Increasing your personal odds of survival with a tailored integrative program

Increasing your personal odds of survival with a tailored integrative program

Personal Prescriptions with Chris Woollams

Chris is the Cancer Guru. Well, at least according to England Cricket legend Sir Geoff Boycott, who opened his charity speech in 2010 with, "I am only here tonight because of Chris Woollams - No, I'm ONLY here tonight because of Chris Woollams".

On TV to talk about his new book, Geoffrey was asked how he beat his cancer. "Chris Woollams saved my life", was the blunt reply! 

About two years ago, CANCERactive received an e-mail from one of Chris first ever PPs. That would be about 15 years ago! He'd had 'Terminal' prostate cancer, the oncologists had nothing left to offer and he'd been sent home to write his will. "Chris was the first person to actually tell me I could beat it", he wrote. He followed the plan and for the last six years he said he has "forgotten he ever even had cancer".

"To Contact Chris direct about a PP, e mail him on [email protected]"

We could tell you about Mrs. Omar Hunte or Janice Day and their breast cancer, or Helen who is ten years on from Triple Negative Breast Cancer, or Galina who met Chris 14 years ago before a radio interview on LBC. She had terminal grade 4 ovarian cancer and was written off by orthodox medicine, sent home to write her will. She is now a Living Proof on this Website. A complete survivor. Still a personal friend of Chris today, as is Geoff Boycott.

Then there's Mark, a patient at the Royal Marsden, whose cancer is now undetectable, three years and seven months after a PP. The Professor told him, "I don't know what you're doing. But whatever it is, keep doing it!" 

Or Ilene, who was having drugs to reduce a big CRC tumour by 30% so it could be operated on. After building Chris suggestions into her plan, her tumour disappeared. 6, 9 and now 30-month scans could not find it. No operation needed. 

We could go on.  A PP can save you months of searching, confusion and false leads; and importantly help you avoid making mistakes, or missing something, while helping you make better decisions. 

A Personal Prescription (PP) - clearing up the confusion

Ten years ago people did little to help themselves, now many people do too much without knowing what is important. Advice and information comes at them from all sides and with it, confusion. But what really works? Which claims are true? Which are wrong? Which are right for me and my cancer? Am I missing something; something that could make the difference?

There's also a lot of mis-information on the web; including a lot of alternative cancer therapies that are just rubbish. How do you avoid the traps?

And it is such a shame because there are definitely things you can start doing today which will increase your personal odds of survival. You really can take charge of your life and your health.

Chris will cut through the confusion and tell you exactly what is important to you.

Personal Prescriptions - EMPOWERING yourself by using the latest cancer research

Chris, himself makes no cancer guru claims. He is not a Doctor, nor does he claim to be one. He has no special healing abilities. Nor does he offer to cure people. Chris was a trained Oxford University Biochemist who specialised in cancer research. He then went into the world of communication and rose rapidly to the top. After selling his companies, he retired aged just 44 but his daughter developed a brain tumour and the rest is history. He started researching potential treatments all over the world - and he found so very many that could help a young girl in serious trouble. Treatments with quality research behind them. Treatments that could make a difference. Treatments that were simply not being passed on to patients.

To contact Chris direct about a PP, e mail him on [email protected]

Chris uses research to help people build themselves the best possible individual programme to increase their personal odds of survival. He is enlightening. Empowering.

So, what exactly is a Personal Prescription?

     *   Its a 90 minute to two hour chat with Chris. You need video and sound on your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. You see each other and chat, wherever you are in the world.

     *  If you are on a PC, you can record the session.

     *   He will explain your cancer. He will talk with you not at you. He will listen to your concerns. He will answer your questions. He will tell you what patients in similar situations to you did that worked. Where there is research, he will tell you. Where there isn't, he will tell you that too. You will end up understanding how you built a body conducive to cancer and what to do about it.

     *   He wants to rebuild you. He'll look for the causes. Are they still there driving your cancer? How do we get rid of them? He will cover your diet, your supplements, your complementary programme - like exercise, yoga, meditation - possible pathogens, inflammation control, the problems of a fatty liver, managing stress and more. He might talk about oxygen therapy, or rebuilding your gut. He wants to help you build a body conducive to health.

     *   He'll tell what options you have. What new treatments there are; what clever ideas there are in other parts of the world. He might tell you about a new vaccine, or an immunotherapy drug, repurposed off-label drugs, or even a new treatment that is non-invasive. Always, you can be sure there will be research on it.

     * Above all, he's a realist. He knows you are under pressure to have surgery, radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy. He is going to offer ideas around your oncologist's orthodox medicine, working with it to make sure you get the very best results, while maintaining a strong body to fight the cancer better. He doesn't criticise oncologists or their medicine. He tries to get it all working better for you. For example, he's not against drugs, only bad drugs - he'll tell you ways that you can make your drugs work better and protect yourself.

All this from the research that gave rise to the articles on this Website; the research that comes into Chris daily from Harvard, Oxford, The Karolinska, the Mayo Clinic, the Cork Microbiome Institute, Johns Hopkins Medical School; the brand new research that expert scientists have done; the ideas and research that an Oxford University trained scientist would evaluate and judge to be useful.

Complementary and Integrative programs increase survival

Everywhere on this Website you will find hard evidence of research showing that people can and do take control of their own health, empowering themselves to increase their personal odds of survival.

     * One of Chris's family members bumped into Catherine's former oncologist. "We're getting people living almost as long as Catherine now", he said. "How are you doing that?"

"We've got them on the Atkins diet", was the answer. This is Integrative Medicine in action. Exactly what Chris does. The lack of carbs can slow down and even stop the cancer. Brain cancer patients having restricted carbs while on chemo, increase their survival times. Chris could have told you that 12 years ago. He had the research.

