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The CANCERactive Supporters´ Events Diary.

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A huge "THANK YOU" to Fiona from RSViP for choosing CANCERactive to be the recipient of the proceeds from the raffle at The WREN 2017 Quiz on Thursday 9th November at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nottingham.  The evening was a great success and a good time was enjoyed by the 85 property professionals in attendance.

Lynn Rickett Memorial Tournament 2017

The Lynn Rickett 2017 Memorial Tournament was another brilliant success, and raised £1060!  This brings the total raised by Highbury Ladies´ annual tennis and cake tournament to £5305 since it began in 2013. A huge thank you from all the CANCERactive team for your continued support. You can still donate and show your support for the Highbury Ladies on the following link.

Eadaoin Devlin - Deep River Rock Belfast City Half Marathon 2017

A huge "THANK YOU" to Eadaoin Devlin who recently ran The Deep River Rock Belfast Half Marathon and raised a fantastic £897.00 for CANCERactive.  Eadaoin said the weather conditions were good on race day and whilst she felt exhausted on crossing the finishing line, you wouldn´t think so from the photos that she kindly sent us. Congratulations Eadaoin! 

Laura´s London to Paris Bike Ride

12-16 September

In memory of my sister Irinochka for CANCERactive because cancer is "curable" with knowledge.

Click below to support Laura and CANCERactive


David Mann is currently cycling solo around the coast of Southern Ireland. Through out his 3 week trip you can follow David´s journey via his blog. You can also sponsor David via his Virgin Money Giving page. Good luck in completing the challenge David.


An amazing day for the London Marathon. Perfect weather conditions and both body and mind were sharp and strong. I set a new personal best at 3h 21min and 15 sec, I am pleased as this is over 12 minutes faster than my pervious PB, bar a "wobble" and jelly babies at mile 19-20, it went rather well and I enjoyed it very much.

Thanks for the support from CANCERactive and also for the donations and some very heartfelt lines on my Just Giving page, I thought about all of you and you helped me along every step of the way.

A big thanks also to my patient husband Brad for putting up with the obsessive running and for tirelessly pushing my Just Giving page and thanks also to my parents for their endless inspiration.

Thanks all - could not have done it without you.

Until next time take care.

All my love


On the 19th of April 2015, Den Robbins competed in the Strictly Bicester 2015 Dance Competition having been entered by his loving partner without his knowledge. Den dove straight into training and after admitting the competition was nerve wracking, he made it through to the final with his dance partner despite her heel getting caught in her dress and very much enjoyed the competition. A big thank you to Den who raised £225 for CANCERactive.


View Sarah and Kate 2014.jpg in slide show
Our fundraising tournament went ahead in sunshine this year and we raised a magnificent £700 (including Gift Aid) which has all been paid to CANCERactive through Justgiving.
The tournament winner was Sarah Holmes and the prize for the pinkest person went to Kate Wolstenholme - I attach a picture in case you´re interested. It should be obvious which is which!
It was a fantastic afternoon. There was a very joyful, energetic atmosphere but also rather moving. Just what you´d expect with 30 women full of endorphins after running around in the sunshine! Alan (Lynn´s husband) gave a nice speech about Lynn and CANCERactive, and Lynn´s daughter Tasha presented the prizes. Then we all pigged out on tea and homemake cakes - and sale of uneaten cakes afterwards raised £70 (included in our total).
This will be an annual event (probably in early September next year) so watch this space!
best wishes

Rose completed the Midnight Sun Run half Marathon in Norway and raised over £1000 for CANCERactive. The run started at 10.30pm at night on June 21, the longest day of the year (and light all night long in the North of Norway). Rose sent us the following account of her experience: “I felt privileged to be able to run in such a beautiful part of the world and for such a great charity – cancer affects almost all of us one way or another. It was really surreal running in the middle of the night in full daylight, alongside the beautiful Tromso fjord with the snow capped mountains surrounding all the runners. I had the Cansurving team spirit with me all the way”.

On Sunday 27th April, a coastal walk was held from Frinton to Walton (and back) in memory of Nicole Abbott from Great Bromley, who lost her battle for cancer a year ago, aged only 34. Funds were raised for the charity CANCERactive and, to date, £1,400 has been collected, which, when Gift Aid is taken into account, amounts to over £1,600 for the Charity.

Please support Rose who is running her Midnight Sun Run for CANCERactive. .  She is running the half marathon to raise awareness and promote the website her Godmother created called

As Cansurving is not a charity, she has selected CANCERactive as the charity to receive the sponsorship raised from the run.  Thank you.  The run begins at 22.30 hrs on June 21 in the very north of Norway where it doesn´t get dark throughout the summer months.

Jeannette Tokeley (Simon’s wife)raised £550 for us at her LEMONADE 2014 EVENT IN Simon’s memory.


