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Book review: Everything you need to know to help you beat cancer
BOOK REVIEW: ´Everything you need to know to help you beat cancer´

compiled and written for CANCERactive, by Chris Woollams MA (Oxon) Biochemistry.


"This book will help you take control of your life and your treatment programme. It will help you make more-informed and better personal choices."         
                           Becky Simpson

"This book is inspirational. Every oncology unit should have a copy. It should be in every Oncologist´s and GP´s consulting room and Patient Library." 
                         Dr Andrew Tresidder, MRCGP

"As you can imagine, when I had cancer, I was sent books, articles and magazines from all over the world. This book is head and shoulders above the rest. It helped me beat cancer - it´s 14 years now!"
                                  Former England Test Cricket Star, Geoffrey Boycott 

"The book does exactly what it says on the cover. It´s been my bible. I still have a copy by my bed"   
                                    Mrs Omar, London, breast cancer 15 years ago.

"This book is brilliant. So easy and straightforward to read, with such good, helpful advice."   
                                    Clare Wiles, on Amazon  
"I built my cancer program straight from your book. And the Doctors are fascinated. My tumour is regressing, and apparently that´s not very common in pancreatic cancer."
                                     Roy, Melbourne, Australia

"I wholeheartedly believe in building Integrative cancer treatment programmes. And this is THE book. I did a number of complementary therapies around my chemotherapy. The doctors were using chemo to reduce tumour size by 30% so they could then operate. When I had the scan, the tumour had completely gone. The next scan 3 months later showed the same. Gone! Thanks so much Chris."  
                                    A.W. Devon, UK 

Stop the confusion!
Does all the information on cancer on the Internet just leave you confused? What supplements? Which complementary therapies? Which exercise routines? Oxygen therapy? Fasting? Alternative cancer therapies? Questions to ask my oncologist? How to cut the side-effects? How to make the orthodox treatments work better?

What´s the latest for lymphoma? Or breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer? Did you know your gut bacteria may have been behind your colorectal cancer? So how do you fix that? 

Do you know the top three complementary therapies that help prevent a cancer returning? Or the six that will make your chemo work better AND reduce side-effects? How about two non-invasive therapies proven to kill cancer cells?  

"Tell me clearly, simply, and all in one place. PLEASE!"

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Read the
´Most Helpful´ Amazon reviews´:

I bought this book and read it from cover to cover in a day. Whilst I am not a cancer sufferer, I was interested in how to go about preventing it. This book, whilst invaluable for sufferers is also essential to those who want to reduce their chances of ever developing the disease. It is written in an easy to read format and points out the pitfalls of diet, stress and other factors that contribute to the development of this dreadful disease. Not only does it point out where we are going wrong in the western world, but it also provides a huge amount of advice, remedies, treatments and much more, to boost your immune system and vastly improve your health. I would recommend this book to anyone living in the ´West´ as a bible for helping you to do everything possible to avoid becoming yet another statistic, and for those who are unlucky enough to be suffering with cancer, it offers practical advice through the stages of various treatments and offers the information needed to decisively ensure you have everything at your disposal to beat it once and for all, and understand the factors that lead you to developing it in the first place. If you buy only one health/fitness or beauty book this year - make this it!

 Reader, on Amazon, Book: 5 stars

* PLEASE NOTE: We are a Charity. We need the money!! We ONLY sell direct from our own distributors in the UK, America, Australia. You simply cannot buy the book cheaper anywhere else - not even on Amazon!    

Go Here to Buy:  Everything you need to know to help you beat cancer

Other Amazon reviews by type of comment:

1. Of course, the primary aim of the book is to help you build your own programme of activities and treatments around the outside of your oncologist´s orthodox offerings, and help you increase your personal odds of survival.

"I only wish I´d found this book sooner. It cuts through all the crap. All the opinion, all the vested interest, all the nonsense. It tells you like it is." Dale, Las Vegas, US 

2. The book aims to empower you.

"I couldn´t put this down and read it over two days. I am a cancer patient and I have read widely on the subject. I am not in the medical profession but I wanted a wide range of information to access. I wish I had read this book first. It has inspired me and I now don´t feel at the mercy of the medical profession. I have read the skeptics reviews online but you know what, its like everything, you take what works for you. This has empowered me to take charge. Thank you Chris." Mrs W on Amazon

3. It tells you when there is research; and it tells you when there is none. 

"As usual Chris Woollams is so brilliantly clever at his in-depth research, gathering all the information and writing in such a way that is both digestible and informative, enabling the cancer sufferer to be better equipped to make informed decisions. This book is a MUST READ for everyone!" Janie Martell. 

Dear Chris,

I recently came upon your Canceractive website (the Boycott connection) and have so far also bought a copy of EYNTKTHY Beat Cancer. Both are a revelation.

