V5I4 - 3D Active Event

On the 16th of November, we organised the ‘3D Active Event’ to raise awareness for Cancer Prevention fortnight. Sponsors provided alcoholic and non-alcoholic smoothies with no artificial colourings or sweeteners. All the Canapés were made with key anti cancer ingredients and the goody bags that were given out had no toxic items in them; the party was also non-smoking. Our thanks to everyone who gave freely of their products or services for this superb evening.














The whole event was organised by Georgina Woollams, in memory of her sister, Catherine, and provided us with a hugely successful evening.  We were able to raise funds for the charity and also to introduce CANCERactive and its aims to a whole new audience.  Georgie had networked furiously with all her contacts and, as a result, the club was full with over 400 people, including celebrities such as Richard Arnold of GMTV, the designer Julien Macdonald (who so graciously donated a £4,000 gown to our auction), the EastEnders actors Ray Panthaki and Brooke Kinsella, the DJ David (Kid) Jensen (who is one of our Patrons) and Rick Parfitt of Status Quo.  Catherine would be so proud of her sister for pulling together this amazing event.

The charity auction, which was held during the Active Event, raised £3,500 for CANCERactive.  Richard Arnold placed the winning bid of £800 for Ride VIP’s Bespoke Chauffer service, which will provide him a Bentley Flying Spur for the day, and an England rugby shirt, signed by Will Carling, fetched a further £800.

Georgina commented
“The active Event was organised to educate people about the choices available to us all.  If just one person comes away from this Awareness Event and knows what alternative help there is out there then, as Catherine’s sister, I have done my job!“

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