Vol 6 Issue 1


Dear Chris

Re: Personal Prescription

I am writing to thank you profoundly for the completeness of the report you
compiled for me. Although it made very ‘hard’ reading for me on a personal
level, I believe that the information and the pointers to further pathways
will have many implications and positive outcomes in my future life. I have
already implemented what I can and will be taking more guidance in the New
Year. What good, good work you do.

That’s it for now.
Hope 2007 continues your extraordinary work.

With kind regards
Jane Morris

Dear Chris

Many thanks for your latest email newsletter from you.  I always enjoy reading your updates.

Pamela Fitzgerald

PS  I am passing the word around re the excellent icon magazine! 

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Subject:  Your website

I only recently found your website after looking up recipes for liver flushes but I wanted to write and congratulate you on a job very well done. This kind of balanced information is very much needed and appreciated.

I had ovarian cancer six years ago and I was so completely unaware back then of any alternative treatments even though I was being given Reiki by all my Reiki friends.  I’ve since been studying healing myself and have made it my life’s path. I’m now living in Finland and have made this place into a healing space.

I have added a link from my website to yours as I have an article published in Kindred Spirit Jan/Feb edition which talks a little about my cancer as well as my move here and the health properties of the Finnish sauna and I hope that maybe people reading it will find their way to you via my story. I hope you don’t mind.

Love & light,
Sara Gardner
A Natural Healing Space

Dear Editor,

I enclose cheques (4) to the value of £137, donations from our 20th Wedding Anniversary Party held last Saturday.

I had a colon cancer operation last April, and my husband has recently been diagnosed with myeloma, and we are both avid readers of icon, from which we learn so much.  In addition, I have had a Personal Prescription from Chris Woollams, as a basis for on-going health.

We receive icon through our local support group (CancerVIVE) and sometimes see copies at the haematology department of our local hospital.  This is vital, as the hospital provides almost no after-care advice.

We wish you continued success with icon, with its unbiased information on alternative and conventional treatments.

Yours sincerely,
Janet M. Mellor

Dear icon,

Dosages and orthomolecular oncology supplementation

There must be many who take on board the very carefully set out supplements listed initially on page 285 of Gearin-Tosh’s ‘Living Proof’ – and thereafter amended by Dr. Carmen Wheatley in the following pages.  The main supplements appear now to be those listed, e.g.
Vitamin C
Vitamin B complex (etc.)
Folic acid
Vitamin E
Beta Carotene

To which, then and now, we would add
Vitamin D
Co-Enzyme Q10
Vitamin K2 – and nutrition such as fish oil, flax seed, alongside a Gerson-style regime.

Gearin-Tosh suffered from Myeloma but it seems that the above list is broadly recommended in the orthomolecular approach.  My own is prostate cancer in good retreat with Zoladex, the above supplementation, meditation, etc.

My confusion arises from conflicting dosage information – and my sense that therapists and doctors should now be able to recommend a provisional dosage with the above – with variants as needed.

Also: there are frequently maintenance dosages, as on labelling, and therapeutic doses; also best times to take.  This can contribute to an overwhelming stress level – rather like that in trying to do the Gerson regime when living alone.

I think it would be very useful for a journal like icon to do a double-page spread on typical orthomolecular dosages of the above supplements as differently set out by several doctors/therapists and including the Bristol Centre.

Yours etc.,
Graham Carey
West Yorkshire

Ed:  We’ll take on board Graham’s comments – watch this space!

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