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Dowsing for Answers ~ Geopathic Stress

Dowsing for Answers ~ What causes your Cancer and can you prevent it?

Our bodies are currently subjected to levels of pollution never before experienced. We are exposed to chemical pollution in our water, soil, foodstuffs and manufactured goods, and are surrounded by a complexity of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields: computers, domestic appliances, telephones (mobiles and landlines), microwaves, underground and overhead power lines, mobile phone masts, transport systems, hospital equipment, radio and television, radar and satellite. All these factors contribute to a compromised immune system and the subsequent imbalances in our body that result in lethargy, ill health and disease.

Elizabeth Brown, a Geopathic Stress Consultant, has spent the last few years surveying residential and commercial premises for geopathic stress and electromagnetic pollution, in order to identify the effects they have on the health and well-being of the occupants. She removes or deactivates detrimental environmental energies and her clients - according to their testimonials - get better. All this is done by a form of dowsing similar to kinesiology, tapping into the information field of the body and its environment.

Open quotesGeopathic stress is the disruption or distortion of the earth’s natural electromagnetic fieldClose quotes

What is geopathic stress? In simple terms it is the disruption or distortion of the earth’s natural electromagnetic field. When this field is in balance it is necessary and restorative to optimal health. When it is corrupted - by natural geological faults, underground flowing water, mineral deposits, noxious sites and man-made excavations and construction - the changed frequency becomes harmful to our health. This is geopathic stress.

Geopathic stress (measurable with Vega and Bio resonance machines) suppresses the immune function, shutting down the body’s natural defence system, thereby facilitating illness. Any natural weaknesses or genetic disorders can be amplified. A study carried out by Dr Eugene Melnikov, Director of the Medical and Ecological Department, St Petersburg, Russia, looked specifically at an area covering five square kilometres of interconnecting streets. Every hospital and medical record of those individuals living in the area was checked. Where there was no geopathic stress, little or no occurrence of oncological or other diseases showed. In the geopathically stressed areas, 90% of oncological cases occurred. There was also direct correlation between childhood leukaemia and GS.

The acceptance of geopathic stress, however, has been marred by the over-enthusiastic and exaggerated claims of some who attribute to it all ill-health, disease and accidents. Brown is convinced through her experience and case studies that GS is only one of the causative or contributory factors in ill-health, and specifically cancer.

Open quotesGeopathic stress suppresses the immune function, shutting down the body’s natural defence systemClose quotes

Her work has now evolved to embrace all subtle energies. Dowsing enables her to pinpoint the missing piece of the jigsaw - whether it be geopathic stress, electromagnetic pollution, toxins in cosmetic or personal care products, environmental pollutants, a nutritional deficiency, subtle energies in the home, or mental and emotional stress - that is the underlying cause of ill health.

Everyone seems to be looking for the mythical one cause of cancer but, during the course of her work, she has come to three clear conclusions:

  • Each case of cancer is as individual as the individuals themselves

  • There is rarely one single cause of cancer, but rather a combination of factors

  • The combination of these factors leads to an imbalance in the body that manifests as cancer.

Each body is unique in its genetic make-up, conditioning and vibrational rate. Because of this Brown works to determine the causative, contributory and trigger factors behind each individual’s specific cancer. Consider the following:

Sarah requested a residential survey to check for detrimental environmental energies. She had had breast cancer four years before, but was currently in remission. Her survey request was prompted by the fact that she had never liked going into her bedroom - despite it being light and airy and newly redecorated. Her unease was justified: Brown identified a geopathic stress line running through the bedroom, with Sarah’s bed neatly positioned right in the middle of it. The original cause of the line was geological, but the inherent electromagnetic fields were exacerbated by man-made construction and excavation in the area four to five years before. The timing prompted Sarah to ask whether the geopathic stress was the cause of her cancer. It wasn’t - although Brown confirmed that it was certainly a contributory factor through the suppression of the immune system. Sarah wanted to know the key causative factor behind her cancer. After all, how could she - or anyone else who has suffered from cancer - avoid a recurrence without knowing and addressing the root cause?


