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Vitamins, minerals, natural compounds and supplements


The 2005 EU supplement laws seem to have had the opposite of the supposedly desired effect. (So whats new there, then?)  The Codex laws - an attempt to restrict over-zealous public use of vitamins and minerals - have resulted in a reality where natural healthy supplements and natural healthy compounds have been restricted in the High Street, leaving their often less-well-performing, synthetic alternatives. These are often manufactured by the large pharmaceutical companies and even criticised in research and by Professors in the media as possibly doing more harm than good. (For example vitamin E is available in just one of its eight natural forms, beta-carotene in just one of two, and synthetic vitamin C often comes with no supporting bioflavenoids whicgh seem, in nature, to stimulate its action).

At CANCERactive we liken them to inferior copies of Gucci handbags! Are you surprised when the handle breaks?

If you want to fight cancer, to beat cancer, but dont want the chemical copies, try these fifteen natural compounds all of which have been shown to have anti-cancer benefits and which you can take daily.

Healthy Natural Compounds, and Healthy Natural Supplements

AloeAloe Vera: Natural plant product, which contains a number of health benefits including more than six anti-inflammatories to help reduce the precursors to cancer. Sip slowly and buy a nice tasting one.

AstraAstragalus:  Chinese herb shown by MD Anderson researchers and others to be a significant helper in the cancer fight. Immune booster which helps it recognise cancer cells. 

ChlorellaChlorella: A natural algae food created after the last war as an all round food for the Japanese. Contains over 300 times the beta-carotene of a carrot, and other key vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids, Excellent and essential source of vitamin B-12 if you have gone vegetarian.

Coral Calcium: Certainly not the cancer cure many US web sites claim, none-the-less the supplementing of an easily assimilated calcium, potassium and magnesium supplement, along with a restricted sodium diet will help give your body the alkalinity it should have to counter the acidity that can lead to cancer.

CurCurcumin:  There are a large number of research studies that show turmeric, a natural spice from the plant curcuma longa has serious anti-cancer benefits. A good curry will not suffice! You need an effective and consistent dosage.

D3Vitamin D3:  The natural precursor to vitamin D in your body. There are multiple receptor sites with strong anti-cancer effect on every cell in your body. If you cant get into the sunshine, you must take vitamin D. Professor Hollick and his team at Harvard are adamant.

EssiacEssiac:  Also not the cancer cure that many US web sites claim either! The real Essiac formula contains 7 herbs which do have proven anti-cancer properties, along with Red clover providing beneficial plant oestrogens. An excellent immune system booster.

Total Vitamin E: Due to the new Codex laws, high street vitamin E is only synthetic a-tocopherol. Research questions its benefits. There is strong research available on the other forms of vitamin E with cancer and ideally you should have all 4 tocopherols and all 4 tocotrienols from natural sources.

FishFish Oils:  Long chain omega 3 has a variety of benefits in different cancers. For example, Harvard Medical School have shown benefits to Breast and Prostate patients. Ideally, you need a dioxin-free source.

GarlicGarlic: If you cant stomach the real thing, there are good quality, odourless products on the market, which will convey a number of anti-cancer benefits like killing yeasts and restricting blood supplies to tumours.

Indole 3 Carbonol: If you cant eat oodles of cabbage and broccoli, but have an oestrogen-driven cancer (colon, prostate, breast, ovarian etc.) this will help convert aggressive oestradiol to its safer sister oestrone.

Vitamin K: Researchers from Washington and Tokyo are clear that vitamin K helps the fight to protect your liver from cancer. More research is needed. Greens, greens and more greens.

Melatonin: Increasingly being shown as a natural balancer to excess oestrogen and other cancer promoting hormones like IGF-1. The synthetic version is claimed to lose potency over time you could try Asphalia, a plant melatonin source, if you have an oestrogen-driven cancer.

Probiotics: Beneficial Bacteria improve your immune response (more cytokines, NK cells etc), release nourishment from your foods, neutralise yeasts and microbes, help remove oestrogenic compounds, nitrosamine and heavy metals from your body, and produce sodium butyrate from your foods, to kill cancer cells! Take a wide variety of strains of probiotics daily and feed yourself and them the right ’prebiotics’ (whole foods). Over a hundred clinical trials cant be wrong.

WormWormwood: More controversially, this natural product, currently outperforming the anti-malarial drugs in the modern world is also an excellent killer of microbes, yeasts and even parasites, which many cancer patients unknowingly have draining their support systems. Some worldwide experts even think these nasties can be at the root of your cancer.

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Vitamins, minerals, natural compounds and supplements
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