Debbie Brooks, one of our lovely regional executives, with friends Kerry Phillips,Mia Phillips and Mark Ashmore raised £80 from a Christmas raffle, £35 from a collection tin and £10Here are some of the individual events being held by our supporters nationwide. Do you have an event planned? 0 from collecting at the Weston Carnival. 

Another one of our lovely regional executives, Christine Morgan, held her annual Christmas coffee morning.  Many turned up with cakes and donations for a raffle.

They raised £90. Thank you everybody from all of us at CANCERactive.

Highbury Ladies yet again proved their hardiness by going ahead with the Lynn Rickett Memorial Tennis Tournament despite torrential rain all morning which meant that at the start time the courts were covered in large puddles and leaves.  The sun made a brief appearance to justify the decision, and after 30 minutes of brushing the worst of the water off the court the tournament got going, with just a short shower midway which was ignored! 

The Tournament went by in a flash; five rounds played with a different partner each time, all played in very good humour with some great rallies...and some not so great.  Great delight was taken in aiming for the large puddles which when successful had the double effect of splashing the person nearest and killing the ball...or was that just me?

After the Tournament, the tea party, and delicious home-made cakes were eaten in great quantity, Lynn’s daughter, Tasha, read out the results in reverse order, and Alan, Lynn’s husband, presented the trophy to the winner – Susannah Oxley. There was a raffle and leftover cakes were sold to raise more funds.

Lynn would have loved it – she was a great all-weather player and very fond of tea and cakes, so we all felt it was the right thing to do. 

All in all, this little event will have raised nearly £800 for CANCERactive.  Well done everyone – let’s do it again next year! 

Tandem Skydive 

On Friday August 30th fundraiser Karen Hamer emailed the charity describing her amazing skydiving experience.

"I finally did the tandem skydive on Friday 30th August. It was the most amazing experience, I loved it!

I have wanted to do a skydive for ages and hitting 40 last year, has made me want to go out and do all those things you mean to do. My friend who is terminally ill with cancer is an inspiration and highlights that life is too short and you need to go and do these things while you can. Alternative medicines have really helped her and we strongly believe have kept her on this planet nearly a year on since doctors said they could do no more for her, giving her only a few months. So I think it´s important with charities like yours to continue the good work you do in researching these alternatives and hopefully bringing them to the mainstream.

All the best,


Well done Karen and thank you from all the Team at CANCERactive.

Ceilidh in Memory of Louise Murray

Colin Murray contacted the charity to say that the annual ceilidh in memory of his lovely wife Louise would be taking place at the end of August.

"Louise´s Annual Charity Ceilidh will again be held in St Monica´s Hall in Coatbridge. Last year´s event raised over £3,000 for Louise´s 2 favourite charities, CANCERactive and Cancer Support Scotland. All profits will again go to supporting these great charities and the work they do. Last year´s ceilidh was a complete sell out so please don´t wait too long to buy your ticket. They are only £10 and there will be an excellent ceilidh and disco as well as buffet, raffle and hopefully another silent auction. This will be another fantastic evening for Louise´s friends and family to get together for a catch up, laugh, share a dance or two and of course remember someone very special who is missing from our lives."

The Great Scottish Swim


Louise´s Annual Charity Ceilidh will again be held in St Monica´s Hall in Coatbridge. Last years event raised over £3000 for Louise´s 2 favourite charities, Cancer Active and Cancer Support Scotland. All profits will again go to supporting these great charities and the work they do. Last years ceilidh was a complete sell out so please don´t wait too long to buy your ticket. They are only £10 and there will be an excellent ceilidh and disco as well as buffet, raffle and hopefully another silent auction. This will be another fantastic evening for Louise´s friends and family to get together for a catch up, a laugh, share a dance or two and of course remember someone very special who is missing from our lives.

Colin contacted the charity after the event to say

"We did it !! All 7 of our team finished the course – none of us have ever taken part in an open air swim event before so it was an experience. Jamie and I finished in 34 minutes. I think we have inspired at least another 3 people to join in next year. Jay now has over £1,200 in online sponsors and we think he has over £700 in sponsor sheet money so he will probably raise about £2000 just by himself. I reckon the team in total could have raised close to the £3000 mark.

It was a fantastic experience and as soon as we crossed the finish line, Jamie said we have to this again next year. I’ve attached some photos for you, feel free to use them on your facebook page. 

Thank you for your support x

Kindest regards

Colin Murray"

Colin Murray contacted CANCERactive to explain all about The ´Easy Doctor !´ Swim Team 

It was formed by Louise´s brother David. He wanted to mark the 1st anniversary of Louise´s death with a charity event to raise money for Louise´s favourite charity - CANCERactive.

Their support and encouragement helped Louise as she battled pancreatic cancer last year.

