The Sunday Show 12: Professor Dana Flavin with How to restrict cancer spread

The Sunday Show 12: Professor Dana Flavin with How to restrict cancer spread
On Sunday 19th September 2021, and back by popular demand, Chris Woollams interviewed Professor Dana Flavin, this time on 'How to restrict cancer spread'; including clearing up environmental toxins, mercury fillings, life's stresses, pathogens, and even restoring the frequency of your DNA to get the cancer under control.
As usual, Chris will be asking YOUR questions, plus a few of his own. But you really are going to hear the unexpected, when two biochemists go full throttle on issues such as frequencies of cancer and healthy cells, chanting, Rife machines, off-label drugs, HRT, medicinal mushrooms, killing pathogens, clearing out toxins like mercury or pesticides, clearing up emotional issues and Life's stresses, melatonin, fluoride and the pineal gland and more. We're sure they will even touch on issues patients are having with Covid-19 vaccines too. Both these two experts believe that stopping cancer spread is about building programmes and they have more than 60 years experience between them of helping people to do just that and increase their personal odds of survival.

The show last February on off-label drugs was the only one the producers had to cut since we started starting the series; it went on for more than 90 minutes but we promise this time to let it run if the same happens again. 

Remember, both of these two have a track record of helping people beat cancer. Why the title? Well as Chris often says, "It's not cancer that kills people; it's metastasis. Getting a cancer under control so it stops spreading is a major step forward in beating a cancer. And I want to explore how you can get cancer under control"

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If the last time these two met is anything to go by, this Show is NOT TO BE MISSED as, yet again, Chris sets out to bring you other perspectives, tips and information that can increase your personal odds of cancer survival.

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