The Secret Source of your Good Health

Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, autism, cancer, constipation, diabetes, dementia, eczema, heart disease, high blood pressure, IBS, MS, Parkinson’s – if you are worried about any of these you need to read this book.

Right now, inside your body is an ‘organ’ that your doctor knows very little about, yet it controls your body, your brain and your health.

This organ makes more enzymes than your liver; it makes proteins the can boost your DNA and RNA messages; and it can make proteins that stop your messages flowing. It can help your body; it can inflame it; it can poison it. But then it has 13 times the number of cells that are in the rest of your body and 4 times the genetic material.

It actually makes vitamin K and B vitamins you cannot, from the foods you eat; and it makes special fats that can stop inflammation in your body and even lower bad cholesterol levels.

At night-time it ‘eats’ about 2.2 pounds of microbes and yeasts you consumed on your food during the day. If it doesn’t do this, they can cause havoc. So, it’s one of your first lines of protection in your body. But it doesn’t stop there. This ‘organ’ controls your immune system and about 85% of your immune memory.

It gets ill and then you get ill.

Worse, until it gets better, you cannot.

200 American Scientists backed by $173 million dollars studied it extensively for two years, it is so important. The Europeans now have a similar number of scientists at work.

In October, November and December 2013 there were a dozen research studies reporting on how this ‘organ’ was linked to diabetes, cancer, arthritis, IBS, colds and coughs, constipation, MS, heart disease, high cholesterol and eczema.

There were others showing it is linked to brain development in the young, so much so it has been called ‘the second brain’ – and is linked to Autism, Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

You will find out how your gums could cause a heart attack, and why constipation doesn’t mean you haven’t got enough fibre in your diet. The cause is something else, entirely.

This ’organ’ turns you from an organism into a ’Super-organism’, but if it is not functioning properly, you’re lost.

It really is ’The Secret Source of your Good Health’.

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This book spells it out. All the evidence; all the latest research. It will take you about a day to read and I promise you will learn exactly what the issues are and exactly how to prevent these illnesses and restore this organ to health, and you with it.

You will then want all your family to know and your doctor. The book is fully referenced. Frankly, there are too many clinical studies now to be ignored.

This ‘organ’? It’s the Secret Source of your Good Health

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