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Vivien Clere Green, is a Natural Health Consultant, Practitioner and Speaker who takes an holistic and integrated approach to health and nutrition.

Qualified to practice in several linked fields, her training started in the early 1980s in Nutrition and Naturopathy, followed by Iridology, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Rayid, Homotoxicology and Bio-Regulatory Medicine. Vivien is now a registered member of many different organisations, including the Institute of Complementary Medicine.

Vivien’s interest in nutrition started at the age of 19 and gradually took over more and more of her life. As a result, she left the financial world of the City to run a wholefood business, which paved the way to becoming a practitioner.

Vivien’s work revolves around achieving and maintaining total wellness in body and mind. In particular, she helps women who have difficulty conceiving, together with those preparing for pregnancy, and subsequently takes them through the complete process of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.

Vivien is the author of the excellent book called "Wellness, our Birthright - how to give a baby the best start in life"

Vivien and her husband Richard have five children, all of whom were born naturally - including twins born during her early forties.


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