The Great Scottish Swim is being held at Loch Lomond on 24th August and the team is entered into the 1/2 mile challenge.

Louise´s 13 year old son, Jamie, is entered and the rest of the team is made up of Louise´s brother David, husband Colin and David´s friends Lesley and Leanne. 

The Six of Snowden

Read below Paul Ranson´s account of climbing the six routes of Snowden:

"The day finally arrived and after experiencing the previous night’s challenge of setting up our tents in the dark whilst being eaten alive by midges, we were glad to be underway. The challenge was to walk the 6 official routes of Snowdon, up and down, in under 36 hours. 8 members of the Team including me Paul Ranson, David Green, Dave Thompson, Ashley Reid, Lee Harkness, Lauren Nunn, Jonathan Tesfamariam and Guney Gok undertook this challenge to raise money for the charity CANCERactive,a great cause and one that was of particular significance to me, as my partner Emel is battling breast cancer.

We started the first ascent up the Watkins’ Path at 5:40am on Saturday 20th July meaning we needed to finish our challenge by 5:40pm the next day! The Watkins is the toughest route so we decided this would be our first ascent whilst still fresh and energetic and it proved a good choice. Everyone was in good spirits, the weather was great and the scrambling gave us all a burst of adrenaline similar to that of a double espresso! We got to the top in 2hrs 30 which was on schedule. We took a few snaps of the stunning views and then made our first descent down the Pyg Track. This route is one of the more popular ones which slowed us down a touch but seeing others taking on their own challenges for different charities and sharing our stories was all part of the experience. At the bottom of the Pyg Track we stocked up at the cafe and then turned around and went the same way back up which psychologically was a tough one but a logistical necessity to get the challenge done within the 36hrs. By the time we got to the top of the 2nd ascent the day was heating up but we had a scheduled a1 hour stop at the bottom of the Ranger’s Track where a nice cold lake awaited us along with the marvellous Zee with some much needed grub and water supplies. The Ranger’s Track seemed to go on forever so the pit stop was much needed and we were rejuvenated to make our 3rd ascent of the day which was by far the hardest. Luckily the jokers in the group were on good form and managed to take our minds off of the burning quads! By the time we reached the summit we had our 1st casualty of the day and despite our best efforts to tape, massage and mobilise it was clear that he would not make it down the planned Watkins’ Path so we rerouted down the most stable route, the Llanberis Path. Every step was painful and the frustration and disappointment was obvious. We lost 2 more of the SOS team in the night and despite meeting a quirky Welshman at the bottom of the path who welcomed us into his guesthouse with homemade lemonade, foot spa and a warm smile, the team were a little down hearted. However, we were made aware that the donations were rolling in on our justgiving pages and this really spurred us to complete the challenge and remind us what it was all about.

After a few hours of not so great sleep the 5 remaining members of The Team dressed warmly and using head torches started what was our 4th ascent up the Llanberis Path. It was cold, windy and 3am which meant we had 14hrs 40min to meet the objective of the challenge. Our legs were weary but we knew the real challenge was mental! The effort during the ascent in the dark was immense, heads were down and we took turns setting a great pace, reaching the top in about 1hr 40min. The top was freezing but we got some amazing views of the sun rising whilst being above the clouds. Our next target was to get up and down the Miners’ Path in under 5 hours. The Miners is steep at the top but then super long and relatively flat around the bottom, one of those never ending paths! Blisters, sore knees and fatigue all a big factor now, we needed to remind ourselves to enjoy the views, remember the purpose and talk a lot of gibberish for morale! After the Miners we were beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel and the time was looking tight but possible. Onwards, only one more route, the stunning Rhyd Ddu path then back down the Watkins’ to finish full circle. The support team met us at the bottom of the Rhy Ddu to feed us up and give us a much needed boost of encouragement. We powered up the last ascent even with one Team Member’s vertigo being challenged by the drops on either side! We enjoyed the moment at the top got our photo of number 6 and headed down for the final time. The scramble which we enjoyed the previous day was draining on our legs but nothing could stop us now, we had 2hrs 30 to get down and with a little run close to the bottom section we finished arm in arm in 35hrs and 45minutes after what was for all of us the hardest but best challenge we have taken part in!

It was an amazing effort from all The Team and we would like to thank everyone for their donations and words of support. Our total almost doubled whilst we were doing the challenge which made it feel worthwhile and might even tempt us into another one next year!!! On a personal note this challenge was for you Emel, you have remained so positive since being diagnosed in October last year and have inspired everyone around you with your attitude in the face of adversity.

We all love you very much."

Anne and Karen´s Colourthon Challenge

Anne Scott and Karen Hamer completed a 13 mile walk in the Southend on Sea Essex Twilight Colourthon on Saturday 6th July. Anne wrote the following account of their experience:

“All participants dressed in really bright clothes and the walk started at 8 pm and continued into the night. It was a beautiful evening and the walk took you along the seafront and further into town. We managed it in just over 4 hours, but it wasn´t really about the time but the completion. 