Very sincerely, Michael

4. It is such an easy read - it saves you months of research work and puts it all in one place.

"This is a comprehensive book that empowers the reader to make informed choices. It saves weeks or months of independent research." Sharon Watson 

"This book fulfills an unmet need; it is easy to access and understand, and gives basic information all the way from surgery to nutritional supplements for cancer. This is a truly integrated book and deserves a wide readership". Dr. JULIAN KENYON

5. It´s a reference ´bible´

"I bought this book and read it from cover to cover in a day. I would recommend this book to anyone living in the ´West´ as a bible for helping you to do everything possible to avoid becoming yet another statistic, it offers practical advice through the stages of various treatments and offers the information needed to decisively ensure you have everything at your disposal to beat it once and for all, and understand the factors that lead you to developing it in the first place. If you buy only one health/fitness or beauty book this year - make this it!" Amazon Reader

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6. It´s clear and informative.

"This is one of several books I have purchased since my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer. It is clearly written and informative, starting with ´What is Cancer´; covering preventive measures one might take; to guidance through treatment options. A good reference book to have to hand." Amazon Reader

7. The problem is that people who want to beat cancer end up doing a bit of this and a bit of that.

"It is very rare to find a book whose contents live up to the expectations of the title. Medicine today provides very little information on cancer and I therefore recommend this book as essential reading for all affected patients and their relatives". Dr John Millward GP
8. There are definitely things, from research, you can do to help yourself

"I hold in high esteem Chris Woollams and the logical approaches to cancer he has through his own pain and suffering of his daughter having cancer. This man is sincere and has a passion in what work he is doing and bringing about knowledge for people to make informed choices about their treatment options. Knowledge is power as they say, but it is so very true for anyone who has cancer.

I have personally met up with three other people who have been written off by the cancer industry who are still here today, cancer free having implemented the information contained in this book and other books of similar advice.
Rob and Sue via Amazon.

9. It tells you information and research, no one else tells you.

"Do you know which non-invasive treatment for breast cancer has had three clinical trials at the Karolinska Institute?"

"Do you know which treatment to use on inoperable liver tumours - they are using it in the USA with success?"

10. Fifteen years ago the first edition with a 10,000 print run, sold out in a weekend and, after reading it, cancer patient and England cricket legend Geoffrey Boycott rang the CANCERactive offices spontaneously to tell us that "people have sent me books, magazines and articles from all over the world, and I´m just ringing you up to tell you yours is head and shoulders above the rest". Geoffrey had a cancer at the back of the tongue - and was told he would never work on TV again.

In 2010 he stood up to speak at a dinner in the Long Room at Lords and opened with the sentence, "I would not be here tonight if it weren´t for Chris Woollams". Geoffrey calls Chris, ´The Cancer Guru, who helped me beat my cancer´.

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An ´explosion´ in research on complementary therapies

The CANCERactive charity is fifteen years old. Research is constantly sourced from major cancer centres like Harvard Medical School, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, Johns Hopkins, Duke´s, MD Anderson, UCL Cancer Research UK, The Royal Marsden, Guy´s Hospital, St Thomas´ and Memorial Sloan-Kettering.

Oncology Professors and Doctors regularly contribute to the magazine and the charity website. icon magazine, the source of all the articles, is taken by over 640 hospitals, cancer centres and health libraries. Only recently the Royal Marsden increased their order significantly.

The charity has a Medical Committee of experts, and Chris reviews research, week in week out. And all this forms the basis for the book. (Chris deliberately didn´t want the book to be boring or resemble a medical book - so you can check the research sources and references on the website and in Cancer Watch.)

´Everything you need to know´ starts by telling you Chris´s considered view that cancer is beatable - and he has the research to support his view. He then explains how there are several factors at work and how modern medicine is limited because it is one-dimensional - it simply doesn´t address all the factors.

It tells you the questions you should ask your oncologist about his orthodox treatments and the things you can do for yourself to get the best out of them.
It is very focused on ´Solutions not problems´.

Its great strength is that it presents a wealth of options - the things you can do yourself to increase your personal odds of survival. Increasing survival times and preventing a cancer returning are not just whimsical views from Chris. He has the research to support him all the way; but then he personally compiles Cancer Watch each month from the masses of research sent to him by cancer centres and oncologists all over the world.

*** CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE, or call UK (0)203 186 1006 ***

"Do you know what three complementary therapies the American Cancer Society report says ´stop a cancer returning´?"

Chris is also not alone in his views. For example, in May 2012 the American Cancer Society published a report stating that since 2006 there had been an explosion in research on complementary therapies. They went on to say that there was overwhelming evidence that three therapies in particular, which you could include in your own Integrative Treatment Programme starting today, increased survival times and could even prevent a cancer returning. This report has been endorsed by the National Cancer Institute, no less. Chris covers these in detail.

