Vitamin K as a cancer fighter

We have been telling you about the importance of vitamin K for a number of years. Originally known, at minute doses, to help blood clotting, it was found to also be crucial in preventing secondary cancer formation in the liver, but at much higher levels. Research studies from Washington and Tokyo showed that these high doses of vitamin K could stop liver cancers.
Typically vitamin K is derived from green vegetables, but the action of beneficial bacteria in the gut is essential for its release. Unfortunately, most orthodox cancer treatments and antibiotics severely reduce this vitamin K release.
The fact is that less and less people, especially the young, eat a daily helping of greens, and so vitamin K deficiency is on the increase.
New research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition show that people with the highest intake of vitamin K had the lowest risk of developing cancer and a 30 per cent reduction in cancer mortality.
Interestingly, there is research (Bolton-Smith, University of Dundee, 2007) that suggests vitamin K enhances the effects of vitamin D in boosting bone health.

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