The Sunday Show 10: Professor Karol Sikora - Integrative Oncology

The Sunday Show 10: Professor Karol Sikora - Integrative Oncology

On Sunday 18th July 2021, Chris interviewed Professor Karol Sikora, who is frequently described as a leading World authority on cancer. He has spent his life since leaving Cambridge University in some of the very top positions in the cancer industry; the subject was Integrative oncology.

From 1985 to 1997, Professor Sikora served as the clinical director for cancer services at Hammersmith Hospital in London, where he established a cancer research laboratory, and was Professor of International Cancer Medicine at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School (which became the Imperial College School of Medicine). During the 1990s Sikora was also deputy director of clinical research at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, the predecessor to Cancer Research UK.  In 1997 he became the Chief of the Cancer Program of the World Health Organisation but two years later he resigned over their plans for a top heavy structure.

He is currently Medical Director of Rutherford Health plc, a company he founded in 2015 and that has brought Proton Beam Therapy to the UK, and is also dean of the University of Buckingham medical school. Chris asked some of his own and some of your questions on cancer causes, the future of mass screening via blood tests, Integrative treatment and the use of Proton Beam Therapy, which is quite new to Britain and brought here by Professor Sikora's company.

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Yet again, Chris set out to bring you other perspectives, tips and information that can increase your personal odds of cancer survival.

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