Alternative brain cancer treatments that work

Alternative brain cancer treatments that work

Increase your personal odds of beating brain cancer

Can you cure a glioma, glioblastoma, GBM? And are there alternative therapies; alternative treatments that have worked for brain cancer?

Anyone who has developed a brain cancer knows that the Internet is full of gloom and doom, and their oncologist is just as bad. Orthodox treatments seem to offer little. The drugs - carmustin, gliadel wafers, temozolomide, Avastin, PCV ’Hold’ the growth for a while at best. Radiotherapy on your brain damages - Catherine , my daughter, lost her short-term memory completely. Proton Beam Therapy is considerably preferable.

The search for Alternative brain cancer treatments

If the orthodox won’t cure, are you doomed? Or are there alternative treatments that can work?

From what I have read, it is not impossible to beat a brain cancer; the odds are just stacked against you. Having said that, one of my favourite quotes is "I believe you can be cured. The cancer may be in remission, but it can be in remission permanently". This was uttered by Dr. Henry Friedman, one of America’s top oncologists. And he specialises in brain tumours at Preston Robert Tisch Center, part of Duke’s Cancer Center in North Carolina.

Where people do beat a Grade 3 or 4 brain tumour, it is nearly always done by thoroughness and determination. 

       * Do I know an alternative treatment protocol that has been used by someone to beat a glioma? Yes. 

       * Do I know a treatment protocol that cures all gliomas? No.

Interestingly vastly improved treatments are arriving. And there’s a huge amount you can do for yourself.

Standard Treatment for GBM - does it work?  

     The first issue is ’what does ’work’ actually mean?

Temozolomide seems to be thrown at almost everyone with a glioblastoma, but it is important to understand whether or not your brain cancer is methylating or not. Giving the drug to everyone just creates false hope. Only 20 per cent of people respond to the drug, although some respond well.

So ’work’ seems to mean several months to maybe 2 years extra survival time. If the drugs don’t cure, then of course patients will search for brain cancer ’alternative treatments’.

Firstly, there are ways of making the drugs more effective - of surviving longer. For example, the herb Berberine seems to increase the number of people Temozolomide can help plus improve survival times (See HERE, and HERE) and the increased effectiveness can be dramatic.

Other helpers as you will see below are Metformin and chlomipramine.


Worryingly, do I know of evidence that orthodox treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy seem to make matters worse? Yes. 

   * Some chemo treatments actually increases plasma glucose. And glucose is toxic to brain cells. 

   * Radiotherapy seems to increase glutamine levels. 

A thorough review of this by Professor Thomas Seyfried and his team can be found HERE. When you have read it, you will be even more confined to look alternative brain cancer treatment options!

Alternative and complementary treatments for brain tumours

So here are some people and alternative treatments that have worked - yes, cured a brain cancer.

        1) Amy’s story - the true account of air hostess Amy who was being treated at the same time as Catherine, but by world expert Dr. Henry Friedman at Duke’s Cancer Center in Carolina. She is alive fourteen years on, and has two children.  She built an integrative programme of diet, supplements and Friedman gave her Dendritic Cell Therapy, which to this day still has no Phase III clinical trials to support it. We have extensive research on what supplements help. Amy got the list 100% right. The article is a ’must-read’ and will show you what bioactive, natural compounds really can help according to research. 

         2) Cannabis - there are people using cannabis oil to treat brain tumours (and other cancers) as part of an Integrated Treatment Programme right now, and with some varying degree of success. There are examples on You Tube. Read our article on cannabis (Click Here).

          3) Professor Ben Williams is a UC San Diego Professor of psychology who developed a brain tumour - a glioblastoma, GBM - in 1995. He did his research, talked to friends and used a number of common ’repurposed’ drugs not ordinarily used with brain tumours - and has completely beaten the disease. He is now over 70 years of age. Orthodox oncologists will not be happy with his findings, but there is a film about him and he has support from a number of sources including the UK Brain Tumour Charity. Follow this link to the ’Living Proof article.


          4) The Banerji Protocol: Father and son homeopaths in Calcutta have been treating brain tumours with Ruta and Calcarea Phosphorica (See HERE), (and HERE) and stood up over a decade ago presenting their successes at a US Cancer Conference. MD Anderson researchers worked on a clinical trial with them under the gaze of the FDA. And the trial went well. In 44 patients there was no recurrence in 63.6%. It was covered on the MD Anderson website, but has recently disappeared. Banerji will reply when contacted, as will Dr. Sen Pathak, Professor of Cell Biology at MD Anderson, Texas. 

          5) The Ketogenic Diet - already used for seizures, fits and epilepsy, this diet (which cuts out the glucose brain tumours crave) excites a number of experts. Professor Thomas Seyfried in the article criticising drugs above, talks of the Ketogenic Diet. A number of people have used it successfully with brain tumours - one person is Andrew Scarborough. (Click here to read his story. Click here to read more on the Ketogenic Diet). St Thomas’ Hospital in London are currently using a version of the Atkins Diet (no carbs) and increasing survival times. I prefer the Rainbow Diet - no rubbish glucose, very low whole carbs, lowish animal protein, lots of good oils and lots of colourful vegetables with their bioactive compounds (Click HERE)

Other Alternative Brain Tumour Treatments in the making

          6) Optune: Finally, here is a treatment that has been through Phase III clinical trials. It may seem a little odd, but it seems to work. The drawback is that it is expensive. Click here to find out more.          

          7) Vaccines

Moira Brown in Scotland is looking at using viruses to carry death into the heart of the brain tumour. Read more about her work Click

Dr. Orin Bloch - the most interesting work, by far, is at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago. Assistant Professor of Neurological Surgery, Bloch and this team have been testing a personalised ’vaccine’ made from the actual tumour tissue and a Heat Shock Peptide Protein Complex (HSPPC-96). See HERE

A mean increment of survival for just the vaccine is 42.6 weeks. Next comes a clinical trial with the vaccine plus Avastin.

Improving Brain cancer Drug efficacy

There is also a lot of research on how to improve the effectiveness of current orthodox treatments. For example, 

1. One clinical trial showed Chlomipramine helped Temozolomide work more effectively - see Cancer Watch; and chlomipramine (HERE).

2. Another that Berberine (a constituent of certain herbs) helped Temozolomide effectiveness; and even beat Temozolomide head-to-head. Berberine seemed to extend the effectiveness of Temozolomide beyond the 20% target group.

3. A third study showed the Type-2 diabetes blood sugar lowering drug, Metformin, also helped Temozolomide improve its efficacy (See HERE).

It should be noted that Metformin reduces blood sugar levels and one property of Berberine is the same. Berberine has other anti-cancer benefits though.It may be that Berberine is preferable to metformin.


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