Cat’s Claw or Uno de Gato

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CAT’s CLAW (Uno de Gato).

Boosting the Attack

Alkaloids are very powerful natural plant compounds and there are six oxindole alkaloids in Uno de Gato bark. This natural compound is found in the Peruvian rain forest and China. It is known to be anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, an antioxidant and an immune stimulator.

An excellent Immune System booster

A common misconception is that merely stimulating the immune system will be enough to kick out a cancer. Maybe, in a few cases it will. But, by and large, the problem with cancer is two-fold true, the immune system is weak, BUT .......the cancer evades the immune system because of the low immune system response capacity. (In English the bad guys can’t be ’seen’, no matter how many good guys you produce. The issue is to make lots of good guys AND stimulate the bad guys in such a way that they appear on the radar screens).

So, in Herbal Medicine two therapeutic requirements are essential when treating cancer Immuno-modulating herbs, and Adaptogenic herbs, and BOTH are required to work synergistically

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Cat’s Claw is an immuno-modulating herb - it is known to increase various white cell levels stimulating the production of Natural Killer Cells. Four alkaloids in particular boost phagocytosis where the white cells attack, wrap up and carry off the rogue cells in the body be they microbes, viruses, antigens and even cancer cells.

Research studies have shown the herb to be very powerful in its use with AIDS and cancer therapies. Research shows an action in decreasing the size of some tumours.

Do we think it is a cancer ’cure’? No. At CANCERactive we think no single compound (Drug or natural) is likely to be a cure for cancer. However it may be useful as part of your overall programme.

Cat’s Claw seems to protect healthy cells during radio- and chemotherapy

Research shows that Cat’s Claw may reduce the damaging side effects from radiotherapy and chemotherapy, as it seems to offer protection to healthy cells and enhances the attacking and removal of cancer cells.

It may also be combined with wild yam and aloe vera forming a very strong anti-viral, anti-bacterial, immune boosting force.

It has also been shown to boost the body’s natural energy levels. You should take one gram a day on an empty stomach.

First Hand experience

  If you are thinking of buying Cats Claw, you might like to look at the Natural Selection Product of Choice. You can do this by CLICKING THIS LINK 

I witnessed personally that Cat’s claw, astragalusturmeric (curcumin) and echinacea can be an excellent immune system re-booting combination for cancer patients, and especially after treatment with radiotherapy or chemotherapy. We gave this combination to Catherine when the chemotherapy drugs had reduced her white cells to desperately low levels, and the standard immune-stimulating drugs and injections on offer simply would not work even though she tried them daily for weeks. On taking the four herbs her white cell levels recovered in less than two weeks! She was also taking aloe vera which most probably helped further.

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Please be clear: At CANCERactive we do not consider the above compound to be a cure for cancer, despite what the research says or experts doing the research may claim. The above, is an article on the compound from published research and expert opinion in the public domain. At CANCERactive we do not believe that any single compound (drug, vitamin, whatever) is a cure for cancer. We believe that people can significantly increase their personal odds of survival by building an Integrated Programme of treatments. Equally, cancer prevention is best practiced through a width of measures.

Vitamins, minerals, natural compounds and supplements
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