Contact CANCERactive; contact Chris Woollams

Please feel free to contact CANCERactive using the methods below. 

Unfortunately our Independent stance means that we do not receive the vast sums of corporate donations that other charities receive and so we simply do not have the staff to deal with a multitude of enquiries.

That is not to say that your comments are not noted. We do read all comments and, where appropriate, we pass them on to our Medical Board. We constantly update our website and we pride ourselves in being able to make changes quickly. 

Where we have presented a fact, it is most usually supported in the research centre Cancer Watch.

However, if you feel we have something wrong, or we have made a mistake, we encourage you to let us know quickly, with all relevant research and our Medical Board will check it and amend accordingly.

However, as you can imagine, many enquiries unfortunately ask us to give views on someones cancer. We cannot do this - the patient must consult with their Doctor.

Other enquiries may find their answer by simply submitting a few words to a search engine on the internet such as Google. Indeed, we find this an excellent way of accessing original research and scientific information.

Many people want to contact Chris Woollams. Chris is one of the founders of CANCERactive. He is neither a Trustee nor a paid employee and any work he does for the charity is entirely on a voluntary basis because he wants to help people with cancer. We are indebted to him for his efforts over the years. Chris is not a Doctor, nor does he pretend to be. He does not live in Britain and his business interests all lie abroad. If you wish to contact him you may do so through the CANCERactive channels below - but he is VERY busy.

Contact Methods

Registered Address:

Appletree Cottage
Hay Lane


We are an internet only organisation.


For enquiries regarding Fundraising and donations please call 0300 365 3015

For enquiries regarding accounts or administration please email  


If you want help with your cancer and a personal prescription please email



Fund Raising

As you know, at CANCERactive we pride ourselves on being truly independent. We do not receive any monies from any source that might directly, or indirectly, influence our editorial content. Simply put, we have absolutely no vested interests’. Our only concern is your health and well-being. Where we mention treatments, clinics or services on this website we also take no remuneration. Any contact details are purely there as part of our remit (agreed with the Charities Commission) to provide ’Information and Support’.However WE CAN ONLY HELP PEOPLE LIKE YOU, IF PEOPLE LIKE YOU HELP US.

Your support, your donations, your fund raising activities are crucial to us. As you can tell we do not have vast numbers of staff, nor do we pay our directors, trustees and managers. Indeed, many people here work for nothing so you can be sure all donations go to the end cause - providing all the information to people who want to beat cancer.

If you are helping us by fund raising, or have plans or ideas, please contact Wendy on 0300 365 3015 or email

We promise well make every penny count.

Thank you.

The CANCERactive team

Contact CANCERactive; contact Chris Woollams
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