Breast Cancer - Useful Links

Breast Cancer - Useful Links


One in eight women in the UK will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some stage in their lives. (The disease is increasing at the rate of 2% per year).

This becomes one in six if they ever took the pill, one in five if they took the pill into their 30s, and one in four if, like 10% of women, they took the pill into their 40s.

A 5-year HRT test was stopped in America in Autumn 2002 after only 22 months as levels of cancer had risen 27 per cent.

There are many other factors that increase the risk of breast cancer. In the majority of cases, possibly even 90 per cent of cases, the cause of breast cancer is linked to excess oestrogen in the body. So one of the first questions to ask your doctor is, Is my cancer hormonally responsive?

If it is, start by cutting the oestrogen out of your life.


Article 1 - An Overview -  by Chris Woollams


Article 2 - Oestrogen - the killer in our midst (icon - April 2003)


Open quotesBreast Cancer is increasing at the rate of 2% per yearClose quotes


Ask about out mini-book Oestrogen - The Killer in Our Midst


Whilst it might be a little late to be concerned with prevention, these articles we have run do tell you a lot about things you can do keep breast cancers at bay and will help you understand more about it.



Article 3 - Breasts, Breasts, Breasts centrefold (icon - April 2007)


Article 4 - Breast Cancer - the facts (icon - July 2003)


Article 5 - Breast feeding and reducing the risk of breast cancer (icon September 2002)


Almost every month icon carries some thing on breast cancer.

For example:

Taxol (icon - September 2002 - News)

Tamoxifen and increased endometrial cancer risks (icon - August 2002 - Lab Report)


You may also find the following articles helpful:


Breast Cancer - Useful Links
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