Increasing your personal odds of beating cancer

Increasing your personal odds of beating cancer

You can beat the statistics by building your own personal Integrative Medicine plan. It's up to you. There is so much you can do to increase your personal odds of survival. You developed the cancer over a number of years maybe 6 to 10 or even more, during which you built a body conducive the cancer. Now you need to build a body conducive to health.

Personalised Medicine; tailored treatment

'Personalised Medicine' is the future of cancer treatment; it means that your treatment plan will be based on an understanding of your genes and where problems are occurring. This is also called 'precision medicine'.It involves more screening and hopefully means using drugs that are more effective at solving genetic issues and are less damaging to healthy cells.

You may also hear the term 'Targeted therapy'.

Historically, two people with the same cancer were treated the same way. So two women with Colorectal Cancer were both given FOLFOX or FOLFIRI. The ulitimate aim is that these two women will have cancer drugs targeted to their specific genetic issues 'causing' the cancer.

Many cancers have such treatments that target a BRAF mutation or EGFR. Some women with breast cancer (20%) have HER2 protein which can be targeted with Herceptin. So we are on the way to this goal. It is a wonderful and worthy aim. BUT. And it is a very real 'But'.

But in 2020, we are nowhere near this ideal goal. Almost everybody with Colorectal cancer does get FOLFOX or FOLFIRI. Almost every woman with breast cancer does get FEC-T. The F drug in all these three cases is 5-Fluorourcil - it was approved by the FDA in 1956. 

A study of the past 12 years new drug launches by Professor Charlie Swanton of UCL showed that there were 71 new drugs and on average they provided just 2.1 months of extra survival each. Yet again the Pharmaceutic Hype completely clouds reality.

Complementary and Integrative Medicine (CIM)

Complementary and Integrative Medicine is also the future of medicine. In this area the hype is way lower and the Truth much higher. This is where health experts understand how, say, curcumin can improve the survival of one patient with colorectal cancer, but block the action of tamoxifen in another with breast cancer.

It is also called 'Functional Medicine' - sometime 'Functional Nutrition' and some people are called 'Functonal Nutritionists'.

But the Truth is that to beat cancer you cannot just expect Diet (nutrition) on its own to suffice.

Dealing with Cancer Stem Cells

In 2012, top American oncologist Luis Parada of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School told an inconvenient truth when he said that there was no drug available in the world today that could kill off cancer stem cells which lie at the heart of all cancers.

Cancer stem cells are the core - the heart - of a cancer and have been found in all cancers from breast to pancreatic, from prostate to multiple myeloma. Even though current drugs can reduce tumours by 30, 50, or even 70%, none is known to tackle the remaining core. In some cancers, for example pancreatic cancer, there are very high levels of very different types of cancer stem cells. Orthodox medicine is nowhere near to curing this cancer.

There are several repurposed, off label drugs, never intended to tackle cancer, that may make a difference - Accutane, Niclosamide and Doxycycline are used by some oncologists to attempt to tackle the issue.

But there are also ten or more natural compounds with bioactive properties known to have effects against cancer stem cells - ursolic acid, lycopene, EGCG, turmeric and others.

Go to: Natural Compounds known to have effects against cancer stem cells

Building a 'tailored' anti-cancer treatment programme

However, PEOPLE DO BEAT CANCER. We are not talking here about 5-year survival, or other spurious statistics, but real people being cured of cancer, and/or holding their cancer in remission - dormant for the rest of their lives. They may have had an orthodox treatment like surgery or radiotherapy, but the rest they did themselves.

Something they do - their own efforts - takes their bodies the extra yard and kicks out the cancer. If you read Living Proof, you will find Cancer Survivors’ Stories written by the patients themselves. Fiona Shakeela Burns beat leukemia and sarcoma as a child using the Gerson Therapy. In her 40s she had cervical cancer that went to her ovaries and brain. She used lots of alternative therapies but the turning point was healing her mind, and the work of Bruce Lipton.

A Complementary and Integrative approach may include any or all of -

     * The right nutritious diet

     * The right exercise programme

     * An Oxygenation programme

     * Healing a damaged microbiome

     * Boosting the immune System

     * Stress management, meditation, prayer

     * Better sleep

     * Correcting low vitamin D

     * Controlling Inflammation

     * Supplementation

     * Removing toxins - pesticides, herbicides, EMFs, mercury, cadmium etc.

There is research here on CANCERactive on how all of these and more make a difference to your survival. All you have to do is start using the right elements for you, your lifestyle and your cancer.

GO to: Chris Woollams can help you build your personal programme

The science of Epigenetics - you are not doomed - cancer is reversible

Epigenetics and cancer is a fast-growing, relatively new science in medicine. It holds that cancer (and indeed many modern illnesses) is caused by reversible blockages AROUND your DNA, not by a simultaneous 'mutation' (a permanent sequence change) inside both strands of your DNA.

Dr. Young S. Kim head of Nutrition and cancer at the National Cancer Institute is an Epigeneticist; Bruce Lipton, a Doctor and stem cell biologist is an Epigeneticist; Chris Woollams, an Oxford Biochemist is an Epigeneticist.

Cancer Treatment for the past 80 years has been based on a 'Theory' - yes, really; a theory - the Somatic Theory of Cancer. That there is an irreversible sequence change in your DNA which must be cut out or killed off, or stopped, otherwise you are doomed. In 2003 researchers from St Jude's took nuclei from aggressive cancer cells and transplanted them in to frog embryos. If the Somatic theory were correct, you would see aggressive cancers forming. Nothing happened.

Cancer is NOT controlled from the central DNA sending messages OUTWARDS in a cell; it is controlled by the whole body sending messages INWARDS - stress hormones, low oxygen, micro-RNA from pathogens, environmental toxins.

For example, we know for a fact that poor diet can cause more homocystein in the blood stream, and this causes more methylation around the DNA and more blockages - and so, loss of crucial messages.

And we know from a worldwide research study led by Professor David Smith of Oxford, that taking omega 3, and B vitamins can prevent this. That is omega 3 from fish oils, and B vitamins - that your friendly gut bacteria usually make.

Dr. Bruce Lipton of Stamford studied Quantum Physics on top of his Stem Cell studies - he wrote the Biology of Belief about how your mind can make you ill; but your mind can heal you. UCLA have a Stress management Laboratory specialising in cancer - they say 'People with cancer who actively manage their stress survive significantly longer'. Cancer Research in the UK say stress has nothing to do with cancer!!

Go to: How Stress drives breast cancer 

You can beat the statistics by building your own Personal Integrative cancer treatment plan

So, it’s up to you. There is so much you can do to increase your personal odds of survival.

You developed the cancer over a number of years maybe 6 to 10 or even more, during which you built a body conducive the cancer. Something then tipped you ’over the edge’; the loss of a loved one, a course of antibiotics, a stressful business collapse; all the things those other cancer charities don’t talk about.

You now need to correct all this - You need to build a body conducive to health. Build the NEW YOU.

Don’t be an average statistic - BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE.


To start, go to our guide: The ACTIVE8 PROGRAMME

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