We both chose CANCERactive as we were inspired by a very close friend who chose to use alternative methods and treatments in her battle. Her first episode of cancer was completely cured by alternative methods. Sadly it has returned, 10 years later, but without all the treatments and alternative remedies that she uses, she certainly wouldn´t be here today. She is still fighting on, and so we believe these alternative methods should be more widely known and available.

We hope the money we raised will help in some way. 

Thank you for your prompt responses and we wish you luck in your inspiring work and priceless information you provide in your magazine . Best wishes, Anne Scott and Karen Hamer

A huge Thank You from CANCERactive to Anne and Karen for fundraising and for their supportive words.

Elizabeth Bandeen´s Story

Elizabeth contacted the charity to say:

"I have not run in an organised race for some 3 years now, having been banned from doing half marathons I am taking part in a cheeky wee 10k in Glasgow on the 12th of May.

I chose CANCERactive because I promised a colleague that I would.  Cancer has been present in the life of many people.  My family have suffered 2 huge losses due to cancer.  A mother and then a daughter/Auntie/Mum/Sister/Grandmother who both died at the same age.  My colleague´s wife passed away last year and she was a year younger than me.  CANCERactive were a tremendous support to them both and 3 months after diagnosis when I saw my colleague´s wife for the first time, I had never seen her look more beautiful.  She had cut out all sugar and carbohydrates from her diet and her vitamins and food were timetabled out daily by her loving husband.  From what I know, CANCERactive give alternatives to some very harsh treatments that can be offered by traditional allopathic routes, giving families a different way of managing what is happening to them.  

So that’s why I am doing it.

My evil drink of choice is coffee, I love it. Love meeting friends for it and love dunking anything sweet into it too, my favourite being a Kit Kat.  Maybe you do too! The average price of one of my gorgeous Latte´s is £2.55 and so my wonderful friends and colleagues I am asking you to donate the price of one of your coffees to CANCERactive.  They are a holistic cancer information charity offering support and advice to individuals and familys affected by cancer, offering dietery advice, information, and complementary therapies.

£2.55.  That´s all.  Just the price of one coffee.  Remember to Gift Aid it too to bump the gift up a bit.

SOS Challenge

 In July, Paul Ranson and a group of friends who met at university are going to climb the 6 official routes of Snowdon over a 36 hour period. This amounts to a total elevation of 6,510m which is greater than Kilimanjaro. They won´t have the altitude to deal with but the Welsh weather could throw some challenges their way. His partner Emel was diagnosed with Breast Cancer last year and is fighting her way through treatment with amazing courage and positivity. Paul says that each step he takes on this challenge is going to be for her and the battle she has been through in the last 8 months or so. 

In his own words Paul explained why he chose to raise money for CANCERactive.

"CANCERactive offers invaluable information on how people affected by cancer can help themselves and their bodies using good nutrition and healthy living as the main tool. These elements are often overlooked by the NHS and even the cancer specialist hospitals. Not to take anything away from either as they do a fantastic job. As a health and fitness professional I know the benefits that nutrition and lifestyle have on the body´s gene expression for better and worse. The aim is to promote positive changes to help prevent and help those in situations of need." Paul 


Wendy´s Wirral Coastal Walk

Wendy, who was a Regional Executive and who is a member of the Team, will be taking part in a 15 mile charity coastal walk to raise funds for CANCERactive. She explains why in the following paragraph: 

"I lost my lovely mum to ovarian cancer in 1998, she was one in a million and I still think of her every day. CANCERactive empower people to increase their personal odds of beating cancer by providing ALL the information, not just on orthodox cancer treatments, but on complementary cancer therapies and some, currently alternative, cancer treatments too.  Your donations however small will mean that we can reach more cancer patients and make a difference.  Thank you!  Wendy xx" 

Please consider sponsoring Wendy a £1 a mile, she and the charity would be very happy if would.

Thank you.

Figure Eight Independent Fashion Boutique of Dorchester are holding a Preview Fashion show for Spring/Summer 2013 - Fabulous Women´s European Designs, sizes 10-30, specialising in fashion for the larger lady. March 7th 6.30pm for 7pm start. Tickets 10 and include drinks, nibbles and a goodie bag. All money raised is being donated to CANCERactive.

Phone Elaine on 01305 259 700 for details.

Patrons Ken and Eileen Cannon are holding their annual Black Tie Dinner Dance at The Holiday Inn Runcorn WA7 3HA on Saturday 23rd February.

For tickets contact 0151 510 0632

Rachel Clarke is taking part in a 10,000ft skydive on Saturday 16th February to raise funds for CANCERactive. Her jump is dedicated to Emma Meir, a young strong inspirational individual who is currently fighting this illness with her head held high!


