Medical Board mission statement and aims

Medical Board mission statement and aims

1. To help CANCERactive fulfill its primary aim, namely: To provide information, not just on orthodox medicine, but on complementary and alternative therapies and on prevention, so that people can make better-informed individual choices and so maximize their personal odds of beating cancer.

2. To sustain the current growth of CANCERactive in becoming a leading resource in supporting patients seeking information in the Integrative Medical field.

3. To bring expertise in a wide range of medical fields to CANCERactive through people who are both experts in their field and who have particular knowledge of cancer, including input from those who have personally experienced the disease.

4. To ensure that the content of the site is both current and of sufficient breadth, (especially in the area of complementary and alternative cancer treatment) to give the most relevant, accurate and trustworthy information possible.

5. To ensure, wherever possible, that information is referenced and links to original research provided. If no research exists, to be clear to readers that this is the case.

6. To offer balanced comment on information which highlights both its potential and limitations.

7. In the work we do we will maintain our patient-friendly, easy-to-read and understand article-style format, avoiding medical jargon and developing the CANCERactive stance of ’Patient Champion’.

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Medical Board
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