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Chris Woolmams
The Rainbow Diet and how it can help you beat cancer

The cancer diet theory that research turned into fact.

 "The Rainbow diet is a book about how to beat cancer, although it works just as well as a general health book I´m sure. It offers a detailed cancer diet and a cancer nutrition programme with all the tips you could want. But more than that, it is a systematic and detailed review of what foods do what to attack deficiencies and problems in the cancer process. It helps in cancer prevention and is the ultimate cancer diet book, like no other. It is a brilliant read and years ahead of any other cancer diet book". Susan, Liverpool, England.

The Diet that Protects and Corrects

In 2014 we launched the updated Third Edition of our book, The Rainbow Diet and how it can help you beat cancer. Over the last 8 years, the original theory (that there were foods that could not just Protect you from cancer but that could actually Correct you if you had it) has been shown time and time again in research, to be true.

The Science of Epigenetics only started in the 1990s, but since 2010 it has exploded, and it is showing week in, week out that there are about 50 or 60 natural bioactive compounds which can not only prevent cancer but they can correct it as well. Some are extremely powerful at turning problem genes off, and health providing genes back on. And they are all found in the Rainbow Diet. Importantly, the Science of Epigenetics shares our view - if you have cancer, you are not ´doomed´.

Research may study populations too. or example, by coincidence, on the very day the first edition of the book went to print, the prestigious British Journal of Cancer reported a new Harvard Medical School study with the headline MEDITERRANEAN DIET CUTS CANCER RISK. Not that this book is simply about the Mediterranean diet. It is an attempt to look at the facts on food and all sorts of diets to help people build a cancer diet that can help prevent, and also correct, if they already have the disease. It tells you absolutely everything about cancer nutrition, in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-do way. The book´s full title is The Rainbow Diet - and how it can help you beat cancer.

Quote from British actor Martin Shaw about The Rainbow Diet " I´ve been involved with health and healing issues for nearly forty years.  Every word of Chris´s book rang true, and I´m convinced that the ideas in it are a powerful and effective way to optimum health. Anyone suffering from ill health or disease will find it a life-enhancing experience."

Harvard Medical School, UCLA have both talked of how the ´Colourful Mediterranean Diet´ can prevent cancer returning, reduce stress, outperform the mainstream diabetes diet recommended by UK doctors, help prevent dementia, and increase longevity. At the end of one 14 year trial amongst 50 year old women, not only did they live longer than those not eating the Rainbow Diet, at the end of the trial they were all completely clear of 11 chronic illnesses.

Chris Woollams, who compiled the book for CANCERactive says, ´Ten years of study and all the research that has crossed my desk has gone into the latest updated edition of The Rainbow Diet. In the book I look at the research available on various cancer prevention diets, and then I look into their relevance if you already have cancer. There is a whole new science - that of Epigenetics - that has exploded over the last eight years. It holds that blockages in gene expression caused by toxins or poor diet can be compensated for, or corrected, by bioactive natural compounds. You are not doomed!!! It is simply not true. Please understand this.´

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Many people are using anti-cancer diets that just won´t deliver

´In the book I explore which foods and natural compounds have what benefits and, in doing so, I explode a number of common myths. For example, many people with cancer want to take some control over their own life so change their diets, doing a bit of this or that - giving up meat, for example -  frankly many are wasting their time! You correct cancer mainly by eating things, not by not eating things (with the great exception of glucose, and mass market cows´ dairy).

However, I also look into claims from top Professors that changing your diet makes not a jot of difference once you have cancer and show that, not only are they at odds with the UK Cancer Plan, which says they should encourage the use of a good diet, but there is quality research including clear Clinical Trials on the success of bioactive food compounds in attacking chemicals that block genes and thus helping bring gene expression back to life. 

I explore the Truth behind foods and diets, and how officialdom in the West - including Governments and Doctors - actually misleads us through a mixture of ignorance, vested interest and handed-down mythology. I review the research into everything you ingest from organic food to tap water and from good fats to the need for sunshine. 

Does your cancer diet do this?

And then I rebuild it all giving you the discipline and thoroughness - explaining that cancer is a multi-step process and how certain foods act on the different steps in the process. If you want a Diet to help you beat cancer you need to build a complete, disciplined diet that offers a range of benefits across a range of foods. It is exactly what John Boik, formerly of the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas argued in his 2001 book ´Natural Compounds in Cancer Therapy´. So, for example, do you know which natural compounds in the latest research ...