Volunteer Regional Executive Christine Morgan organised her annual "Christmas Coffee Morning" and raised 101 for CANCERactive.

Volunteer Regional Executive Debbie Brooks recently donated £200 to CANCERactive. £40 was collected from The Weston Super Mare Carnival and £160 from a Christmas raffle and the content of her clinic´s collection box.

Volunteer Regional Executive Carol Nash donated £15.50 given in lieu of Christmas cards from the staff at The Dronfield Sports Centre.

Fire Walk

Many thanks to Tim Matthews, Head Chef/Proprietor of The Carriage House Restaurant, Claydon House, Buckinghamshire who took part in a Fire Walk to raise funds for CANCERactive.

Please Support Volunteer Regional Executive Sally As She Abseils Down Battersea Power Station.

For some crazy reason, I, along with 2 friends, have volunteered to abseil down Battersea Power Station for charity on Saturday the 3rd November. No idea why
as I am not a great lover of heights and I am sure I will cry like a baby once I am at the top but it will all be worthwhile if I manage to raise some money for a good cause. 

I first came across CANCERactive a few years ago when I picked up a copy of their magazine at my college whilst studying to become a nutritionist. I think they are an amazing charity who do unbelievable work in promoting the fantastic benefits of food and nutrition to help treat cancer and I think it is vital to continue raising awareness.

So, if you could please sponsor me, whether large or small, it would be greatly appreciated and it will help make me decide whether I jump or bottle it!

Update: Sally raised a fantastic £1,200


Volunteer Regional Executive Claire Whiles is organising a "Treasure Hunt" in aid of CANCERactive on Saturday 29th September. Meet at The Light and Energy Centre in Weymouth at 2.30pm for your map and then enjoy exploring the local area, answering questions and finding treasure.

Return to the centre for High Tea!

Adults 7.50 Children 3

Tickets available from Claire by phoning 01305 839 394


Good luck to friends Afzal Ahmed and Gavin Hinder who are taking part in a charity "Parachute Jump" in memory of Gavin´s father Trevor who died in October last year aged 55. Afzal and Gavin are jumping (Weather permitting) on Monday 27th August. To sponsor Afzal please click on the following link

Update: Gavin and Afzal raised over 400 each.


Charity Golf Day

The Ladies at Ferndown Golf Club are holding a golfing day on August 8th to raise funds for CANCERactive.

Update:The charity received a wonderful cheque for 500. Many thanks to all who supported the event.


Reflexologist and supporter Melanie Bundock had a stall at her local village fete in St. Albans. She offered taster sessions to the public in return for a donation to CANCERactive. Melanie raised 50 and increased the awareness of the work of the charity. Many thanks from all the team.



 A wonderful summer fundraising event to attend in July.

For further details see flyer below.

Update: The event raised a fantastic 1,100.

On Sunday 27th May Wendy Gordon (A member of the CANCERactive Team) was encouraged, at the very last minute, to take part in the 15 mile Wiral Coastal Walk. Wendy wrote the following: "Mission accomplished in brilliant sunshine from start to finish and were both still smiling!! A big thank you to everyone who has donated, it means a lot and will make a difference."

Craig Mackie ran in the Edinburgh Marathon on Sunday 27th May. He completed it in 4 hours and 15 minutes, and in spite of the blistering heat has raised an amazing 1,200 for CANCERactive. Well done Craig from all the Team.


Ella and Kate are kayaking 120 miles from Devizes to Westminster over the course of 4 days from 5th - 9th April. They have chosen to use this opportunity as not only a personal challenge but also to raise money for CANCERactive which is close to both of their hearts.  

 Update: Ella and Kate raised an amazing 2,018.78

A New Catherine Corner

The opening of the new "Catherine Corner" in the LILAC cafe in Hull was a great success. Sheila, Sue and their team have created a lovely environment where you can sit inside or outside and eat delicious food from the menu which has the "Point Value" created by Chris Woollams and can be found in the back of "The Rainbow Diet". Sheila was interviewed by ITV news, the local radio station and her local newspaper. Visitors will also be able to experience Tai Chi, complementary therapies and talking therapies in the same building. Alan Johnson MP officially opened the centre to great applause and if you are in the area and can volunteer some time to work there please call Sheila on 07790 226028. 

Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th March a Mind, Body and Spirit Fayre, is to be held at The Ponsmere Hotel, Perranporth, Devon. Free entry,talks and demonstrations. Featuring psychic artist Patrick Gamble who is donating a signed painting for the raffle, the proceeds of which will be donated to CANCERactive. Call 07918 657 385

Update: Sue Outhwaite sent the charity a cheque for 500. Many thanks to all who supported the event.

