Trans Fats - Uk lags behind USA in bans

An assessment of the NORI protocol

Trans Fats – UK lags behind USA in bans.

The New York Times (Oct 10th 2006) covers the proposed bans in Chicago and New York restaurants from using Trans Fats. Trans fats are known to increase harmful LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol whilst decreasing helpful HDL ‘good’ cholesterol. Further dangers of Trans Fats are covered elsewhere on this website and in our best selling book, The Rainbow Diet and how it can help you beat cancer.

Trans fats and LDL are implicated in a variety of health conditions from heart disease to diabetes to cancer. Readers may remember a previous news article that McDonalds had agreed to pay several million dollars because it had not removed Trans fats from its food as promised. The bans would remove McDonalds from Chicago and New York.

The U.S. National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine has stated that the optimal intake of trans fats is zero. Trans fats levels have to be listed on US products by law since January 2006. Trans fats have been banned in Denmark, and Canada may soon do so as well. 

(Ed: So where is the UK Government in all this? At the moment it is being left to individual companies. KFC has just announced they are kicking the oil out of their food)


An assessment of the NORI protocol
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