Two independent studies link cell phone tower radiation to cancer

Two independent studies link cell phone tower radiation to cancer
In a peer-reviewed report(1) by the National Institute of Environmental Health Studies (March 2018), male rats exposed to cell phone tower radiation were shown to develop Schwann cells, or neurilema cells, very rare cells in the myelin sheath around neuronal axons. At the highest Radiation dosages, this caused the rare cancer, Schwannoma of the heart.
In a second study(2) of the normal lifespan of rats, researchers from the Ramazzini Institute have found that perfectly normal exposure of cell tower Radio Frequency from pre-natal to normal death time periods results in the same production of Schwann cells and both higher heart cancer and glioma (GBM) brain cancer risk. We previously covered the Ramazzini Institute research in January 2017, that exposure to normal cell tower radiation could cause lowered litter weights in rats.
Chris Woollams, former Oxford University Biochemist and a founder of CANCERactive said, ”We have told you consistently that independent studies on EMFs, cell towers and mobile phones (as opposed to studies funded by cell phone companies) indicate that the radiation exposure at Western world levels is damaging to our health. With WiFi ever more ubiquitous and 5G about to be launched via masses of localized cell tower stations, the potential damage to health is enormous. When the EU suggested all member states reverted to fixed line Internet rather that WiFi, I wrote to the headmaster of Epsom College in the UK and asked for his plans. Needless to say, that despite IARC concluding EMFs from WiFi were a ‘probable carcinogen’, the school did nothing about my concerns over EMF’s and young brains".
The Ramazzini Institute study was the largest study ever conducted on cell tower radiation and cancer. Most worrying was that the rats were only exposed to 19 hours a day. If you live near an RF source (and many are hidden in petrol stations and even Church steeples), you will receive the EMF supply 24/7. We previously covered a story from Canada where every apartment owner on the top floor of a block, contracted cancer. The roof had 12 cell phone aerials on it.  


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