US Government advises lower salt levels than FSA

An assessment of the NORI protocol

In our book The Tree of Life, and now the Rainbow Diet, we argue that a maximum of 1 gm of sodium is the consumption limit per day. 

Sodium excess is known to displace potassium from the power stations in cells, causing a lowering of oxygen in the cell’s biochemistry, a more acid environment and general toxicity. The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) when we wrote to them, advocated 6 gms of ’salt’ per day - which we feel is still too much.

Now (2003) the US Institute of Medicine has concluded that the amount required by a 19-50 year old for maintaining health is just 1.5 gms of sodium per day. They have revised their figure down from 2.4 gms.

An assessment of the NORI protocol
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