 - can help kill a rogue cell?
 - can help stop a blood supply forming?
 - can help lower aggressive oestrogen levels?
 - can boost your immune system best
 - can actually improve the success of radiotherapy and chemotherapy?
 - can help stop cancers spreading?

This book gives you the answers - and much, much more´.

Eat-to-beat cancer

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We´ve all heard that this vitamin can help beat cancer, and that mineral helps too. But then there is always a piece of research that muddies the water - sometimes with good reason.

The Rainbow Diet goes beyond vitamins and antioxidants to a whole new understanding of corrective bioactive compounds with strong Epigenetic benefits. The Rainbow Diet tells you the truth about this. For the last 8 years or so many natural compounds have been studied and their benefits in fighting cancer have truly surprised the researchers. 

There are herbs that seem to stop certain cancers better than the drugs on offer, natural compounds that are better than the breast cancer drugs on offer, others that prevent HPV infection turning into cervical cancer, others that stop liver cancers, others that fight brain tumours, and many more.

All these findings are pulled together in a series of eat-to-beat chapters - for example on oestrogen, insulin, inflammation, yeasts and microbes; or eat-to-boost your immune system, or eat-to-oxygenate your cells, or eat-to-improve your radiotherapy or chemotherapy result. There´s even a shopping list! 

Oh, and lots more!


The French Connection

Importantly, I look at all the various diets that people turn to when they want to beat cancer. For example, the South East Asian Diet, macrobiotics, or the Vegetarian Diet. And I tell you why many, many people are completely wasting their time, and even increasing their risks.

I also explore the French Paradox: That the French eat more fat and drink more alcohol than anyone else in Europe, yet have less heart attacks and less cancer; a fact that has sat uneasily with Western Government recommendations to cut fat and alcohol if you want to avoid those diseases.

Again I go into the research: That their diets from olive oil, to honey, fish, figs and aubergines, from natural berries, to garlic, red wine, and sunshine, organic local, often self-grown foods - each and all of these produce natural compounds that PROTECT you. These French folk may well be making rogue cells and even creating daily illnesses, but their diets include natural compounds that correct and protect, making prevention - and even cure - a reality. And I use research to explain why. (In fact, research shows the area around Gascony has the very highest consumption of fats - and the very lowest levels of cancer and heart disease - the geographers amongst you will immediately know that Gascony is not actually on the Mediterranean). I explode the myths of past thinking in diet - did you also know, for example that low cholesterol is associated with HIGHER rates of cancer?

And I review all the research on the Mediterranean diet - and explain which foods do what. But how they cannot do it all and there are other factors you need to add to complete the picture and ensure your home-made Diet Therapy really does deliver.

Stop confusing nourishment with eating

The increasing problem in the UK is that we fill our supermarket shelves with refined pap, sugar and salt is hidden in all manner of packaged foods, fruit and vegetables may come from the other side of the world picked unripe to improve shelf life, many have pesticide levels that exceed the limits set (according to the FSA), we pooh-pooh organic food preferring to acclaim the new dawn of hydroponic salad vegetables - grown all year round in liquids not soil, with hardly a mineral in sight. Our fields are depleted of minerals, now crop rotation has been forgotten, and even the fertilisers (not just the pesticides) reduce the levels of crucial natural compounds in our foods. Meanwhile, our Government (which could put a stop to the rot immediately), simply says getting cancer is your fault because you eat too much, smoke and take no exercise.

The sad fact is people confuse nourishment with eating; and quality with quantity. We have become little more than scavengers - the human equivalent of rats.

The UK Diet - eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day and beware of the sun.

The French Diet - nourish your body with wonderful foods and go in the sun.

I look into the research behind organic foods - there can no longer be any debate that they do deliver more nourishment. But. I also tell you how you still might be losing out on nourishment even though you are spending a fortune on eating and juicing organic foods - for example, by understanding the importance of beneficial bacteria, often killed off as soon as you start your orthodox treatment programme.

Natural Compounds - the research is there

The latest research from Harvard, merely backs up the studies I cover in the book. (And I have covered so many times in icon, as regular readers will know). In this case it was a study, as part of the European Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC), of 26,000 Greeks.