Emily Is Going Bald For CANCERactive

On March 27th Emily Materek went bald for CANCERactive. Please read why Emily chose to do this.
"When I was seven my mother passed away from breast cancer, she was a very strong minded woman who wanted to see her two girls grow up. She fought hard against the cancer that ended up killing her. I am very proud of her.The charity that she supported was CANCERactive. It offers support and advice to people affected by cancer. That is why both my father and I are avid supporters. I am shaving my hair off for the Charity CANCERactive to raise money and awareness. I have already exceeded my original target in the first week. I would like to raise as much money as possible 10,000 is a big ask but let see how close we can get." 
Update: As of May 30th Emily has raised over 7,000 inc Gift Aid


Patrons Ken and Eileen Cannon are wonderful supporters of CANCERactive and hosted a Dinner Dance on February 18th to raise funds for the charity. The event was a fantastic success and Ken hopes that they have exceeded a final total of 10,000.


Tot Howard, mum of two busy boys and running in the Windsor Half Marathon on Sunday 25th Sepember. 

We (Scott Fletcher and Mat) have decided to put months of effort in to training for a truly daunting event: in September we will cycle (80 miles), run (24 miles) and kayak (3 miles) from one side of Scotland to the other, and the time limit is just 13 hours! We are asking everyone that we know to help us out by contributing an amount to CANCERactive

Richard Bohan has bought a new bike and is about to cycle about 90 miles a day from London to Paris with his friend Scott Livingston to raise money for CANCERactive.


Diana Richardson contacted her local Waitrose in Kennilworth and we were chosen as one of the charities of the month for which we received 250.  Thank you Waitrose.


CANCERactive supporter Rosemary Cunningham is organising a "Ladies Lunch" at her home in Benfleet, Essex on Wednesday 29th June for more details please phone 01702 558 623.


Claire Whiles has contacted us to tell us of her planned fundraiser in May. 

In her own words... 

"Just to let you have the details of the event Janis Martin and I are doing in May.

We are walking 100 miles from Dartmouth to Ferry Bridge in Weymouth in a week.

Itinerary as follows :


Fri 6th May arrive Dartmouth

Sat 7th May   Dartmouth to Brixham       11 miles

Sun 8th May Brixham to Babbacombe       11 miles

Mon 9th May  Babbacombe to Exmouth    16 miles

Tues 10th May Exmouth to Sidmouth       13 miles

Wed 11th May Sidmouth to Seaton         11 miles

Thurs 12th May Seaton to Seatown        14 miles

Fri 13th May Seatown to Abbotsbury       12 miles

Sat 14th May Abbotsbury to Ferry Bridge 11 miles

We are really hoping to find some kind people to give us a bed for the night in each of our stays, so would be ever so grateful if you could pass this around to anyone you know who might accommodate us.

I have set up a just giving page  - for CANCERactive and we are aiming to raise 2,500"


Raewyn Hope-Cobbold with the help of her friends Juliet Hanka; Karen Axtell; Jo Prichard-Barrett, Caroline Ogilvie, Carolyne Morey, and Donna Eaves organised a "Swish Party" at Glemham Hall in Suffolk to raise funds for CANCERactive. They raised the fantastic sum of 400.

And here´s what people got up to in 2010.


CANCERactive supporter Simon Linnegar will be taking part in the Ho Chi Minh to Angkor Wat Cycle Challenge in February 2010. He will cycle through beautiful rural landscapes dotted with ruins of ancient civilisations and small towns where Buddhist temples nestle amongst graceful French colonial buildings and ramshackle houses. His challenge will take him from Vietnamese Saigon, now Ho Chi Minh City, through the rice-paddies and waterways of the beautiful Mekong Delta into Cambodia. He will pedal on through this friendly country towards one of the most impressive sights in Southeast Asia, the Royal Temples of Angkor Wat. We wish Simon the very best of luck and look forward to reading all about his experiences on his return.

Saturday 27th

The Complementary Clinic Wokingham are planning to hold a Charity Therapy Day to raise funds for three local charities including CANCERactive. This will be held on Saturday 27th February at The Complementary Therapy Clinic, 49 Denmark Street, Wokingham, RG40 2AY. People will be able to have taster sessions of various therapies, including reflexology, Hopi ear candles, reiki, etc in exchange for a small donation.


Bryan and Paula Chapman are on a sponsored slim. Bryan´s Dad was diagnosed with Bowel cancer late last year and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. Paula´s grandad also suffered with this too. As much as they´d like, they can do nothing to help directly, but indirectly can raise money for a cancer charity -CANCERactive. Paula suggested a sponsored diet, what better way, if they can get a per excess lb we´ll be quids in!


