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Cancer - your first 15 Steps

Building Integrative Cancer Therapies from alternative cancer treatments, complementary cancer therapies and orthodox cancer treatment into an holistic cancer programme - but where do you start?

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In one of the first editions of icon, we ran a centrefold entitled "Cancer - Your 15 First Steps". We received hundreds of telephone calls from people eager to build themselves an integrative or holistic cancer treatment programme that gave them the best odds of survival. Some of the steps had simply been unknown to them or their advisors.

Open quotesRemember, on average, three out of four people 
                                win the battle with cancerClose quotes

We continue to receive phone calls at icon from people who want to do more than simply rely on orthodox cancer treatments, however excellent these may be. But right up front we wish to make two points crystal clear:

1. We are advocates of well-researched, integrative Complementary and Alternative cancer Treatments in order to give patients the very best chances of beating this terrible disease. On this website you will find objective comment on a variety of complementary therapies, and new cancer treatments with research evidence if it exists. We will always try to separate fact from mythology, research evidence from overclaim and speculation. Cancer patients (and their supporters and advisers) need information sources they can trust.

2. We aim merely to lay out the options, not to pass judgement on which you should choose. Our view is that there is so much information and knowledge about what can work, but that a great deal of it is neither collected properly nor passed on. We feel that an important part of this magazine is to pass on the facts about what can help you in your quest to increase your chances of survival

Your First 15 Steps Cover

Accordingly, we decided to build a service for cancer patients in two parts:

(a) A book of no more than 100 pages that would give them a simple guide on how to plan such a programme.

(b) A cancer information providing service of doctors, nurses, biochemists, nutritionists plus complementary therapists, purely to explain the cancer options available in an objective way and provide cancer information with reference to its sources.

The former is called "Cancer - Your First 15 Steps" and includes elements that every cancer patient must focus on. This programme has now been updated as the ACTIVE8 Programme and can be found in detail on this web site.

Next, launched in 2006, a personally-tailored information service for you and your cancer. It is called a Personal Prescription and it will provide you with the information you need to build your own integrated programme of Complementary therapies around your doctors expertise. And it will give you access to all manner of relevant information saving you months of searching around the net.

Open quotesBe determined. Dont be a victim.
                                      Be a victor.Close quotes

But our grandest long-term scheme is that ideally we want all doctors in the country to give out the book "Cancer - Your First 15 Steps" at the moment of diagnosis - thats a mission of CANCERactive. Who knows? One day perhaps, we can only hope.

Your 15 First Steps

Youve been diagnosed with cancer, amidst the fear, the unknown and even the cold panic you need to give yourself the best chance of winning the battle.

Remember, on average, three out of four people do.

Dont be average. Be much better than that.

Be determined. Dont be a victim. Be a victor.

Research shows that those people who build a total, holistic cancer programme, have good support, people who fight - these people build themselves a 60 per cent extra survival advantage.

A: The Basics

1:Get a buddy

Do not tackle this problem alone; find a fit healthy caring family member or friend you will help you throughout. Someone you can talk with, who will help find out things for you; someone who wants the best for you. Someone who will ensure you go to all your treatments.

2:Seek knowledge

Theres a saying knowledge is power. In cancer, it can be the difference between life and death. Seek information and knowledge. Click here to view our Helping Hand page providing you with a range of sources from support groups to charities and top international hospitals.

3:Work with your doctor

Your doctor should be your best ally as you seek the very best programme of treatment for yourself. Tell him what you want to achieve, and ask him to participate fully - if he doesnt know the facts and benefits of a complementary therapy, ask him to be honest with you, not dismissive of it.

4:Get a second opinion

Its your life and there is never one way of treating the cancer. Maximise your information and your options.

Open quotesResearch shows that those people who build a total, holistic programme, have good support and who fight build themselves a 60% extra survival advantageClose quotes

5:Write a plan

Start to prepare a good plan. What treatment and when - the best course of action? Write it down and discuss it with your buddy and your doctor. When you are happy with it - give it 110 per cent commitment.

6:Be prepared to change

Something about your lifestyle, diet or living habits may well have triggered this cancer. If you dont vow to change, there is no reason why the cancer will not return at some stage. Also, how can you find the solution if you dont address the problem?

7:Find out if your cancer is hormonally driven

Men (yes really) and women often have solid tumours that are hormonally responsive. Prostate, breast, colon cancers and melanoma are examples.

At the root is excess oestrogen - even in men - and much can be done to cut oestrogen and its mimics out of your life. You can find out more with another of our mini books Oestrogen - the killer in our midst

B. 8 Simple steps to ACTIVE8 your plan 

8:Oxygenate your cells

Exercise and deep-breathing fresh air will get oxygen to your cancer cells. And they hate it!

9:Detoxify your cells

Look for the possible cause of your cancer; Smoking, diesel fumes, radon, radiation, viruses, parasites, mercury, pesticides, herbicides, sunshine etc.

Stop poisoning your cells. Cut salt and dairy; build potassium and magnesium foods. Alkalise your body.

10:Control your weight

Fat stores toxins, and fatter people are more toxic. Research shows clearly that being overweight is linked to more illness, more cancer and a shorter life.

11:Love your immune system

  • Your white cells - boost them with antioxidants; herbs like astragalus, cats claw and echinacea, MGN-3 and Carctol; exercise and yoga.
  • Clean up your liver - the biggest detox machine in the body.

12:Kick out the parasites

Top clinics in Britain and America are adamant. Cancer patients always have a parasite; it could be a fluke, but more likely a microscopic microbe, a virus, bacterium or a yeast especially candida - and that goes for men or women.

Open quotesTheres so much information out there - dont die of ignoranceClose quotes

13:Boost your body energy

The Russian, Kirlian, has taken pictures of individual human auras, and NASA scientists have done endless research, yet your doctor may be totally ignorant, or dismissive of issues such as body energy. Yet the NCI in the USA has 36 pages of energy therapies on their site!

Acupuncturists and Cranial Osteopaths can help you, healers and Reiki masters too. Your body energy is totally linked to your brain, your hormones and the physical state of your cells. Ignore it at your peril.

14:Surround yourself with warmth and happiness

Surround yourself with positive people - lose the negative ones. This is your new support group. Watch comedy shows and your favourite programmes. Laugh. Make 5 new friends.

Tufts Cancer Centre noticed that patients with a God survived seven times longer - does this fact need explaining?

15:Find the real you

Change your mind set. Be true to yourself. Cut out the things that cause you grief and stress, and focus on the things you enjoy and that give you pleasure and self-worth. What do you want to do with your life when youve beaten the cancer? OK. So go on and do it. What are you waiting for?

Be true to yourself. Be true to your soul - the real you.

This is obviously only a checklist. For a 9.00 donation to our charity CANCERactive we will send you a copy of the book Cancer - Your First 15 Steps, and you can start planning your integrated programme today - and increase your odds of beating this disease.

Please telephone 01280 815166 for details on how to order this essential info-book TODAY!

All the information you will need to amplify each point can be found here on So what are you waiting for?

CANCERactive - Theres so much information out there - dont die of ignorance.

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