Womb cancer linked to cadmium in body

Womb cancer linked to cadmium in body

Womb, uterine or endometrial cancer can be linked to higher levels of cadmium in the body, according to researchers from the University of Missouri. 





There are two types of endometrial cancer; type-1 which is hormonally driven; and type-2 which is mostly clear cell.






In the research, 631 women had the disease of whom 86% were type 1.

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The women replied to 200 risk questions associated with the disease and took urine and saliva samples. Those with cadmium in their blood samples had a 22 per cent higher incidence of the endometrial cancer.






Chris Woollams, former Oxford University Biochemist and founder of CANCERactive said, “Cadmium, unlike minerals such as zinc and selenium, is not essential to human life. Cigarette smoking is a source of cadmium and can contribute 50% of a smoker’s levels; inhalation is known to deliver cadmium into the blood stream. 






For non-smokers about 98-99% comes from terrestrial food and 1-2% from shellfish, crab, and liver. However, soil levels depend on the natural soil, pesticides and herbicides used, fertilisers and even sewage sludge poured on the ground”.




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