CANCERactive - UK number 1 Complementary and Integrative cancer charity

CANCERactive - UK number 1 Complementary and Integrative cancer charity

CANCERactive provides more unbiased information and research on more complementary cancer therapies - exercise, diet, supplements, herbs, off-label drugs, stress management, IVC, Clinics, HIPEC, Proton Beam Therapy, Lutetium-177, virotherapy, immunotherapy and more - to empower and to improve your personal odds of survival; Complementary and Integrative Medicine (CIM) for cancer; all backed by our Medical Board of Doctors, professors and scientists.

Research based Complementary and Integrative Therapies

Welcome to CANCERactive - the UK’s number 1 Complementary Cancer Charity; the UK’s number 1 Complementary and Integrative Cancer Charity. More unbiased information on more complementary therapies that any other UK charity. We cover everything you need to know from the benefits of vitamin D and melatonin, to hyperbaric oxygen therapy, exercise and diet, yoga, supplements, meditation and stress management therapies, citing research wherever we have it. We present the research from top Hospital Medical Schools around the world.

The future of Medicine is not just drugs, drugs and more drugs. It is using a wealth of therapies to treat a chronic illness via a package - it's called Complementary and Integrative Medicine - and is exactly what the more modern hospitals in America practice. Already, we have seen ablation removing small tumours in the lungs in breast cancer, High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound (HIFU) being used on Kidney cancers, the Nanoknife (using electricity to punch holes in cancer cells) being used with prostate cancer - but these are not simply Complementary Therapies; they double as Alternative Cancer Therapies too. American cancer patients are given Intravenous vitamin D to boost their immune systems, others are recommended melatonin, one patient was suggested Indole 3 carbinol by her oncologist; Johns Hopkins are researching mistletoe; Ohio Medical School are in Phase III of a trial on Intrevenous Vitamin C: Maryland Medical School recommend a colourful Mediterranean Diet tailored to a patient's needs; Weill Cornell have show sugar and insulin drive cancer; Sloane Kettering suggest Hyperthermia to improve results from chemotherapy; the American Cancer Society have research on the benefits of exercise; Arizona Medical School had people riding bicycles to improve their radiotherapy in the afternoon. Meanwhile British Cancer Charities serve you coffee and chocolate cake. Frankly, it's easy to be the Number 1 Complementary and Integrative Cancer Charity in the UK. You don't have vested interests and you don't accept money from Coca Cola and Big Pharma.

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Back in 2001, when founder, and Chris Woollams’ 22-year old daughter, Catherine developed her grade 4 GBM brain tumour, almost the first thing she read was a report in the doctor’s own magazine, the Lancet, which said that the drugs didn’t work - they offered no hope of cure. Nothing could help a young girl given 6 months to live. This is still true today. 

So back in 2001, father and daughter did their research - she a chemist, he a biochemist - setting out to find something (anything) that could help her stand a chance of beating her brain cancer. They quickly realised that the vast majority of UK cancer information only focussed on the three legs of Orthodox treatment - drugs, radiotherapy and surgery. But they found that all over the world there was an abundance of quality research on treatments that could help Catherine; treatments that did not conflict with the orthodox therapy but enhanced it.

Complementary cancer therapies increase survival

They found research on exercise and energy therapies, and on natural bioactive compounds to herbs - all things that can complement and improve orthodox medicine, and increase your personal  odds of survival. For brain tumours, the Banerji family in India were conducting research with MD Anderson on homeopathy for brain tumours monitored by the FDA, and it was working! Professor Ben Williams was using repurposed off-label drugs like metformin, melatonin and mebendazole plus a supplement and exercise programme to complement his orthodox medicine for his GBM - and he beat the cancer. Airline hostess Amy was working with Dr. Henry Friedman in Duke's Carolina and she beat her brain tumour with Dendritic cell therapy and 23 supplements on her list.

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These are, of course, anecdotes but you could not believe the volume of quality research information available on therapies that could enhance the orthodox cancer treatments. Clinical trials and expert research studies abound, yet many UK Professors and Oncologists are ignorant of the facts, often claiming that these complementary and alternative therapies have no research to support them. It is simply not true! Worse, Big Pharma protects its interests, and skeptic trolls deliberately cause confusion. As Catherine once said, "Why would any individual want to come between a 22-year old girl dying from a brain tumour and six months extra life?" But they do.

And then our two researchers realised that the way forward for cancer patients was to empower them, to provide ALL the quality information put simply in easy-to-understand English so people touched by cancer could make better, more informed personal choices. Cancer information, not just on orthodox treatments but on complementary and even new, emerging, alternative therapies, and causes that might be still there driving your cancer. Remember - this was in 2002.

In this way, people touched by cancer can use the best of the best, building Integrative cancer programmes that best fits them, their personal needs, their personal needs, and their cancer profile.

The independent charity ...

… With no vested interests ...

CANCERactive takes no money from large corporations, nor does it receive money from any person or company related to the information appearing on this website, nor do our trustees and management take any remuneration. We are truly independent with no vested interests. How many other cancer charities can say that?

And, of course, our Independent stance talking about complementary and non-invasive treatments was attacked by the pro-Pharma propaganda machine, particularly the IT expert skeptics.

