The Sunday Show 3: The Truth about Vitamin D

The Sunday Show 3: The Truth about Vitamin D

Over the Weekend of 6th/7th February 2021, you can tune in to see Chris Woollams answering YOUR questions on The Truth about Vitamin D put to him by his son Ben. Over 80% of people in Britain are dangerously short of Vitamin D and Chris has long argued for this essential vitamin to be better understood by Doctors, Nurses and Hospitals. Frankly, there is total confusion and inaccurate messages coming from Doctors, Nurses and Hospitals in the UK. When you understand what it does, you will understand why it's your number 1 vitamin.

The Truth about Vitamin D

So, what does it do? I'm told it is crucial in fighting Covid, cancer, Alzheimer's Diabetes, Dementia, Cardiovascular disease - is this really true? Is it a vitamin or a Hormone? How much do you need in your body? How much should you take? Is sunshine as good, or better? Can you take too much? Did you know there's an active form and an inactive form - how do you activate it? Why is it so important?

Ask your question and really understand why so many Doctors and Nurses in Hospitals are still getting it all wrong.

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People who have been watching the shows tell us they are packed full of usable information and tips - we think this one will be no exception.

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DON'T MISS THIS SHOW - D really is the most important vitamin for your health.

The Sunday Show 2021
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