     * Boston Medical School tell all cancer patients to take 5,000IUs of vitamin D a day, Sloan Kettering tells people the benefits of melatonin and whole body hyperthermia. UCLA have published a major report showing that people who actively manage their stress survive significantly longer. The American Human Microbiome project told the world that your gut gets ill first; and you cannot get better until your gut gets better.

     * It's true that fundamentally, you need to focus on Diet and exercise: A 2016 report from the American Cancer Society talked of how patients who had had chemo and surgery, and were stage 3, grade 3, had 31% less recurrence and 42% less death over a 7 year period if they adhered to a diet and exercise regime. But do you know exactly which diet and what exercise regime?

"Real people are surviving longer because they use the right diet, they rebuild their health, they use hyperbaric oxygen, hyperthermia, probiotics, light to moderate exercise, EFT, meditation and more. Each can make a survival difference and together they can add up to a massive aggregate gain. People just need to know which ones in particular can help them personally."

Go To: Some comments from people who have had a Personal Prescription 

Personal Prescriptions - The Aggregate of Marginal Gains

Mark built a programme, when he was diagnosed with cancer. Yes, it started with a particular diet and an exercise programme. But Chris told him exactly what he could and couldn't eat; how to rebuild his gut; how to cut his stress, how to reduce his blood fats and cut a few other things that were driving his cancer. With other patients their problem was a lack of oxygen, several others had a parasite drip feeding toxins into their body on a daily basis. You get the picture.

Chris helps people make more informed personal choices and build their very own Integrative Cancer Treatment Programme designed to increase their personal odds of survival.

Let Chris help you sort this out. 

One of his patients, diagnosed as stage 4, grade 4 and terminal gives the charity a significant donation on the annual anniversary or her PP. "I've worked you out", she told Chris. "You don't treat cancer; you treat people". She was also given the 'All clear' by her doctors. 

Personal Prescriptions - a global service 

     * Chris works with people all over the world. 45% of patients are now in the USA and Canada; 20% in Australia, 35% in the UK. But there have also been patients in South Africa, Bahamas, Latvia, Japan, Hong Kong, Sweden, and pretty much all over the world.

     * Chris lives outside the UK and the chats will be on Skype for about 2 hours. 

     * You fill in a complete briefing form (which he will send to you), in order for this chat to be thorough and professional.

     * Chris does this to help people in his spare time and we should warn you that his few slots available are booked very quickly. He only holds one session on any day. 

     * At the end of the chat he summaries his suggestions, and sends you his thoughts plus links to articles on items you have discussed. 

     * You draw up your plan and send it for him to check. He doesn't mind who else you consult. He may even suggest questions for your oncologist. But he suggests you then draw up your plan, which you can send him to check and polish. He doesn't want you to miss out something important. But he does want you to own the plan. For example, he might suggest four ways to build your oxygen levels. If exercise is impractical, no problem. Use one of the other suggestions. But he does want to see that you are doing one of the options!

     * You can e-mail questions about your plan, if you don't understand something.

     * You then pin the plan on your wall; and you get on with your life. Full stop.

     * Everybody who has a PP with Chris gets a year's membership of the CANCERactive Community. Once there you get our magazine for free, access to all past issues, discounted supplements, access to a regular Vlog (a video blog) from Chris talking about latest news, developments, ideas, questions and more. You can book further chats with Chris, if needed, through the Community organizer. She is happy to help. 

     * Be clear. Chris does not sell you anything. And he is not taking a kick back from any clinic, drug or supplement company, doctor or oncologist.



Contact Chris! You will be sent notes on what PPs are all about, a form to fill in and a couple of dates. PLEASE say which country you are in!

To find out more ... 

Contact Chris on this e mail address now:


[email protected]


Chris Woollams - Helping people, not cancer


After he completed one PP, the person he had talked to rang the office. We asked how it went? 

"Great. Fantastic. Hes so positive and so knowledgeable. He told me more in 2 hours that my doctors and oncologists have told me in 3 years. Now I know exactly what I am doing and why. And I am determined to beat this with the help he has given me".

Another said simply, 

"I'd heard a lot of really good reports about you. I have to say I'm not at all disappointed. The chat was fantastic".

Go to: Some comments from people who have had a Personal Prescription 



* * * * * * * * * * * * 

** N.B. If you book a PP, you will be dealing directly with Chris. He has not lived in the UK since 2002, and so uses Zoom or Skype for these meetings. 

Chris already donates unbelievable amounts of his time without remuneration, to CANCERactive. Chris writes all the Latest News items, and updates articles. He edits the Website and does all the SEO and Website admin. He, himself, paid for the original two Websites. On top of this he writes, prepares and edits icon magazine, which goes into 640 Hospitals and cancer centres in the UK. He has funded several in the past. He makes videos for free - for the general public and specifically for the members area. He has launched the Sunday Show to raise more funds for the Charity and a percentage of his book sales goes to the charity.

He provides a Worldwide e-magazine that features articles in CANCERactive; and he provides a service achieving social media coverage for CANCERactive, both without remuneration. 

About 4 years ago, he had to make a decision - keep earning income from various other business interests; or continue to help CANCERactive.  We persuaded him to carry on with CANCERactive, but doing PPs as his own interest and he now charges his own fees - although he kindly offers PPs as Charity fund raising prizes, pays for several staff, and still makes donations when we need some extra funds! 

He is currently trying to fund the next generation of CANCERactive management - after all, he is almost 71.

* * * * * * 



Cancer (and its related illnesses) is a very serious and a very individual disease. People should consult with experts and specialists in the appropriate medical field before taking, or refraining from taking, any action as a result of their chat with Chris Woollams. Chris is neither a fully qualified health practitioner nor a doctor of medicine. He is simply a cancer researcher of other peoples work for 16 years.


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