Building an Integrated Treatment Programmme

Building an Integrated Treatment Programmme


Two choices - the DIY ACTIVE8 Programme, and, Personal Prescriptions with Chris Woollams 
At the very heart of CANCERactive is our research centre Cancer Watch - bringing you the very latest cancer research information from all over the world on any topic that can help a cancer patient, from causes to new treatments.
Theres a saying that knowledge is power. With cancer, it can be the difference between life and death. There is so much research information available right now across the world on not just on new drugs, but on bioactive natural compounds, stress management therapies, complementary therapies and new, so-called alternative therapies.  Many can make a significant difference to your survival. But if the information is not being passed on to cancer patients then they are not so much dying of cancer, they are dying of ignorance! And that is terrible.
We collect and then forward this quality research information to help you make more informed personal choices in your fight to beat cancer - through our magazine (icon), this web site and through two unique offers: The ACTIVE8 PROGRAMME and PERSONAL INFORMATION PRESCRIPTIONS.
The ACTIVE8 PROGRAMME is our cancer support programme: CANCERactives disciplined approach to help you develop your own Holistic, or Integrative, cancer treatment programme  around your Doctors orthodox therapies. We give you the headings and the information that is relevant to each, in general terms.
A PERSONAL INFORMATION PRESCRIPTION is cancer support at its best: research information specifically tailored to you and your particular cancer. You have to fill in a form, and we do the rest.
To go straight to how to build an ACTIVE8 PROGRAMME CLICK HERE

We believe cancer is a multi-step process (from inflammation, to rogue cell formation, to forming a blood supply, to the tumour growth, to firing off cells around the body and much, much more). And to stand any chance of beating a cancer you need to acknowledge this and prepare a multi-step programme designed to counter the various cancer stages. We are not alone in this view; several cancer centres in America follow the same beliefs. 
Furthermore, we believe it is positively naive to think that any one drug, or one vitamin for that matter, could possibly be a cure for cancer. Only recently the prostate cancer genome has been revealed. In prostate cancer up to 5,900 genes can develop faults. How is one single treatment ever going to deal with 5,900 problems?
However, building a programme of activities designed to address various aspects of the cancer process should surely increase your personal odds significantly?
But where do you start? All too often people read something in the newspaper, hear something from a friend and try it. A bit of this and a bit of that. They cut out their favourite foods, take up jogging, pop multivitamins - and most of what they do is doing no good at all and, worse, may even cause harm.
In the ACTIVE8 PROGRAMME some elements of what you may eventually choose to do may simply reduce inflammation, cut the causes, cut your oestrogen levels or clear toxins from your body.
Below you will find a link to a fuller explanation of the ACTIVE8 PROGRAMME - remember, it is general, it is indicative and it merely covers the sort of things you may choose to do in each area. When you have read the information, it is down to you to decide what should be including in your own treatment plan - we just want to ensure you are thorough and cover off all the bases.

Please be clear:
 * There is clear research, often from Clinical Trials in US Cancer Centres and Medical Schools, that
        - some complementary treatments actually improve the performance of certain drugs. 
        - some complementary treatments reduce side-effects.
        - some complementary treatments can improve the success of radiotherapy and also protect from side-effects. 
        - some complementary treatments have been shown to reduce the chances of surgery causing cancers to spread.
Why would any Medical person in his right mind not want you to know this, if they themselves knew it?
* There is a clear body of research evidence showing that some complementary therapies are linked with increases in survival rates; some affect specific cancers (like Omega-3 fish oils which, according to Leeds Medical School, reduce polyps and colon cancer reappearance rates in a Clinical Trial), others can kill cancer cells, others calm the mind (often a major stumbling block in cancer treatment), others oxygenate your cells, others remove toxins, or reduce oestrogen levels, and so on.   
* According to the American Cancer Society, there has been an explosion in research into complementary therapies since 2006 and at least three have been shown to increase survival and stop a cancer returning. Do you know which ones?
* Then the National Cancer Institute conducted research which showed that bad foods in your diet could encourage a cancer to re-grow, while certain good bioactive natural compounds could stop this regrowth. Do you know which ones?
* Finally, UCLA and others have shown that stress management techniques significantly increase survival times. The research is on this site.

