Chemo and Radiotherapy patients should take their antioxidants

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Chemo And Radiotherapy Patients Should Take Their Antioxidants

Originally published in icon Issue 3 2006

In a full review of all available research studies, US cancer expert Ralph Moss concluded that the case against taking antioxidants during chemo and radiotherapy is little more than subjective mythology. Rather, there are numerous studies which show that taking antioxidants actually improves the success rates of both. (Should patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy be prescribed antioxidants? Integrative Cancer Therapies, March 01 2006 5; 63-82. Also on PubMed).

(Ed: We have covered similar findings by American Hospitals in the past. This topic causes so much controversy, and friction between patients and their oncologists in Britain, that we will try to gain the magazine’s agreement to reproduce it for you - or at least summarise it. Ralph Moss has made the definitive study and deserves full credit for debunking the subjective nonsense that prevails. However if any of our readers has a definitive study against taking antioxidants we will be happy to print that too).Rainbow diet          At Last - the definitive, research based book on how to build a diet to help beat cancer. Click here to read about it.

Vitamins, minerals, natural compounds and supplements
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