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Increasing your odds of survival with a Personal Prescription

CANCERactive, Personal Prescriptions with Chris Woollams

Chris is the ´Cancer Guru´. Well, at least according to England Cricket legend Geoff Boycott, who opened his charity speech in 2010 with, ´I am only here tonight because of Chris Woollams - No, I´m ONLY here tonight because of Chris Woollams´.

On TV to talk about his new book, Geoffrey was asked how he beat his cancer. "Chris Woollams saved my life", was the blunt reply! 

About two years ago, CANCERactive received an e mail from one of Chris´ first ever PPs. That would be about 14 years ago! He´d had ´Terminal´ Prostate cancer, the oncologists had nothing left to offer and he´d been sent home to write his will. "Chris was the first person to actually tell me I could beat it", he wrote. He followed the plan and for the last six years he said he has forgotten he ever had prostate cancer.

"To Contact Chris direct about a PP, e mail him on"

We could tell you about Mrs. Omar Hunte or Janice Day and their breast cancer, or Galina who met Chris 14 years ago before a radio interview. She used to have ´terminal´ grade 4 ovarian cancer and was written off by orthodox medicine. Recently, she wrote to Chris saying, ´I´ll never forget what you did for me´.

We have ´terminal´ patients in the USA, Australia, Korea, India, Portugal, Spain and Canada, that certainly aren´t terminal now. Chris says there´s no secret. ´You just cover off all the bases, do the important things and help someone build a really healthy body. That tends to take care of the cancer. It´s really not rocket science but of course there are those that want you to believe it is - they have (expensive) rocket-science drugs´´. 

"But, be clear. I deal in research. Solid, quality research is really important to me".

Personal Prescriptions - clearing up the confusion

Ten years ago people did little to help themselves, now they seem to do too much. Advice and information comes at them from all sides. But what really works? Which claims are true? Which are wrong? What is important? Am I missing something; something that could make the difference?

Kyle, an American came to Chris with his Colorectal cancer two years ago; today according to the CT scans, there´s not a trace. Kyle said in his e-mail ´Chris should be knighted´. Steve, who lives in America came to Chris with his prostate cancer, after six months of his PSA starting to rise again, three months later it had halved ´due to Chris´ extraordinary expertise´ he said. Dale, another American and life-time smoker was Grade 4 and terminal a few years ago. He recently joined Chris´ Facebook page! ´Chris just cuts through the crap´ is a recurring message from America. But the one that brought a tear to the eye was a message from Arizona in 2017, that Steve´s 3 year-old was now all clear of liver and bile duct cancer.

Personal Prescriptions - using the latest cancer research

Chris, himself makes no ´cancer guru´ claims. He is not a Doctor, nor does he claim to be one. He has no special healing abilities. Nor does he offer to ´cure´ people. Chris was an Oxford University Biochemist who specialised in cancer research. He then went into the world of communication and rose rapidly to the top. After selling his companies he ´retired´ aged just 44 but his daughter developed a brain tumour and the rest is history. He started researching potential treatments all over the world - and he found sooooo many that could help a young girl in serious trouble. Treatments with quality research behind them. Treatments that can make a difference. Treatments that were simply not being passed on to patients in the UK.

To contact Chris direct about a PP, e mail him on 

That made Chris determined. He started his personal mission. Now Chris helps people build themselves the best possible personal programme to increase their odds of survival. All from the research that is on this website; the research that comes into us daily; the research that expert scientists have done; the research that an Oxford Biochemist would evaluate and judge to be useful.

For example, Boston Medical School tell all cancer patients to take 5,000IUs of vitamin D a day, Sloan Kettering tells people the benefits of melatonin and whole body hyperthermia. UCLA have published a major report showing that people who actively manage their stress survive much longer. National Cancer Institute scientists produced a report on the benefit of a good diet and bioactive natural compounds.

The American Cancer Society are quite clear about what lies behind what he does. They produced a meta-study report in 2012 stating that "since 2006, there had been an ´explosion´ in research into complementary therapies and ´overwhelming´ evidence that they could increase survival and even prevent a cancer returning".

This report exposes one of the greatest myths of modern medicine; namely the mindless mantra that ´we are beating cancer due to earlier diagnosis and better drugs´. It is simply not true and there is no rigorous research supporting this claim.

"The fact is that we have increasing survival rates in cancer because PEOPLE ARE DOING MORE TO HELP THEMSELVES", says Chris. "Are the Health Authorities and skeptics really trying to tell us that all the Complementary Cancer centres, all the researchers on bioactive natural compounds, on epigenetics, the meta-studies on stress management and Hyperbaric Oxygen are wrong and a waste of time? Are they trying to tell us that real people are wasting their time trying to do something to help themselves?"

Go To: Some comments from people who have had a Personal Prescription 

The Truth is worse - many oncologists actually try to deter their patients from enhancing their diets, taking supplements, exercise, oxygen therapy and so on. Yet the research evidence is there - and they are completely wrong to do this.

Personal Prescriptions - The Aggregate of Marginal Gains

Over the last 14 years he has built an amazing knowledge of cancer research particularly regarding complementary, new and alternative cancer treatments. ´If adding curcumin into your diet can make your drug work better, you´d be stupid not to use it. And if I told you that research shows other supplements can make other drugs work better, as can a low carb diet, or oxygenating your cells, again, why not think about using them too? The research is there. Not just one or two little studies but meta-studies. If each thing you did added 3% or 5% to your survival it could make a big difference if you built a whole programme containing these various elements!´

To contact Chris direct about a PP, e mail him on 

Chris is happy to share his knowledge with you - as a buddy, not an advisor. He will answer your questions, by telling you exactly what research has to say, looking it up for you if it is something specific.
It can save you months of searching, confusion and false leads; and importantly help you avoid making mistakes while helping you make better decisions. 

In this way he hopes you will be able to build a better tailor-made programme introducing elements, each of which can add a few per cent to your survival - he calls this strategy ´Increasing survival by the Aggregate of Marginal Gains´. The idea was actually given to him by a patient who came for a chat over 6 years ago. The gentleman is still ´alive and kicking´.

Personal Prescriptions - a global service on Skype

Chris helps people make more informed personal choices and build their very own Integrative Cancer Treatment Programme designed to increase their personal odds of survival. And he does it with people all over the world.

To contact Chris direct about a PP, e mail him on 

Chris lives outside the UK and the chats will be on Skype for between 90 minutes and 2 hours. In order to be thorough and disciplined he insists you fill in a complete briefing form (which he will send to you). We also warn you that he gets his few slots available booked very quickly.

After the chat, you try to build your programme; you send him your plan, he polishes it, and off you go. Along your journey, you can contact him again and even have another chat. This is certainly not a one off consultation, or second opinion; and he also doesn´t try to sell you anything!

Please be clear; THERE IS A FEE, and the money forms part of Chris´ annual donation to CANCERactive. 

He completed one earlier today, and the person he had talked to rang the office afterwards. We asked how it went? "Great. Fantastic. He´s so positive and so knowledgeable. He told me more in 2 hours that my doctors and oncologists have told me in 3 years. Now I know exactly what I am doing and why. And I am going to beat this, with his help".

Another said simply, "I´d heard a lot of really good reports about you. I have to say I´m not at all disappointed. The chat was fantastic".

To find out more ... 

Contact Chris on this e mail address now:

Chris Woollams - Helping people, not cancer

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