 … That gets it right, ahead of the others

Then The American Cancer Society published a report in 2012, agreeing with us - ’There has been an ’explosion’ in research into complementary therapies, with ’overwhelming evidence’ that they can increase survival and ’even prevent a cancer returning’.

Then the US National Cancer Institute, no less, talked of what foods and natural compounds could prevent cancer stem cells re-growing into tumours. Then the science of Epigenetics said ’cancer was reversible’ and people with cancer ’are not doomed’. Hundreds of Epigeneticists have confirmed that the drivers of cancer cause blockages of crucial messages, and these drivers include poor diet, stress, environmental toxins and hormones such as oestrogen.

Good diet, reducing cortisol, the stress hormone, removing toxins, and excess negative hormones, exercise and good gut bacteria have all been shown to reverse DNA message blockages. Indeed, you are not doomed.

In 2017, the American Cancer Society published research into its Diet and Exercise Guidelines, which are remarkably similar to those of CANCERactive.

Go to: The CANCERactive Guidelines on diet and exercise

In the research, all patients were stage 3, with metastases. All had had surgery and chemotherapy. Over a 7-year period those who most closely followed the Diet and Exercise Guidelines had 31% less recurrence, and 42% less death.

We know of no drug that can deliver figures like these!

Integrated or Holistic cancer programmes

We wanted to help people to pull the cancer information together to match their own personal needs and their own individual circumstances. So over time we developed the idea of helping individuals with their own Integrative (or Integrated, or Holistic) cancer therapy packages, using the best of the best from all the above areas. And so we created the ACTIVE8 PROGRAMME - click here to find out more.

Chris Woollams also helps people build their own Personal Programmes, tailored to their needs, cancer and life style, around their orthodox medicine. It's Integrative Medicine in action.

Go to: What Cancer Patients say about a Personal Prescription with Chris Woollams

In Cancer Watch, our research centre, we have witnessed the ’explosion’ the American Cancer Society was talking about; for example the latest American cancer research on complementary therapies such as stress management shows that patients who actively manage their stress (with counseling, exercise, diet, meditation and yoga) survive significantly longer than those who don’t. 

But, let us make one final point clearly. We do cover all the orthodox treatments - on this site you will find over 110 cancer drugs reviewed, articles by top surgeons, others by leaders in radiotherapy, with many interviews with oncologists and cancer experts.

Because of the nature and style of our site (it is full of articles and interviews), you may find that one expert thinks differently from another. After all, that is why some patients want a second opinion! If you disagree with something written on this site, all you have to do is send your research evidence to The Trustees and they will pass it on to our Medical Board of Doctors and Professors of Oncology to review it.

We just want to help you build a programme of complementary and alternative therapies around your orthodox treatment - the best of the best - to help you increase your personal odds of survival. And that is the basis of good Holistic, or Integrative medicine. 


The mission - Empowering people to beat cancer................

1. We provide our regular icon cancer magazine - over 50,000 copies going free into more than 640 UK Hospitals, cancer centres and health centres in libraries. icon (Integrated Cancer and Oncology News), in full colour and over 36 pages, is unique in the UK. (You can have it delivered to your home - click here)

2. We take the articles from the magazine and provide this website - an easy-to-read cancer magazine on the web. 

3. We post information regularly on Facebook sites - we have our own CANCERactive Facebook page and sister site ChrisWoollamsHealthWatch. We even have our own online support group - on Facebook, THe CANCERactive Forum

4. We have a private group of supporters too with a special area on this Website, videos, discounts on supplements, priority booking for speeches, access to past icon magazines and more. It's called the CANCERactive Community.

5. We have no big corporations supporting us. Our Trustees and senior staff take no remuneration. We are truly independent and we have absolutely no vested interests - in that way you can be sure, we tell the Truth - we just want people to avoid and beat cancer.

6. We offer people more personal choice - did you know that your oncologist has a legal duty to explain all your treatment options to you. If he doesn’t know that exercise, vitamin D or EFT could help increase survival times, how will he explain those options to you? Certainly, ignorance is no defence for him either. No wonder more and more oncologists write for us and read our site!

7. We help people build integrated therapy packages - through our unique ACTIVE8 PROGRAMME.

8. We adopt the Precautionary Principle to cancer prevention: That where there is expert research expressing concern, we tell you. It is your right to know and thus take the decisions you personally deem appropriate.

9. We are the People’s Champion - we don’t write for Doctors, or the drugs companies, or the Government. We write for you. If we have research showing mammograms are not quite what they are claimed, we will tell you. If a group of American experts say that Charities who recommend avoiding sunshine are causing 300,000 premature deaths a year in the USA, we tell you. If Pharmaceutical Companies droped people who had side-effects from Clinical Trials on Immunotherapy, we tell you.

10. We take our information out to people where it matters, for example by having icon in hospitals, by preparing cancer prevention programmes for schools, and by having Catherine Corners.

11. We embark on lecture tours, and we provide information and links to hospitals, clinics, suppliers of books and more. But we receive no funding from them quite deliberately, although we know other charities do. 

12. Chris Woollams also provides his own e news service for individuals across the world and for cancer support groups across the UK.

This is our mission. We are more than a charity providing information. We want you to hear the Truth so we can help people increase their personal odds of survival. Of beating cancer. Today.





CANCERactive. Intelligent Information. Independent Voice.


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