* The Sunday Show: Covid and Cancer 2021

* The Sunday Show: Covid and Cancer 2021

On the weekend of 16th/17th January 2021, Chris Woollams will update his 2020 question and answer session 'Covid and Cancer', answering your questions - what do we really know? What is true? What is not? If you have had a positive test, did you really have Covid? If you had Covid, do you really need a vaccine? How has Covid affected cancer patients? And more.

Which vaccine? Do masks really protect? Can bank notes spread the disease? Have more people died from Covid than die from 'flu? Have more people been ill than a normal year? Did 'Lockdown' help the nation's health, or hinder? Which cancers saw more deaths linked to Covid 19 - which saw less?! 

Whatever you want to ask.

Question should be no more than 30 words and restricted to this subject (Covid and Cancer) or Covid and health.

Don't forget - you send in the questions, and we'll ask them! Having listened again recently to last years's show, Chris was unnervingly accurate in his answers and predictions - for example, 'A vaccine before Christmas' Wait for phase 2 and phase 3'; and "Wait for the mutation'.

Just Register for the Show - it's FREE - and then you will then be invited to send in a question. 

Register by sending an e-mail saying 'Covid' to:  CWSundayShow@gmail.com

Registrations start Wednesday January 6th 2021.

All Chris' Shows have been full of tips and information - we're sure this show will be no exception.


Coming soon on the Sunday Show

31st January - Chris asks your questions of Professor Dana Flavin on 'Off label Drugs'.

6th/7th February - Chris answers your questions on Vitamin D - How important is it? What does it do? How much should I take? What levels should I have in my blood stream? How can I activate it to best defend me?

21st February - Chris asks your questions of Dr. Andre Young-Snell of the Vision of Hope Clinic, in Brighton. The show is entitled: "The importance of mindset and goals when tackling cancer"

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