15 ways to prevent cancer

15 ways to prevent cancer

15 simple steps to cancer prevention 

The World Health Organisation has stated that at least 70 per cent of cancers are preventable. So what can you do, starting today.
1. Eat properly
Without a shadow of doubt the best diet to adopt is the Colourful Mediterranean Diet. Dr. Aseem Malhotra, one of the UK’s top Doctors, was part of a group of 12 top doctors who wrote to Prime Minister David Cameron asking him to adopt it as Britain’s recommended diet. For more on the diet CLICK HERE. Basically it is a low (but whole) carbohydrate diet (no refined foods or processed foods, no added sugar), high good fat (Olive oil, nuts and seeds, avocados), fish and lots of colourful vegetables and fruit diet. It is also high in natural fibre. 


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2. Take light daily exercise

About 40 minutes to an hour each day. This does not have to be incredibly strenuous. In fact research shows people who overdo it (marathons etc) can release more free-radicals in their bodies. Research also shows that it is bad to sit still for great lengths of time, so move more, sit less! Exercise releases powerful hormones called endorphins.

3.  Do not smoke

Or put up with second-hand smoke.

4. Retain the correct weight for your height

Ideally, be slightly underweight. Your fat stores make hormones like oestradiol which can be dangerous and cause hormonally-driven cancers.

5. Drink in moderation

A moderate intake of alcohol (especially red wine) has been shown to be beneficial. Excess consumption can be linked to certain cancers.

6. Graze

Don’t rush around all day, grabbing a sandwich, only to return in the evening for a big dinner. It causes high insulin levels which in turn cause inflammation in your body. Graze - eat 5 small meals a day. 

7. Reduce your stress

Stress hormones like no epinephrine and cortisol are harmful, cause inflammation and can lead to cancer. Norepinephrine is neutralised by good levels of ’greens’ consumed. Cortisol is calmed by exercise such as yoga. Meditation also works - it produces increased levels of opiods in your brain and these counter inflammation.

8. Sleep regularly, and in a fully darkened room

Both women and men with disturbed sleep patterns gt more cancers. Night shift workers and airline hostesses for example get more prostate and breast cancers.

This occurs because melatonin (made in your brain and gut) levels fall. You can supplement.

9. Do not consume ’added sugar’

The largest sources of consumption are fizzy soft drinks, puddings, ice cream, bought supermarket fruit juices and smoothies, cake, biscuits, chocolate and refined honey.

10. Keep a healthy microbiome

Your gut bacteria are crucial to keeping you well. They control your immune system, and make certain vitamins and anti-inflammatory compounds. Avoid stress, smoking, excess alcohol, pickles, drugs like antibiotics and proton pump inhibitors. Eat naturally fibrous foods and take a daily quality probiotic. Read: Heal Ur Gut CLICK HERE.

11. Go in the sunshine

Vitamin D is essential to your health. And there are many, many studies showing it is essential in cancer prevention. Your immune system cannot function properly without it, and it has been shown capable of correcting the skeleton of cancer cells. On study showed 92 per cent of newly diagnosed cancer patients were deficient, and levels are predictive of survival times. 1 hour a day should be enough. 

12. Avoid EMFs

It is not easy. Carrying a mobile phone on your body, WiFi, Masts, power cables. We’re surrounded. Research shows Electo Magnetic Fields damage our immune systems and deplete melatonin levels.

13. Beware pesticides and herbicides

DDT and Lindane were directly linked to increased levels of breast cancer nearly 40 years ago. Now it is worse with an EU study claiming that many pesticides and herbicides can cause cancer. The World Health Organisation has declared glyphosphate to be a probable carcinogen too. Grow your own!

14. Beware oestrogen mimics

Bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates are probably the most notorious and the WHO has asked governments to ban them. But then, herbicides and pesticides can act like oestradiol in the bod, as can preservatives like parabens.

15 Clean up your home

Everybody should try to LIVE CLEAN. But the biggest dangers come in your own home - Toiletries, personal care, cleaning, household and detergent products can all contain ’Chemicals of Concern’. J&J was fined $78 million for links between talc and ovarian cancer. For information on concern-free products CLICK HERE.

CANCERactive research shows people little idea how to prevent cancer

The people of Britain need help in cancer prevention. CANCERactive conducted our own research  and it showed - unlike heart disease and AIDS - people just don’t have a clue. They don’t know that some foods help and some hinder, nor anything about toxins in the home, or pesticides, or electronic smog. 

But then many of the very charities that claim to want to help people beat cancer often have overt or covert vested interests. If a Trustee works for a company promoting mobile phones, or is a Director of a company that also makes pesticides are they really likely to take an outspoken stance, even if top experts in the world are issuing clear scientific warnings? 

We think you deserve to hear the Truth about cancer.


15 ways to prevent cancer
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