Artemisinin anti-cancer protocol

Artemisinin anti-cancer protocol

Here we described an anti-cancer protocol using the natural herbal ingredient artemisinin plus supplemental iron, vitamin C, D and a restricted diet and increased exercise on patients with cancer, developed by Doctors and Professors from Washington University.

Back in 2008, Researchers at the University of Washington produced a unique compound involving the Traditional Chinese Medicine, artemisinin, or Sweet Wormwood.

Cancer cells like iron – they contain far more than healthy cells do - and use it to maintain their high rates of cell division. When they need some they make a special protein ‘signal’ on their surfaces, and the body’s metabolic systems deliver the iron to the signal, wrapped in a protein package because free-floating iron in the blood stream would be quite toxic. The cancer cells then take in the whole iron ‘package’.

Artemisinin itself attacks the energy production systems of pathogens – about a third of all parasites, yeasts, and most ‘bad’ bacteria such as E coli. Artemisinin also attacks cancer cells. It kills about 100 cancer cells for every healthy cell in laboratory experiments – that’s about 10 times more effective than the average chemotherapy drug. In science, artemisinin has an endoperoxide capacity, that interacts with heme, especially in situations that increase iron in cancer cells.

While it’s pretty harmless in the absence of iron, artemisinin is highly toxic in the its presence and makes large volumes of free-radicals. This is not our view but that of Dr. Narendra Singh and Professor Henry Lai, Department of Bioengineering, and Professor of Chemistry Tomikazu Sasaki, all of the University of Washington.

So these researchers added a little ‘tag’ to the artemisinin, so it stuck to the signal protein on the cancer cells’ surface. When the iron package arrived at the signal, the cancer cells took everything inside – iron/protein package plus the artemisinin. Inside the cancer cell, Free radicals were produced in abundance and the cancer cell died. About 30,000 cancer cells were now killed for every one healthy cell in the studies.

The researchers went on to use their creation with breast cancer (where it killed 98% of cancer cells within 16 hours compared to artemisinin alone at 28%), leukemia and brain tumours and it was licensed by the University of Washington to a company, Artemesia Biomedical, set up by Lai, Sasaki and Singh.

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While orthodox Medical journals like to dismiss the anti-cancer benefits of artemisinin with the usual ‘Lack of convincing evidence’ mantra, a number of high level scientists can’t agree with that view. In 2018 there was a review of artemisinin and its effects on cancer (1) – Antitumour Research on Artemisinin and its Bioactive Derivatives by Yunqin Zhang and others, in China.

CANCERactive also has a review on artemisinin –

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In fact, it is a powerful herb and we warn on its side-effects here.

The Artemisinin anti-cancer protocol

In human experiments the Singh team used a reduced carbohydrate diet with vitamin D supplementation (5,000IUs) and encouraged exercise. Artemisinin can cross the blood brain barrier.

  • Singh believes that plant iron from a plant-based diet and supplements such as Floradix, provides ferric iron. By providing 1 gm of vitamin C (with a little oil) after meals, the ferric iron converted to ferrous iron in the cancer cell and thus the vitamin C encourages greater uptake.
  • The Artemisinin should be given on an empty stomach but with a little yoghurt (which contains no iron) to help absorption, and before bed as the immune system falls at night and cancer cells proliferate more.
  • Dose is 100 mg of artemisinin supplement per 10 kg of body weight.
  • Some practitioners believe it should be taken with 1000 mg of cod liver oil, and 3 gm of Conjugated Linoleic Acid.
  • It is sometimes observed that the body becomes ‘used to’ artemisinin and the herb under-performs. For this reason some practitioners ‘pulse’ the herb – 5 days on, 3 off; or 8 days on, 3 off.

Please Note:

The protocol should not be used by smokers, people having radiotherapy, or people taking glutathione. None of these should have been used in the previous 6 months. Caution is urged by CANCERactive, if a patient has impaired liver function.

Plasma levels are higher in women than men, and peak after 90 minutes.

Singh uses the treatment for up to a year. The artemisinin needs to be of the highest purity and so a good supplier is recommended.


  2. Protocol -


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