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Epsom Salts
Epsom Salts

Epsom salt, or Magnesium sulphate, has a number of benefits:
         - Magnesium is essential to the action of over 300 enzymes in your body

         - Magnesium is essential to your liver.

        - Magnesium helps calcium enter the bones and cells.

        - Magnesium also drives pumps in the membrane of your cells. This pump pushes potassium into cells, and your power stations (mitochondria), and kicks sodium out. Were the reverse to happen you would end up with acid cells, lowered energy and lowered oxygen levels.

        - Magnesium is also essential in your cellular energy production powerhouses.

        - Magnesium prevents blood clots and hardening of the arteries, even reducing strokes and lowering blood pressure.

        - Magnesium aids the effectiveness of insulin.

         - Sulphate is an essential ingredient in certain proteins.

         - Sulphate plays a vital role in brain tissue formation

        - Suplate can also help detox the body of certain environmental chemicals and drugs

Research in 2009 showed 40 per cent of people in America (and probably Britain too) are deficient in magnesium. According to the  American College of Nutrition two thirds of adults are consuming less than the daily RDA.

Magnesium is found in whole foods from seeds and nuts to greens and grains. The core of the chlorophyll molecule is magnesium just the core of the haemoglobin molecule is iron. It is reduced in the body by alcohol, certain drugs and is less absorbable without a balance in the bacteria of the gut, and where there is excess stomach acid.

Sulphates (Sulfates, magnesium sulfate for our American readers) are hard to accumulate through diet alone but readily absorbable through the skin.

Drink it or soak in it
You can bathe in Epsom Salts, or drink it (providing it is a pure enough grade). Even bathing in Epsom Salts will result in magnesium levels rising in your body.

a) Consumption
Drinking Epsom Salts improves liver function, causes detoxification of the liver and relieves constipation. It acts as a laxative. (Sometimes too strongly and so only small doses should be used). Be sure you buy a pure grade Epsom Salt, which clearly says it is for oral consumption. 

b) Bathing in Epsom Salts
This is known to aid release of toxins from the body, and ease stresses and strains, muscle cramps and muscle pain. Magnesium can reduce swelling. And bathing in Epsom Salts three times a week has its fans for both detoxification, lowering adrenaline production, blood pressure, improving sleep, improving concentration, and aiding nervous function. People report increased energy levels.

Health spas have also used Epsom Salts to aid asthma and other bronchial conditions, and migraine. It has been known to heal cuts.

Some Spas use a handful of ´dry´ crystals as an ex-foliant, by rubbing in gentle circular motion over the skin. This action may be combined with olive oil. Wash off afterwards.
Cancer benefits?
Epsom Salts, more correctly called Epsom Salt, General benefits such as cleaning the liver, reducing acidity in the cells and maximising energy production, would all be important. There is some indication that the abilities of Epsom Salt to modulate insulin would aid glucose control in the body. And glucose is the favourite food of cancer cells. 

Epsom salt, along with olive oil and the fruit juice of your choice is an essential ingredient in the William Kelley Liver Flush, which is popular with many complementary cancer practitioners as a way of detoxifying the liver. The liver is often heavily toxic (due to dead cancer cells, chemicals and drugs, lactic acid, fats and cholesterol etc ) in cancer patients and this can impair the whole immune system.
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Please be clear: At CANCERactive we do not consider the above compound to be a cure for cancer, despite what the research says or experts doing the research may claim. The above, is an article on the compound from published research and expert opinion in the public domain. At CANCERactive we do not believe that any single compound (drug, vitamin, whatever) is a cure for cancer. We believe that people can significantly increase their personal odds of survival by building an Integrated Programme of treatments. Equally, cancer prevention is best practiced through a width of measures.
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