Zap that cancer

In the 1930’s a gentleman called Royal Rife invented a super microscope. Using it on cancer, he found over 40 cancers where he identified some foreign genetic material - he said that there was ’A virus at the heart of every cancer’. He then started transfering this genetic material to healthy cells and got more cancers. Next he developed an electrical frequency pulse at the frequency of each of the viruses and ’zapped’ them. He was branded a quack, his laboratories raided, and he died in poverty. After all, who could believe that viruses could lie behind cancer, And why think that you could kill a cancer by radio frequency. Hey ho.
Dr Hulda Clarke thinks much the same - she thinks parasites are associated with all cancer. And she uses zappers - there are others too.
Here we bring you articles on Royal Rife ’A virus at the heart of every cancer’ and Dr Hulda Clark ’zap that cancer’.
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