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My book, The Rainbow Diet, concludes that there are a number of natural compounds (for which most of the research has occurred since 2000) like Resveratrol from grape skins, polyphenols in olive oil, allicin in garlic, ellagic acid in berries, quercitin in onions and apples, vitamin K and indole-3-carbinol released by beneficial bacteria from greens and broccoli, anthocyanins from deep purple foods like beetroot and figs and so many, many more, that when combined by eating different ones across a few days can make a significant contribution to defeating the process that is called cancer.

Natural Compounds: The more you eat, the bigger the effect

Cancer is not a single step; it is not an event; it is not a cockroach to be trodden on - and I doubt that there will ever be a single drug, vitamin, herb or natural compound that will kill all the parts of the process in a humans body. There could be up to 20 stages - from rogue cells, to full cancer cells, to forming a tumour, developing a blood supply, or sending out cells to form secondaries.

And what does the new Harvard study say?  Lead author Dr Dimitrios Trichopoulos, professor of cancer prevention and epidemiology at Harvard University, said: Our results show just how important diet is in cancer risk. Of the 26,000 people we studied, those who closely followed a traditional Mediterranean diet were overall less likely to develop cancer.

Although eating more of one food group alone didn´t significantly change a persons risk of cancer, adjusting ones overall dietary habits towards the traditional Mediterranean pattern had an important effect. Consuming more good fats like those found in olive oil than bad fats like those found in chips, biscuits and cakes had the greatest effect, reducing cancer risk by nine per cent. It also showed that making any two changes to your diet, such as eating more peas, beans and lentils and less meat could cut cancer risk by 12 per cent. And the more changes made, the bigger the effect.

I rest my case.

No difference - Prevention or Correction - Foods deliver

 Click here to order your copy of The Rainbow Diet

One of the biggest myths I explore is the view that Diet might work in prevention, to reduce the risk, but it can´t work in correction and cure (?). I study how we are actually developing illnesses all the time, every day of our lives - and that is exactly how good nourishment works - to correct the faults as they start to appear - so you never really notice them. A Good Diet is like having your personal mechanic on site 24/7 to ensure you never breakdown. A crazy theory?

Only recently another Harvard Professor was talking about how we develop illnesses all the time - almost without knowing it - but providing we have the right nutrients in our bodies, we corrected the problem.

And that, in a nutshell, is the basis of The Rainbow Diet: A package of differently pigmented and colourful foods that can each do a different job at correcting your illnesses. Interestingly, the research studies I found suggested a dose-dependent relationship - the more you ate, the more effect. A real anti-cancer diet package and real cancer nutrition.

Pharmaceutical Companies know I´m right

And before the Quack Brigade rush to attack me - let me add that I even list the natural compounds that beat drugs in side-by-side tests, and talk about the current plans of big Pharmaceutical companies to concentrate and patent them. From vitamin D to indole-3-carbinol, from feverfew to Resveratrol.

The research is there - your Doctor doesn´t know it yet

In the USA, so worried are the Medical Directors that Doctors know little or nothing about food, natural compounds, good diet, cancer nutrition and so on, that each is to receive a 900 page booklet on the subject. And in future it will be included in the Medical Course. What of Britain?

In the Press release on the new research, Cancer Research UK´s director of health information (CRUK own BJC but appear to have had nothing to do with the study) said: This is an important study that helps us to understand more about the simple changes a person can make to their diet to reduce their risk of cancer and improve overall health. Although we know that unhealthy diets generally and being overweight are important risk factors for a number of cancers the link between individual foods or food types and cancer has been less clear.

It´s just not true - all you have to do is read the hundreds of studies produced in the last few years. And that´s exactly what I did for The Rainbow Diet - and how it can help you beat cancer.

The research is there, natural compounds when combined in a disciplined and thorough approach can increase your odds of beating cancer - I am absolutely convinced.

The Rainbow Diet and Diabetes!!

Research in 2010 has shown that the Rainbow Diet beats the standard ´low fat´ medically recommended diet for people newly diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

The Rainbow Diet and Heart Disease!!

Research in the August 2010 edition of the American Heart Association journal, says that the diet reduces the chances of people suffering from heart disease by 18 per cent.

The Rainbow Diet and Alzheimer´s!!

Then there is research on Alzheimer´s and Dementia risk being reduced if you eat a Rainbow Diet, and Breast cancer, and prostate cancer and ...We cover it all in this Third Edition of The Rainbow Diet.

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