Chris tells you what research has to say about the limitations and issues with surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Importantly, he also tells you what research says you can do to limit the problems and maximise the treatments. 


The Skeptics hate the book!

Perhaps the final and another recommendation for the book is that a bunch of pseudo-science, pro-Big Pharma propaganda, trolls hate the book. 

As you may know in the UK (less so in the USA where you need hard evidence to criticise complementary health claims) there´s a motley gang of self-confessed geologists, computer nerds, chemists and ´former scientists´ (anything but oncologists!) who call themselves ´Skeptics´ (sic) and see their role in life as:

1)    Preventing vulnerable cancer patients being ´used´ by, people they call, ´quacks´.

2)  Going after anyone who dares to say anything is wrong with conventional medicine, especially Big Pharma drugs, who presents complementary or alternative therapies, or who provides research showing how you might take some control over your own life to improve your own possible survival times.

The late Becky Simpson, became a Trustee of CANCERactive in part because she hated Skeptics. As a cancer patient, she felt they wanted to limit her freedom of information and choice. 

A new volunteer to CANCERactive, a medical barrister, so dislikes the Skeptics because she finds their stance insulting - ´I didn´t lose my brain and common sense the day I developed cancer. I am quite capable of searching for relevant information and making my own personal health choices from the research available´.

Both agreed that CANCERactive short-circuits this process, and particularly so does this book: ´Everything you need to know to help you beat cancer´.

The Skeptic charity ´Sense about Science´ regularly received funding from Big Pharma. The Times exposed that they received funding from Coca Cola too.  

Trolls like Josephine Jones (that´s not her real name of course and we have no idea if she has more than a C grade at GCSE in any science) don´t seem to want you to hear that the world is moving on - that radiotherapy is acknowledged to cause side-effects (but Hyperbaric Oxygen can help reduce the problems); or that fasting has several good research studies on its abilities to reduce side-effects of chemotherapy.

She points out in her highly critical review of the book that there is ´no research´ in the book but then goes on to say that the author ´cherry picks´ the research. Well, Josephine Jones, which one is it? Either there is no research, or there is (?!) She also says the book contains ´no references´. Well, she doesn´t understand people recently diagnosed with cancer. The people it talks to by and large have just developed cancer; we researched them and they feel references are obtrusive, so the book up front says you can find full references in Cancer Watch in CANCERactive´s website - the book is, after all, a compilation. And short references (Josephine - the short references are the things in italics in brackets), can be found on most pages. There are over 700 such ´references´ in the book. If our secretary can find the link from them on Google Search and you can´t, maybe you should worry about yourself a little more.

But the most worrying thing is that people like Josephine Jones are ignorant of the latest developments in cancer and, their misinformation can only put your survival in jeopardy. 

For example, the book talks about the importance of avoiding glucose, of interesting issues like the Ketogenic Diet, of ways of limiting new metastases. Jones gives us a glimpse of her elementary and ignorant science when her review tries to explain that healthy cells use glucose too. Yes, but while cancer cells only use glucose (and some glutamine), healthy cells can use fats. And starving your body of glucose could be a major plank in cancer treatment. ´See fasting and cancer´; the Ketogenic Diet´ and the links. If Josephine Jones stays with her view that somehow glucose in your diet is ok if you have cancer, then people with high plasma glucose levels will continue to survive least. Well, done the Skeptic Jones! 

Frankly, there is a lot in ´Everything you need to know to help you beat cancer´, that is essential knowledge - but these potentially dangerous and misleading ´trolls´ don´t want you to read it.

One can only hazard a guess about ´why?´. Some need to be aggressive and controversial. It gains ´readership´. They want to lure you onto their websites, where they will collect your information, store it and use it for personal gain. 

WARNING: DO NOT CLICK ONTO A SKEPTIC WEBSITE. Your information may be passed between several, and ultimately may be used for private gain.

Others? Well, it could be simpler - we live in a world of vested interests, which can over-ride even patient interest, sadly. The World Health Organisation 2012 report talked of corruption and fraud from top to bottom in the Pharmaceutical Industry. 

For example, Peter Gotzsche, Chief Exec of the top rated Nordic Cochrane Centre wrote a peer reviewed book - voted number 1 book in medicine in 2014:

Go to: Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime. How Big Pharma has corrupted Healthcare

Go to: Expert, Medical journal Editor and whistleblower tells why you can´t trust drug company Clinical Trials  

So, put yourself first! Don´t let trolls, bloggers and Skeptics come between you and survival. 

´Everything you need to know to help you beat cancer´.  Available from the sole and official charity distributors.

CLICK HERE to PURCHASE at the CHEAPEST PRICES in a location near you.  

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