* The Sunday Show: Gut Health, chronic illness and Fecal Transplants

* The Sunday Show: Gut Health, chronic illness and Fecal Transplants

In the Sunday Show 11th October, Chris Woollams will be interviewing Dr. Julian Kenyon on how a healthy gut microbiome is the best way to prevent and treat any chronic illness; they will also cover how you can test your microbiome and how you can rebuild it.

A course of antibiotics can render certain strains of gut bacteria extinct. If that happens you may become deficient in an important compound that they made; and pathogens they controlled may grow in number, their micro-RNA over-ruling your own. A parasite can dramatically change your microbiome, (do you remember the food poisoning you had 15 years ago?); so can binge drinking, smoking or stress and, of course, a poor diet.

How can you test to see if you have a problem - and how can you correct a faulty microbiome? Remember the gut microbiome links to the lung microbiome, and also to the brain microbiome and skin microbiome. Asthma and allergies, pulmonary problems, eczema, acne, psoriasis and common signs of a gut problem. But now we know more, we know cardiovascular disease, dementia, Parkinson's, Diabetes, strokes and cancer are all linked to an imbalanced microbiome.

Dr. Kenyon runs the Dove Clinic in Hampshire, England and has been using Fecal Transplants to correct the gut for several years now, but he thinks he has found something cheaper and better. He has written two of the top three papers on the subject too.

And these Fecal Transplant alternatives are vitally important. If the first thing you might do on developing Alzheimer's or Colorectal Cancer, were to have a complete gut overhaul and it could make a significant difference, you'd kick yourself if you didn't listen to this inspirational show!

The show will be played out WORLDWIDE on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th October.

This Show is NOT to be missed - two of the brightest people with great knowledge of the microbiome talk about what you really should be doing to improve your health - from gut tests (microbiome testing) to important foods to probiotics and fecal transplants)

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