Three ways to get the latest news on cancer and cancer prevention

Three ways to get the latest news on cancer and cancer prevention
So how can you ensure you have the very latest news on cancer and cancer prevention? On Environmental Toxins, cancer causes, EMFs, Mobile Phones, Pesticides,Toxins in your home and sugar? Do they cause cancer? How can you best prevent cancer?
You have three choices.
1. Icon Magazine
In every issue of icon, we have a section called Cancer Watch. This covers the very latest information sent to us from around the globe. We have sections on individual cancers and the latest research results on Diet and lifestyle in relation to cancer. But we also have a section entitled CHEMICAL WORLD.
Chemical World includes all the latest information on what masy have caused your cancer - and what may still be there driving it. We will tell you about the pesticides the EU might ban, how Taiwan wants mobile phone masts taken down, how the French Senate doesnt want school children using mobile phones, on which Environmental Toxins Canada or Sweden have banned, but you can still buy them in your High Street!
Youd be surprised what the very latest research can tell you about your cancer - its causes and possible treatments. Do you receive icon every issue?
2. Chris Woollams e-news
This comes out at least once a month and regularly tells you the latest on what you can do to prevent and beat cancer. It is free and carrries stories that might just make a difference to preventing cancer, or to your treatment programme and overall well-being. Click the box below on this page Add me to your free news feeds.


3. Cancer Watch
Then theres a whole section on this website of latest research. Go to: Cancer Watch
THE UK Number 1 cancer prevention charity
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