels

Many oncologists have observed that people with cancer and higher triglyceride (bad fat) levels in the blood, survive least. Now researchers in Spain have discovered ’why?’ Certain types of cancer cells contain CD36, a receptor for fat uptake, and it is these cells that spread in the body. This action, called metastasis, is what makes cancer a killer with 90 per cent of cancer deaths linked to metastases.

Researchers from Barcelona led by Salvador Aznar Benitah at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (Nature) are studying antibodies to block CD36.

Chris Woollams, former Oxford University Biochemist and Founder of CANCERactive commented, “A number of studies have shown that high levels of triglycerides in the blood are linked to lower survival times. We have covered research, for example, on the link between blood triglyceride levels and prostate cancer resurgence. Some oncologists in London have already been using complementary treatment statins in small doses to reduce plasma levels of bad fats. 

Cutting bad fats from the diet and substituting good fats like extra virgin olive oil, nut, seed and fish oils can also have a significant effect.

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One research study covered in Cancer Watch showed that cancer cell surfaces were highly inflamed and bad fats could stick to the surface, in effect blocking the immune system’s ability to see the cancer cells. Some scientists believe this is one reason why a small daily aspirin (75mg) can be so helpful. Other studies have shown increased survival times when people take common antihistamines. 

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One of the most interesting findings has been that a healthy microbiome contains commensal bacteria which produce certain short chain esters and these BLOCK the formation of bad triglycerides. Of course, after the oncologists’ drugs and antibiotics, you may not have these good bacteria present in your gut! A good probiotic can help a lot, but the best is to Heal Ur Gut with a definite plan to kill the bad guys and add back in the good guys.

It’s a complex subject”.

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