Using Heat to Kill Cancer

Not much kills a cancer cell naturally.
Except heat.
And some treatments heat up cancer cells and can kill them.
Take the work of Dr Holt in Australia - he uses Hyperthermia to heat cancer cells. The Gamekeeper who turned poacher, he went from a world of medical orthodoxy to explore this non-invasive process. A camera crew was sent to explore his work - they couldnt find fault - just happy patients. You can read about his work in Fighting cancer with radiowaves.
The Japanese developed Chinese treatment using simple Ultrasound to heat up cancer cells. It is now available to you privately in over 60 European centres. HIFU or ablatherm has been used with kidney cancers in the UK.
The future is in treating Prostate cancer. European centres report an 87 per cent 5-year survival against a norm for prostate cancer of the high 50s. Its not very popular in the UK, even though the national Press described it as a breakthrough. All those prostate surgeons might be unemployed - or the drug suppliers lose 15,000 of business a year per patient if it worked. Well see.
You can also read our overview Hyperthermia - Some Like it hot. This will tell you more about hyperthermia and how it can be combined with other therapies. It will also tell you about some general clinics where you may seek advice and help. Hammersmith Hospital seems to be one location, although we also had the Liongate, a private clinic too. More often though, UK patients have to take a trip to Germany. As the end line of the film said, Not everyones perfect!
Using Heat to Kill Cancer
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