Three ways to get ’News you can use’ on cancer today

Three ways to get ’News you can use’ on cancer today
CANCERactive's 'Cancer Watch' empowers you with the very latest news and information - There is so much quality worldwide research available on Complementary and Integrative therapies and we bring it to you on a regular basis so that you can use it immediately to improve your personal odds of survival. 

At CANCERactive we provide three sources of the latest information 
If you are just looking for the very latest news stories on cancer CLICK HERE to go to Cancer Watch on the CANCERactive website. There you will find News you can Use today, not stories about some drug that maybe coming in ten years time!

CANCERactive produces icon magazine (Integrative Cancer and Oncology News), a unique 6-monthly magazine which goes into more than 640 hospitals and cancer centres throughout the UK. It is largely written by journalists so it is in an easy-to-understand language, not 'Doctor-speak'. Of course it does have articles by oncologists and Doctors, Living Proof where someone tells their personal story of how they beat cancer and 'Cancer Watch', a summary of the latest news on cancer. Icon is full of facts and news you can use to increase your personal odds of survival.
Over time, many of the articles do end up on the CANCERactive website. The magazine leads the way in Integrative Oncology in Britain, informing people, empowering people, to understand just how to add elements into their treatment programme to increase their personal odds of survival. 
You can find icon in your Local cancer centre, hospital or library. But to be sure of your copy, YOU CAN SIGN UP TO DOWNLOAD icon MAGAZINE, by making an annual DONATION.  Please email: [email protected] for further details. 

You could also Sign up to receive Chris Woollams Health and Cancer e-newsletter (Click that link). This is worldwide and free and is produced every two weeks or so, keeping you up to date with stories that might just make a difference to your treatment programme and overall well-being. See the box on this page to the right (from a PC) or below if on a mobile phone.

All of the items above are Edited by Chris Woollams and approved by the CANCERactive Medical Board of Oncology Professors and Doctors; Chris himself has been dubbed by one Doctor as the man who "singlehandedly brought Integrative Oncology in the UK".


Three ways to get ´News you can use´ on cancer today
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