Living Proof you can beat cancer

Living Proof you can beat cancer

Geoff beat cancer;

Fiona beat cancer;

Sue beat cancer;

Jessica beat cancer; 

Galina beat cancer;

Janice beat cancer; indeed many, many people who use this website beat cancer - and we are not just talking 5-years!

In this section you will read about cancer patients who became cancer survivors; real people who beat cancer, and they did it their own way. Real people like you. Real people who understand what it means to live with cancer, and what it takes to become a cancer victor. These are inspiring and individual stories.

All the people in this section have lived more than 4 years since diagnosis; some over 20 years! They all regard themselves as cancer survivors. All have used a their own personal mixture of therapies.

Cancer is a very personal disease. Your cancer is as individual as you are, and treating it cannot be formulaic. Some people believe their faith was as important as the chemotherapy; some people believe their doctor cured them, others went nowhere near an orthodox therapy.
Whatever these people did, whatever they took, whatever they believed, we are sure you will find a rich tapestry of ideas, information and inspiration in their stories. All of them are Living Proof that you can beat cancer.

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