Toxic pets

Toxic pets

Dogs and cats seem to have considerably more toxic chemicals in their bodies than humans. The Environmental Working Group published a study (1) looking at plasma and urine levels of chemical toxins in 20 dogs and 37 cats.

With results collected at a Virginia vet clinic, the animals were examined for 70 toxic chemicals and 48 were found. The important factor was that in 43 cases the levels in the average animal were much higher than in the average human. 

Chemicals included heavy metals, plastics and chemicals from food packaging, fire retardants, and stain-proofing chemicals. In more than 20% of cases, the toxic load was more than 5 times that found in humans – for example, more than 5 times the average human mercury content was found in some animals. 

In dogs, 35 of the 70 chemicals were found; and it cats, 46. Toxins damaging the nervous system or endocrine system were found along with 11 known carcinogens. Not surprisingly, the incidence of cancer is increasing rapidly in pets – dogs develop 8 times the rate of human bone cancer and 5 times the rate of human breast cancer.

Cats had more thyroid toxins, flame retardants and endocrine disrupters in their bodies, clearly from sitting on treated sofas. Thyroid disease and hyperthyroidism from flame retardants is now a major problem in older cats.
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In World Health Organisation and World Wildlife Fund studies on both adults and children, blame of toxic content in children was placed on their proximity to the floor, so they touch and breathe chemicals more. But with animals, they sit on the floor, chairs or cushions then lick their coats, they are often fed tinned food and much of that comprises low grade meat and fish, they chew a variety of often toxic chemicals when cutting teeth and they are far less likely to be fed supplements or a healthy diet. 

Not surprisingly now, over one quarter of all dogs now die of cancer in the USA.
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