The Sunday Show 8: Dr. Etienne Callebout on ’A Metabolic approach to cancer’

The Sunday Show 8: Dr. Etienne Callebout on ’A Metabolic approach to cancer’

On Sunday May 16th 2021 Chris interviewed Dr. Etienne Callebout, who helped one of our journalists, Ginny Fraser beat a metastasized cancer which had been in ten locations; Etienne is known to use thorough blood testing to pinpoint metabolic deficiencies.

Dr. Callebout works from Harley Street and believes cancer is a metabolic disease. On the agenda were subjects such as fasting, killing cancer stem cells naturally, gut bacteria that attack cancer cells, metabolic typing, using algorithms to fight cancer, beating cancer using diet and supplements alone, glutathione, melatonin, glutamine, Nicholas Gonzalez, GcMAF and cannabis. Phew!

Dr. Callebout also uses off-label drugs and Chris will ask him about this conundrum.

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