* The Sunday Show, Chris Woollams interviews prostate cancer survivor, Mark Giddings

* The Sunday Show, Chris Woollams interviews prostate cancer survivor, Mark Giddings

The next FREE Sunday Show sees Chris interviewing Mark Giddings who met Chris when his nephew married Chris’ daughter; Mark had metastatic PROSTATE CANCER, a 127 PSA, secondaries in the lymph, and the Royal Marsden had told him he had 18 months to live; but then they don’t know about Chris and Personal Prescriptions!

Mark went to his Tai Chi class as usual, and a woman was giving all the men PSA tests. Mark said OK and his score was 20+. So he fixed to see a doctor. His actual PSA was over 120, the cancer had spread beyond the prostate so no surgery was possible and he was told by his Royal Marsden oncologist that he had maybe as little as 18 months to live.

Three years ago, his oncologist said, "I don't know what you're doing but, whatever it is, keep doing it!". A year later Mark was signed off completely. No more drugs, no more treatment. 

This FREE show will be played out World Wide on the Weekend of the 24th and 25th of October - Saturday and Sunday. You can use the link we send you to watch it any time that week end.

As always, the show will be full of information, ideas and tips - we always end with the most important things our guest has learned so you can incorporate them into your own plan. Anyone who has prostate cancer, or anyone who cares for someone who has it, must watch this show.

To Register for this FREE show - SEND an e mail asking for a link to - maprang9139@gmail.com

When we have the link, you will receive a copy so that you can open any time during the weekend of 24th-25th October.


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