Dr John Millward patron of CANCERactive

Dr John Millward patron of CANCERactive


John Millward commenced practicing as a GP in 1962 and continued for 30 years before opening his own clinic for complementary medicine and allergies in 1995. Dr Millward appears regularly on the radio dealing with all manner of health issues.

He writes " I  qualified at Oxford and Barts Hospital and came to practice in Bournemouth as a GP.  As time went by I found that medicine was failing and more and more people were suffering the effects of chronic disease.  The promises of the 1960s that drugs would conquer all disease were shown to be untrue and that these same chemicals were causing multiple problems.  I therefore investigated other approaches to deal with disease and eventually found myself reinvented as an holistic doctor. Prevention has always been a passion of mine and I now concentrate on finding and treating the cause of disease.  It is very painful to find that politicians and doctors have decided not practise true prevention.
I have observed that CANCERactive is the only charity that promotes prevention and tries to give people all the facts, both conventional and alternative so that they are better able make informed choices about their own health.  I am delighted to support Chris Woollams and his vision for patient care.

Unfortunately his is a lone voice and like me his efforts to influence the decision makers are often ignored.  I will be eternally grateful to Chris for his advice, proof reading and publishing my book "The Treason Within".

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