Stephen Horn emailed the charity to say "On May 8th 2010  I organised, with my fund raising partner Mrs Ali Mustafa, a 9 mile sponsored walk across part of the South Downs Way in Sussex with a group of 28 friends. We hoped to raise between 700 and 1000 depending on individual sponsorships. In fact everybody completed the event and we raised 1940. The money collected from the walk I am donating to CANCERactive for two reasons, I lost my dear Mum to cancer last Easter 2009 and also for the support this site has given Les Bryant during his illness. Some people took photos on the day which I hope to collate to show you." 

Click here to read more about the event
The total sum that Stephen collected was brilliant. Our special thanks to Stephen , Mrs Ali Mustafa and their friends for their time, effort and donations.



Sarah Chen will be 21 and will be doing her first skydive to celebrate and to raise money for CANCERactive.



Detox Your Mind and Body -A local fundraising event for CANCERactive charity.
This seminar will help you find quality holistic cancer information and address.
Tuesday 20th July 7-9pm (6.30pm registration)
Venue: The Chertsey Bookshop/Wideawake Coffee House
95-99 Guildford Street, Chertsey KT16 9AS  (t) 01932 565 495

Take home gifts/information pack/raffle prizes/holistic product demos. All proceeds go to CANCERactive


14TH  A day of Health and Wellbeing was held at Nutritrain Southwest in Weymouth Dorset to raise funds for CANCERactive.
Despite a rainy start the day was very well attended and amongst the activities and therapies on offer were Chi Gung, Yoga, healing treatments, readings, allergy testing and talks on subjects such as Healthy Eating for Energy, Tarot, Reiki, Crystals and Palmistry.
Claire Whiles centre owner said "The day was so popular we even had to call in help from therapist friends to be able to cope with the demand for therapies. It was a very enjoyable day and we were thrilled to raise 400 for CANCERactive."


4th A seminar for practitioners working holistically with cancer is being held by Fiona Shakeela Burns from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm
at Avon Gorge Hotel  Sion Hill, Clifton Village, Bristol BS8 4LD (Tel: 0117 973 8955)
Cost: 75 for Practitioners, 55 for Students.

The seminar aims are for practioners to: 

  • become a more effective practitioner for helping people with cancer
  • learn about cutting edge meta-physical healing techniques as well as new scientific breakthroughs
  • understand the importance of juicing and detoxification
  • learn the The 7 keys approach
  • understand Cancer and what causes it
  • lose your fear around this disease
Fiona healed from cancer twice, both times the doctors had pronounced her terminally ill. She had Plasma Cell Leukaemia aged 11 and then as an adult, metastasised Cervical cancer which had spread to the ovaries and the brain. She had no conventional treatment.

Her childhood cancer recovery, which was due largely to the Gerson Therapy, led to her becoming a Medical Herbalist and she was able to bring this experience to her own healing process 31 years later. Her belief in her recovery, coupled with absolute determination to get well, resulted in her dramatic and rapid return to health against all odds.

Fiona is now ready to share with her colleagues the valuable lessons that she learned, including the back-to-basics principles of healing which she applied. She used a combination of diet, herbs, juices, Vitamin C infusions and body-mind techniques, as well as some cutting edge treatment at a German clinic.

For more information and to book please contact

26TH Rick Comber  ran in the Windsor Half Marathon. He raised a wonderful 400 for CANCERactive. Well done and a great big thank you Rick.

Here is Rick´s account of the event.

"I live in a beautiful area of the country, close to Windsor and the Windsor Great Park. A group of us decided we were unfit, so after a walking weekend we pledged to sign up for the Windsor Half Marathon, that would hopefully do three things:

1. Raise some funds for a good cause
2. Get us fitter and help us lose weight
3. Encourage us to have some fun

Four of us agreed back in early April to do this and support our various pet causes. Mine was CANCERactive after being privileged to hear Chris Woollams speak at a NEWAYS Conference a couple of years ago.

Since April, I have done a fair bit of training: a total of 46 runs totalling 295 miles, burning about 44,500 calories. I have lost two and a half stone and had a lot of fun, given the great summer we have had.

I did most of my training in The Great Park; so fortunate to have it right there. One of our group dropped out, one got promoted at work and coped with the premature arrival of his first child, I trained, the other fitted it in when he could.

I set a target of 250 for CANCERactive and set about emailing my friends.
I managed to raise in total 400, making my target look a little unambitious.

On the day, I did a time of 2hrs 15mins in cold blustery conditions, beating both my friends by 15 and 20 minutes respectively, even though I have 10 years on them!

My wife made us all placards with the logo on and she and the girls cheered us on as we passed them each time. (3 times in total).
Thank you Susan and your colleagues at CANCERactive for all your encouragement, balloons and magazines. I trust this will be of value to you.

My top tips?
1. Do the training
2. Wear your name on your shirt on the day! People you don´t know shout your name and it gives you a boost
3. Use Facebook, email and the phone to tell your friends and acquaintances what you are doing. I was even sponsored by our local Chinese Takeaway!!"


