The Sunday Show 12: How Jessica Richards Beat Her Breast Cancer Twice, Naturally

The Sunday Show 12: How Jessica Richards Beat Her Breast Cancer Twice, Naturally

The Sunday Show over the weekend of 12/13th December, sees Chris Woollams interviewed Jessica Richards, who developed breast cancer over 15 years ago when she was 50, and has beaten it twice, both times without any orthodox treatment.

Jessica tells us how she 'selected' her own team for the most important decision in her life, and then went on to beat her cancer with a determined attitude, diet and Intravenous Vitamin C.

After multiple personal traumas, about 6 years later her cancer caused her concern and she decided she needed to remove the lump once and for all to avoid more concern. She did this with the infamous poultice, Black Salve. Jessica has gone on to become a best selling author with her book, The Topic of Cancer.

As always, Chris puts his guest 'on the spot' a few times encouraging Jessica to tell viewers exactly how the treatments work. As always, Chris tries to find tips that viewers can use in their own cancer-fighting programmes. 

The show will run from Friday night 11th December until Sunday night 13th. You can watch the show at any time. 

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This is the story of how one determined lady beat her breast cancer because she did her homework thoroughly.

This interview completes the 2020 season. Chris has interviewed a succession of people who beat various cancers - prostate, bladder, sarcoma, ovarian and tongue, for example - and experts on Microbiome transplants, IVC, and alternative therapies. On other shows, he has answered questions on different subjects from Covid-19 to Off-Label Drugs in cancer.

Next, year we will have a major expert interview each month, along with others about people beating their cancer. Next year, the shows will all be available in the members' area - free to those people making a monthly charitable donation to CANCERactive. More details will be available after the festive season. 

From all of us at CANCERactive - have a great Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.


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