Your brain has a microbiome, for better or worse

Your brain has a microbiome, for better or worse

Electron Microscope evidence shows your brain has a microbiome, the membership of which seems the same as that of the human gut, according to researchers from The University of Alabama at Birmingham; and it could be linked to health or illness.

Professor Rosalinda Roberts and her team studied both human and mouse brains once one member of her team had accidentally spotted bacteria residing in the astrocytes of human brains. 34 human brains were studied using Electron-microscopy, and bacteria were observed in every one.

Were they harmful or friendly? Well this part was solved using RNA sequencing of both mice and the human brains, and indeed in these samples they turn out to be friendly. Most of the bacteria came from 3 species – Proteobacteria, Firmicutes and Bacteriodetes – and these are common in a healthy gut microbiome.

Chris Woollams, former Oxford University Biochemist and author of the best seller Heal your gut – Heal your body’  said, "I’m not in the slightest bit surprised. When my daughter Catherine had her GBM brain tumour in 2001, blood tests discovered a bad yeast infection and a parasite at the 11th hour; then we have had 2017 research linking parasites like Borrelia burgdorferi to brain tumours; we know from Electron-microscopy that the human prostate is almost crawling with pathogens in prostate cancer; we know pathogens cause colorectal cancer; and we know that there is a gut-lung axis. Why wouldn’t there be a gut-brain axis?"

The issue is ‘What are oncologists going to do with this information?’ We have been helping people with brain tumours by using yeast killers like oregano, by using artemisinin which kills pathogens, yeasts and even GBM cells; and by using a parasite killer called ParaFree Plus. We recently helped a 32 year old who had never been out of the UK; parasites were pouring out of her! It is blindingly obvious that the brain would carry bacteria, and it is highly likely that yeasts will lower oxygen and yeasts, pathogens and/or parasites would produce toxins that could drive the cancer.

But well done to UAB for providing scientific supporting evidence.”

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