Working through a checklist of possible contributory factors Brown stopped at "cosmetic products - chemical hair dye carcinogens", but was confused by Sarah’s appearance. Her hair, glossy and long, was naturally dark. Brown’s question "Have you ever dyed your hair, Sarah?" was greeted by "Oh my God. For four years I dyed my hair blonde, but stopped after the onset of cancer". The main causative factor in Sarah’s cancer was hair dye carcinogens. Further analysis showed that, along with the geopathic stress, deodorant toxins were a contributory factor. The trigger factor was emotional stress from a difficult relationship.

The information given to Sarah changed her life. Her understanding of the different factors enabled her to move forward with confidence. She knew what she had to change. Rather than battling with an unknown enemy, she felt back in control.

Linda also had had breast cancer. She wanted her home checked for anything potentially detrimental to her health and well-being. Also, as an holistic practitioner, she needed reassurance that her treatment rooms provided the best possible healing environment for her clients. Brown identified and deactivated a geopathic stress line running through her house that was having quite a considerable effect on Linda’s health and immune system. This time, however, the geopathic stress was one of three causative factors in her cancer. Brown was able to determine that powerful electromagnetic fields at Linda’s place of work, coupled with her genetic pre-disposition to cancer were the other factors. The trigger was confirmed as high levels of stress when Linda was thrust into the role of main breadwinner due to her husband’s redundancy.

Again empowered by the information she was given, Linda has reduced her stress levels, undergone a detoxification programme, modified her place of work, and follows a strict health regime to maximise the strength of her immune system. Like Sarah, she now feels in control of a previously unknown enemy and has the key information to avoid its return.

Open quotesIdentification of the cause has to be the key to the elimination of
cancerClose quotes

By knowing the causative, contributory and trigger factors, an appropriate course of action - and level of treatment - can be chosen. Brown currently supports doctors and practitioners to pinpoint the necessary information to build a totally integrated treatment programme. Whilst the best of orthodox and complementary therapies may ensure that every conceivable step is taken to minimise the possibility of the cancer’s return, all the surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and complementary therapies available will be potentially in vain if the root cause remains unaddressed.

Identification of the cause, therefore, has to be the key to the elimination of cancer.

Elizabeth Brown

Elizabeth has spent more than thirty years training in subtle energies. She is on the Professional Register of the British Society of Dowsers and is a member of the BSD Dowsing Research Group. She is currently working to explore and establish links between Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and geopathic stress. More information can be found on her website or by telephone +44 (0)20 7603 2902.

Geopathic Stress

The earth, like all things living, has an energy field. This energy is partly geomagnetic in composition and partly a force not yet identified by mankind. It radiates from the earth in a system of grid lines relating to the magnetic north and south poles. When in balance the energy is necessary, and restorative, to optimal health. When the natural field is distorted or disrupted - as it can be by natural geological faults, underground flowing water, mineral deposits, noxious sites and man-made excavations and construction - the field becomes harmful to our health. This is geopathic stress.

In 1929, the German scientist von Pohl proved that one was unlikely to get cancer unless one had spent some time in geopathically stressed places - mainly when sleeping. Then, of course, the human body was not subjected to today’s levels of electromagnetic pollution from low level to microwave frequencies, plus the chemical pollution that exists in so many of our foodstuffs, plastics, cosmetics and cleaning prducts. All these lead to the imbalances in our body that result in cancers. Today, in some EU countries, planning permission for certain buildings is withheld unless the site has been surveyed for geopathic stress.


Geopathic stress has been found to be the common factor in countless serious - and minor - illnesses, notably those conditions where the immune system is severely compromised: ME or chronic fatigue syndrome; eczema and psoriasis; arthritis; migraine or persistent headaches; glandular fever; insomnia; epilepsy; rheumatism; blood disorders and anaemia; depression; learning and behavioural problems in children. Studies have shown that geopathic stress alters the polarity of the blood, inhibits the blood clotting function, and disrupts electro-chemical activity. It also appears to sensitise the body to various electromagnetic fields of other frequencies.

Exposure to geopathic stress might initially manifest as a relentless exhaustion; restless sleep or insomnia; persistent headaches; recurrent colds, viral or fungal infections; depression; heightened allergic responses; and the inability to heal or recover from sickness or respond to treatment. And the common observation shared by countless people prior to the removal of the geopathic stress: when spending tiflie away from the home the condition improves or even disappears. This consistent observation and much published research, has shown that the link between location and sickness is beyond doubt. In all cases of recuring or persistent ill-health, geopathic stress should be eliminated early on as a causative factor.

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