9th George Mudge, Volunteer Regional  Executive has arranged a barn dance at Marytavy Coronation Hall on Saturday 9th of October starting at 7.30 dancing to the Commoners Rites Country Dance Band. Admission 7.50 including refreshments, for more details contact George Mudge on 01822 615456. Proceeds for CANCERactive.

24th  Katie Harris (left) and sister Molly who raised 255 through a sponsored walk, donating 100 to CANCERactive and the remainder to Macmillan Cancer Support and The Meningitis Trust. They took Bruno on the walk (black dog) - the other dog is Tess who wasn´t fit enough to walk the distance... Molly walked 13 miles and Katie did 15. Well done ladies (and Bruno) and many thanks for your donation.


6th  The Truth matters Conference will be take place between 9am and 5pm at The Devonshire Dome University of Derby Buxton. Click here to download the poster for the conference.

6-17th The children of the Woodlands Montessori prep did exceptionally well in their fundraising efforts for CANCERactive. On the 6th of November 2010, students ran a raffle at the European Shaolin Kung fu Championships and raised 64, as well as taking one gold, one silver and two bronze cups.

On the 17th November the children took part in a spellathon. The results of which gave some parents an overdraft because they underestimated their child´s spelling prowess. In fact one was ready to pass out when he heard his daughter spelt 863 words correctly out of 960! However he did honour his agreement and handed over a quite substantial cheque. ( I think he will be wary of how much he sponsors for next time.)

Our skipathon went very well with some children able to skip 100 times with no problem, 5 children took part in the skipathon and enjoyed it so much, they still ask to skip off their energy between lessons.

In all we raised 400 over three days of events. We also handed out copies of icon magazine to spectators and let them know exactly how we feel about supporting CANCERactive.

All students enjoyed the activities and we are working on ideas for our next round of fundraising."


3rd Regional Executive Christine Morgan is organising a CANCERactive Christmas Coffee Morning. To be held on Friday 3rd of December at 11 a.m. at her home.
She has invited her yoga ladies and asked them to bring a friend ( They are a small class in a small village). She is also inviting a few friends from the beekeepers´ association.
There will be organic cakes baked by her friend Karen and Christine is baking organic mincepies. They will be serving organic tea and coffee, and asking for 2 per person. For those wishing to pay a little more there will be a glass of organic wine.
It´s easy and fun, a great excuse for a good natter with friends and a brilliant way to raise money for CANCERactive.

4TH One of our Regional Execitives, Sue Booth, will be holding a fundraising event. Join her for Mulled wine and Mince Pies. Sample treatments will be available, maybe try TrueTouch skincare, or Hydracial, Laser Liposuction Demonstration,  Hot Stone massage.  Better still join her for a chance to win a 250 Pamper Day (Tickets are 10 each) - you can buy as many as you like!  All proceeds for this pamper day will go to CANCERactive.

Location is:
Aspire Beauty
The Old Station House
175 Dukes Ride
RG45 6NZ
01344 750751

The event is from 10 am until 4 pm.

Other raffle prizes are available also for 5 a strip.. thats 5 chances! This will go to both CANCERactive and Sebastian´s Action Trust (one of Aspire Beauty´s staff member´s cousin). They do go hand in hand as Sebastian died of Leukemia at the age of 10 and it was his dream to build a house for families to use for respite care. This opens in May 2012 fulfilling Sebastian´s dream. They also give out icon magazines to people that come to their shop.

She would love anyone to come along and support this fun day.


Patrons Ken and Eileen Cannon are wonderful supporters of CANCERactive and hosted a Dinner Dance on February 18th to raise funds for the charity. The event was a fantastic success and Ken hopes that they have exceeded a final total of 10,000.


Tot Howard, mum of two busy boys and running in the Windsor Half Marathon on Sunday 25th Sepember.  If you would like to support Tot please go to the following link

We (Scott Fletcher and Mat) have decided to put months of effort in to training for a truly daunting event: in September we will cycle (80 miles), run (24 miles) and kayak (3 miles) from one side of Scotland to the other, and the time limit is just 13 hours! We are asking everyone that we know to help us out by contributing an amount to CANCERactive, to sponsor Scott and Mat please go to the following link http:

Richard Bohan has bought a new bike and is about to cycle about 90 miles a day from London to Paris with his friend Scott Livingston to raise money for CANCERactive.


Diana Richardson contacted her local Waitrose in Kennilworth and we were chosen as one of the charities of the month for which we received 250.  Thank you Waitrose.


CANCERactive supporter Rosemary Cunningham is organising a "Ladies Lunch" at her home in Benfleet, Essex on Wednesday 29th June for more details please phone 01702 558 623.

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