Enlightened Medicine
Below, you can find a link to an article featuring Amys Story on this web site. Amy had a brain tumour - a bad one. But her oncologist is top American expert Dr Henry Friedman. And his attitude is that she should be free to use complementary therapies, if they can help and do not cause harm. In fact he encourages it - he calls it ENLIGHTENED MEDICINE. And as far as Amy is concerned it worked. Two children later she is very much alive and kicking and puts it down to her Integrative Programme - choosing the best of the best, for her circumstances.
Having read about all the steps you need to address in the ACTIVE8 PROGRAMME, you may still find it hard work going through Cancer Watch and looking for the research studies most relevant to you. Thats why we created the Personal Prescription. Here we do all the work for you. Again it is not advice but simply information. But this time we ask you a lot of questions so we can tailor the information to you and your cancer.
With every cancer there is a statistical set of figures for 5-year survival. If you are the average person. But we dont want you to be average. By the time you have built your ACTIVE8 PROGRAMME you will be well above average and statistically likely to survive longer.

We simply try to empower people like you to increase their personal odds of survival.  Some individual therapies have been linked in research to increases in survival times of 50 per cent. Imagine if you used 5 or 6 such therapies! Some American experts believe building a package of acivities can increase your odds of survival by up to 60 per cent.

Personal Prescriptions provide high quality research evidence and information tailored to you, your cancer and your needs. Most of the information patients have no idea of. One Patients Oncologist even asked us for a copy of the PIP, because he did not know much of the information! He was full of praise.


A final comment. Believe it or not but there is actually a 1939 Cancer Advertising Act unique to the UK basically saying that no one can advertise or promote something as a treatment for cancer. Although back in 1939 the Attorney General expressed the view that the law was to stop quacks advertising and selling their elixirs, it is a catch-all law as it is worded. Worse, it is enforced by a group of troublemakers called Skeptics who are often only qualified in IT, geology or pharmacology but pretend to be knowledgeable in cancer. Why they would want to stop you finding out about non-drug treatments that help a cancer patient increase their survival and even prevent a cancer returning, you can only guess. But they have tried to silence both CANCERactive and, me, Chris Woollams.

As an ex-top adman, I would comment as follows: -

        1 In 1939 there were hardly any real treatments for cancer. In 1939, 95 per cent of vitamins and natural compounds had no research behind them in the context of cancer.

        2 The list of people guilty of suggesting that something treats cancer would have to start with the many drug companies whose promotional or PR stories cross my desk each week. Under the act, they are allowed only to make their claims to the medical profession. But their messages are all over the national press.   Overclaims? Never. Claiming status for treating illnesses without clinical approval? Of course not!

        3 Unfortunately a lot of Doctors would all foul of the law - not least because some 20 per cent of drugs are recommended to patients to treat illnesses for which they do not have exact clinical approval (according to research from Duke Medical Center in the USA).

        4 American Hospitals blatantly talk about curcumin being used to treat colorectal cancer, or Ellagic Acid or Indole 3 Carbinol, or .... the list is endless.  But the Cancer Act is a uniquely UK law. How is the act going to stop a UK patient reading their research? There was no Internet in 1939.

Fortunately Trading Standards and the MHRA has ruled that this website is totally legal. We provide information, and we provide links so that you can further your knowledge and find things more easily. But we derive absolutely no revenue from any of these third parties, unlike some of the other charities the Skeptics dont complain about!

So nothing on this website anywhere should be taken as CANCERactive recommending a treatment for cancer. We are just teling you about published cancer research (as detailed in Cancer Watch), be it about a cause or a potential treatment. And we certainly dont sell anything, or take money from any third party for covering their machine or treatment.

We just believe it is your fundamental right to have all the relevant research brought to your attention.

What you do with the information is your business. I hope you are clear on this. (Daft, out of date law!)




* FOR OTHER LIVING PROOFS (where cancer survivors tell their own stories about what worked for them) - CLICK HERE  





PLEASE NOTE: This is an Information only Service - CANCERactive does not give advice and no single element should be considered a treatment or a cure for cancer. However, American research from major cancer centres has shown that elements of the programme can increase survival times.

Building A Program To Fight Cancer
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