Increasing your personal odds of beating cancer

Tailoring an integrative treatment programme that helps you beat cancer

Building an Integrative cancer treatment programme is the best way of increasing your personal odds of beating cancer. Complementary and Integrative Medicine (CIM) is the future of cancer treatment.

People do beat cancer

In 2012, top American oncologist Luis Parada of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School was telling the truth when he said that there was no drug available in the world today that could kill off cancer stem cells which lie at the heart of all cancers.

But PEOPLE DO BEAT CANCER. We are not talking here about 5-year survival or other spurious statistics, but real people being cured of cancer, and/or holding their cancer in remission - dormant for the rest of their lives. They may have other orthodox treatments like surgery, radiotherapy or the new and much hyped immunotherapy as part of an Integrative Oncology package. 

But ultimately, they do it themselves. Something they do - their own efforts - takes their bodies the extra yard and kicks out the cancer. If you read Living Proof, you will find Cancer Survivors’ Stories written by the patients themselves.

This extra may be any or all of -

     * A changed and ’good’ diet

     * Exercise and oxygenation

     * A healed gut

     * Stress management, meditation, prayer

     * A tip top immune system

     * Better sleep

     * Correcting low vitamin D

     * Inflammation control

     * Supplementation

     * Avoiding toxins - pesticides, herbicides, EMFs, toxic toiletries etc.

There is research here on CANCERactive on how all of these and more make a difference to your survival. All you have to do is start using the right elements for you, your lifestyle and your cancer.

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The science of Epigenetics - you are not doomed

Epigenetics and cancer is a fast-growing, relatively new area in medicine. It holds that cancer (and indeed many modern illnesses) is caused by blockages AROUND your DNA, and only rarely by mutations inside the DNA strands. Since the blockages occur by methylating enzymes and histone formation, the scientists believe this can be reversed, and you are not doomed.

While some scientists look for drugs to do this, others are exploring some 65+ bioactive natural compounds known to be capable of correcting cancer cells. 

You can beat the statistics by building your own personal Integrative Medicine plan

So, it’s up to you. There is so much you can do to increase your personal odds of survival.

You developed the cancer over a number of years maybe 6 to 10 or even more, during which you built a body conducive the cancer. Something then tipped you ’over the edge’; the loss of a loved one, a course of antibiotics, a stressful business collapse; all the things those other cancer charities don’t talk about.

You now need to correct all this - You need to build a body conducive to health. Build the NEW YOU.

So don’t just take the orthodox approach. Do things for yourself that can make a difference, that there is research on, that can increase your personal odds of survival.

Don’t be average - BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE.

Some cancer centers in America have even shown the benefit of building tailored Complementary and Integrative packages of treatments. At the Block Center in Chicago, for example, they showed there was a doubling of breast cancer survival using an Integrative Cancer approach.

Complementary Therapies

When’s an alternative treatment not alternative? Many can be used as complementary and integrative therapies - and are.

There are the new and emerging (sometimes called ’alternative’) treatments like Virotherapy, ’Cyberknife’, Photodynamic Therapy, localised Hyperthermia (Ablatherm and HIFU), Hyperbaric Oxygen and Dendritic Cell Vaccines. Many of these are actually showing potential as complementary therapies. What do you know of these new treatments? We cover them all. 

Go to: Alternative Cancer Therapies to find out more - we are the number 1 website in the UK..

Then there are the straightforward ones - diet, exercise, acupuncture, reflexology, hands on healing, you name it. We cover all those too 

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We help people build Integrative programmes for themselves 

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