The Truth about Pet cancer

The Truth about Pet cancer

If you think cancer rates in humans have reached Epidemic levels, let me tell you, in dogs it’s actually far, far worse. Two dogs out of every three in the western world are likely to be diagnosed with cancer; and one in three cats.

Symptoms are remarkably similar, including tiredness, no appetite, sudden pains, swellings and so on.

And so are the causes: processed food – dried or canned, too much salt, sweet snacks, parasites and infections, toxic in-home chemicals, lack of regular exercise and drugs and vaccines.

The problem is that these animals are exposed more to cancer risk than humans. We somehow believe that their ‘premium’ processed food is good for them; we think walking or lying around on a freshly cleaned floor is hygienic, we think vaccines are protecting them and flea shampoos are fun. Instead, they end up with vitamin and mineral deficiencies and toxic bodies.

Did you know most household pets are short of a crucial vitamin? Or that dogs in America are likely to have more vaccines than our heavily vaccinated children? Or that a spotlessly cleaned floor or a sofa treated with flame retardants are just a small part of a pet’s highly toxic environment.

There is so much you really can do to protect these important members of your family. But most people don’t think about the realities – for example, while you eat your salad, do you ever think of giving your pet raw food?

Now a group of 30 holistic pet experts and vets have put together a 7-part docu-series. And it’s FREE.

One part a day, each day for 7 days. It is called ‘The Truth about Pet cancer’ and you can watch it, for FREE, no strings attached.

Follow this link: The Truth about Pet cancer

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